How to force a pin go viral? Ultimate Step-to-step guide in 2020

by | May 26, 2020 | 240 comments

This is one of the best feelings ever when I got my first viral pin in my second month of blogging.

When I look at the 7.2k shares in 9 days from this article: HOW TO BECOME MORE ATTRACTIVE AND PRETTIER ( Which is really useful if you wanna bettering yourself! ), I was hooked.

I doubled check my Pinterest Stats in case the social media plugin goes wrong.

Well, it’s … correct.

Okay, I confirmed it’s a viral pin in 2 weeks time.

This really means a lot to me…especially after quitting my full-time job cold turkey in the beginning of May and decided to go all-in in blogging, this really means a lot more than blog traffic :’)

Alright, before getting emotional, I think I should share my Ultimate step-to-step viral pin guide!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used. If you purchase a product via my link I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love and use. You can read my full disclosure here.

When it comes to viral pin, it’s like the wind for me. (Wait, what?) What I mean is we all know viral pin exists but we can never catch it. We always know some of the bloggers get viral pins but we just never thought a viral pin will happen to us. I’ve been there. When I look at the 300 impressions and 9 clicks for the pin that I’ve created for 30 minutes after a week, my heart just dropped. I think many of blogging newbies can relate…We’ve all been there.

Until the time I finally realized something about viral pin.

We force a pin to go viral. Yup, that’s right, I said it. We force it goes viral.

Before getting started, here’s my google report after having my first viral pin! I’ve struggled for a while should I really show this, but if that can make the blogging beginners more motivated, I am more than happy to do so :’) (March 13 is my first day using Pinterest)

Here’s the step to step guide.

Step 1: Don’t afraid to invest yourself

Yes, to all of my honesty, this is my step 1.

Surprising right?

But this is my best decision ever made since my blogging journey. I will explain soon.

I did’t trust any ebook/online courses before. I always thought I can figure it all out, plus I am not a person that departs from money easily.

BUT let’s rewind my situation in the first week of May:

My blog ‘s traffic has been stagnant for 1.5 months AND I quit my full-time sales job during carnivorous time AND decided to go all-in into blogging while some of my friends and family members didn’t support my decision at all.

The sense of urgency is real. (So as the pressure…)

If I want to treat blogging as a serious business, maybe it’s time for me to seek some external help after struggling for 1.5 months and binge-watching all the free youtube videos about Pinterest strategies. Don’t get me wrong! Those youtube videos are great for blogging beginners! Especially the videos from Anastasia Blogger, she really inspired me to do the blogging!

I finally made up my mind:


If I wanted to make money with my blog, I have to master Pinterest first and I definitely need more pageviews day to make money blogging happen. (I was at 35 – 45 pageviews daily in April) So I finally come up with the decision to buy ebooks and courses. I start searching for other successful blogger’s articles to find the answer for 2 days straight, I realized whenever I looked, everyone was recommending Carly’s ebook Pinteresting Strategies.

When I click onto Carly’s landing page, I feel mindblown about the fact that she managed to get 200,000 page views in just 3- 4 months! Without further hesitation, I bought her course. Despite having thorough research of this course, another reason is that the price of this ebook is probably the most reasonably priced courses you can ever find in the market, it’s $47 for the Pinterest Strategies course. I said to myself that time” Well, it’s true that I don’t have my full-time income anymore but at least $47 is not much of a big deal”

I bought her course on the May 4 and now is May 25 when I am typing this blog post out.

It’s a 1000% growth for the last 28 days. What came into my mind now is: Why the hell I don’t invest in this course in the mid of March. We all know time and money, especially in blogging.

With this pricing, I am confident to say Carly’s course worth every pennies.

Her course is like a Pinterest1001 to me, it’s the foundation of how Pinterest works and how can you gain more impression from Pinterest. Funny enough, I always thought I know it all when it comes to Pinterest because I literally have watched all the youtube videos that are related to Pinterest strategies. However, Carly’s course is totally another level and I’ve never learned this information from any free videos before.

Carly’s course really makes me understand what Pinterest is about and how to set it up the right way so that you don’t have to keep trial and error for half a year to realize your strategy is not gonna work. In many Blogging Facebook groups, there are some bloggers asking why their page view is still under 100 per day after half-year and some answered it takes time to grow. Well, but the core problem may be you are not learning the right information and applying the strategies! Carly’s strategy really set her students apart from other bloggers and help you gain thousands of page views from the start.

I wish I didn’t hesitate as much and bought it sooner.

If you are the one who is hesitating right now, I totally get it. I’ve been there. I always thought all the promotions from the articles are scams and I thought I can build a successful blog from my own, well, I am obviously holding myself back from earning the long term money. I am confident to say this course worth every penny, if I can have 1000% growth within a month, I think you can too!

You won’t be regret.

Step 2: Create a Viral Pin

Finally it’s Step 2, it’s all about creating a design that can force a viral pin.

After implementing Carly’s strategies for just a few days, my Pinterest already gaining way more impressions and save rates than before, and it seems I am getting Pinterest’s trust. So, it’s time for me to create some viral Pin for getting more traffic!

I have so much to say about these four pins.

First thing first, I have never guessed that the first pin will go viral among all these four!

When I was creating my first pin, I had no expectations. I just randomly typed the tips on iPhone and sent it out. I still remember when I came back home that night and looked at the blog traffic chart, I was shocked. After doing the A/B split tests for a few times, I can finally come up with the reasons why this pin will go viral.

1.Provide information in the pins (Checklist/infographic )

It’s true that my other three pins look colorful and attractive according to Pinterest’s standard, however, with just a title, people aren’t sure should they really click into the articles or not. I believe we all have some experience that we saw a nice pin with a very strong title, but then found out it was just a clickbait after clicking in. While for my first pin, I already typed 7 tips out, and the readers already have a basic sense that where can they get if they click my article, this immediately boosts my click rate. It also boosts my savings rate! The reason being is even if some readers don’t click in to view my other tips, there’s a high chance that they will want to save these 7 tips. With high saving and click rate, this pin goes viral!

2. Create different designs among your pins

Never put all eggs in one basket, we are not the readers. The pins we love don’t represent what readers think. We should always create pins with keywords and designs to maximize our exposure on Pinterest.

My second and the fourth pin are actually a bad example and please don’t make this same mistake as me. These two pins are just way too similar – The fonts and the keywords are nearly the same. This is not good because when the readers have clicked your first pin already when they scrolled down and come across your second pin which looks similar to the first one, they will simply avoid it.

Here’s one more example to illustrate my point. If we scroll down the feed and see these three pins with the same design, we can immediately tell all the pins may refer to the same article and we will just ignore it. That’s why variety in our pins are so important because it can definitely affect our click rates!

3. Raise curiosity for your pin

This seems a common sense we all know right? But when we are creating checklist pins or infographics, we seems to forget about these basic rules!

Take this pin as an example, it looks really professional and informative! I am sure the saving rate of this pin is extremely high, but their clicking rate may not be the case. They just give out all the 7 foods and there’s no incentive for people to click it to read it.

We should always add the call to actions (like arrows or a line “Please click to see the remaining tips”) even when we are doing infographics, otherwise even if it’s a viral pin, it still can’t bring you decent traffic.

4. Don’t use free stocks photo anymore!

I feel like this a trap for every blogging beginner will fall into and this is one of the reason why your pins never get a high volume of impressions. I explain clearly how free stocks photos can hurt Pinterest SEO and what you should do instead in the article below. Please read, these layouts are super useful.

Related Read: 5 Pinterest Layout hacks for creating viral pins

5. Promote it in the right timing

Timing is a huge factor and I’ve undervalued it for a long time. We should always promote our pin in your reader’s active time because the first hour of the pin’s performance matters! If Pinterest can’t see any repins and clicks in the first hour, there’s a high chance they won’t give this pin much exposure afterward.

If you want to check your best traffic time, you can use Google Analytics. This little blue table directly displays on your homepage. What I am trying to do is create more pins for the dark blue and blue sessions while stop posting pins in the light blue sessions. I can tell the difference after changing my posting time!

Step 3: Identify the right pins and promote it

When you see a pin has higher click rates and repins than any other pins, that means it’s time for you to get REALLY BUSY. Why? Because you have to promote it!

Give up the bad performance pins, Promote the high potential pins – multiplier effect

Sometimes we just have to let it go for the bad performance pins and promote the right pins, it’s kind of a strategic thing. If we would love to promote all the pins, it will for sure be very time consuming, and most importantly, we won’t see the result we want. If a pin is performing badly in the first few days after it releases, Pinterest is telling you that your readers don’t really love this pin. If you insist to promote this pin in Facebook threads, Pinterest Group boards, and Tailwind tribes, it’s true that you will still have shares from the bloggers, but I am sure that are not many readers share it. Instead, if you promote a pin that is already popular on Pinterest, with all the new exposure you gain from the help of bloggers, there’s a high chance that many readers will click and share your pins too. In this case, you can enjoy the multiplier effect by promoting the right pins.

Promotion Result: Ultimate Result:
High Potential Pins FB Threads, Pinterest Groupboards, Tailwind Tribes 22 shares in total Maybe 25 shares in total after 1 month
Low Potential Pins FB Threads, Pinterest Groupboards, Tailwind Tribes 80+ shares in one week – not only the bloggers but also other readers that have come across the pin It gives pinterest a signal to keep this pin goes viral , ultimately will become a core pin that bring you everyday traffic


As above table you can see, the difference can be huge if you know how to identify the right pins to promote.

If you still haven’t joined any tailwind tribes, Pinterest Groups, and Facebook threads, you better join it now. These three tools are really powerful and without their help, it’s impossible for my pin turns into one of the core pins that contributes half of the traffic every day. I know most of the articles of these groups aren’t updated to 2020 and some of the links are broken. Below are the three updated blog posts for all the groups, it’s extremely useful.


Alright, so here are the main three steps for forcing a pin goes viral.

3 steps for Viral Pins

  1. Get to understand Pinterest Algorithm for building a strong foundation for you pins later
    • Join Carly Courses/ other courses you think is useful – stop wasting time struggling like me for a mere $47 dollars given that it can help you win back few months time and set you apart from other beginners
  2. Force a Viral Pin
    • Provide Information in the pins (Try Checklist/ Infographic)
    • Create different designs among your pins
    • Raise Curiosity for your pin
    • Don’t use free stocks photo – bad for SEO (Check the article here)
    • Promote it in the right timing
  3. Identify the right pins and promote to groups
    • Multiplier effect



Finally I typed all these out after few hours! I truly hope all these tips can bring you values. I tried to include some unique tips cause I definitely don’t want my readers to keep receiving the repetitive information. Blogging is certainly not easy, it’s hard actually but at least this is something I enjoy doing :’) Admitted, this period of time is not easy for me, especially when I can’t really monetize my blog from this stage yet, but I do have faith in my blogging journey. Here’s one of the favourite quote of all time, if you are also the blogging beginners that are struggling, please always remember…

If I never give up, then I will never fail, isn’t it? Let’s support each other and I hope every single one of you reading this can have a fruitful blogging journey, always remember, you are not alone.


If you like this article, please share this out so I can have an idea is this content serves you right, this means a lot to me!



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      Thanks Corinne! If I can do it, you can too! It’s all about consistency when it comes to Pinterest success! 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing selflessly! I will definitely consider Carly’s course!

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    Hannah, I just finished reading every single word for the 2nd time today. I am so impressed by your willingness to share this amazing content to help your fellow online entrepreneur. I too have gone thru Carly’s Pinterest Strategies but I never knew that a long formatted ‘list’ pin could be designed with the proper content that has the potential to go viral. I shall be brainstorming for the rest of the day with all your tips. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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