10 traits of a classy elegant lady – be classic!

May 9, 2020 | SELF GROWTH | 5 comments

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Being classy is amazing because unlike youthful beauty, it’s timeless. Classy lady is worth enduring and having lasting significance who inspired people around her. When it comes to elegance, it’s about our inner beauty. It is the reflection of our wisdom and intelligence. If you are wondering how come a lady always stays calm and not irritated by people easily, high chance is that they figured out these life lessons already. So here are the 24 thoughts that a classy lady figured out, enjoy!

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1. A classy lady always trying to develop habits and routines

A classy lady always plans her schedule because she knows taking action is the only thing that makes the difference in her life. She doesn’t rely on motivation because she knows it can fade easily. Instead, she identifies her goals and makes the actions into daily habits. As a result, those habits become autopilot and she can use less mental energy to accomplish the task.

This is why classy lady always look she pull her life together because she knows the fact that habit & routines > motivation.

2. Classy women don’t compare herself with others

Classy women don’t do that because they know in most of the cases, it’s incomparable.

They know that fact that everyone she meets is fighting a hard battle that she knows nothing about, it’s meaningless to compare other ideal self to her real self. Instead, she values self-improvement because she realized that the only thing she needs to compete in her yesterday’s self.

This is why a classy lady always look so calm and comfortable. She is working on herself all the time and no time for meaningless competition.

3. Classy lady understand that self care isn’t a luxury but a necessity

Classy lady knows the fact that self-care is a necessary thing to do and a 20 minutes meditation is certainly not a time-wasting thing at all. She knows that she is not solely live for her lover, her parents, or her kids. At the end of the day, she lives for herself. She enjoys doing all the self-care things like journaling, taking some me-time, do a DIY facial, dry brushing in the morning and never feel guilty about it.

She realized that practicing self-care can make her a more vibrant & loving woman, with that, she now has more energy to serve the people around her and take care of them. People around her adore her because they know this woman knows her value and taking good care of herself, which is very attractive indeed.

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4. Classy lady always keep learning

The classy lady understands that learning can keep her alive and youthful. She genuinely loves absorbing new things and she loves the fact that every day is a new day for her to push herself to a higher level. She is always open to new opportunities and keen to try new things (even she may be scared).

She won’t brag anything you can tell she is a versatile woman that full of wisdom. Her eyes always glittering with curiosity like a child and you now realise lifelong learning is a secret to be eternally young.

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5. Classy lady mind her finance

An intelligent woman knows clearly that a man is not a financial plan and she minds her finance.

She is having multiple sources of income, she knows how to safeguard her money with simple budgeting and insurance. She may not be good at the number but at least she is aware of the fact that she should spend more money on assets (that bring you more passive income in the long term) than liabilities.

She is happy that she is financial independent, after all, a woman’s best protection is a little money of her own.

6. She is constantly bettering herselves

She clearly know that she is beautiful in her own way but she know that she is not flawless either.

She values body positivity but that doesn’t stop her from bettering herself. She maintains a healthy diet, does regular exercise, follow a skincare routine not because she feels she is not enough at the moment, but the fact that she want to treat her body well.

Eating fewer snacks or drinking less alcohol isn’t much a punishment to her because she values delayed gratification more.

7. She knows she have to be whole first before falling in love with others

A classy woman knows if she is finding her another half because she wants him to complete her missing part, it’s not gonna work. She knows it’s not fair to ask him to fulfill her missing parts, instead, a couple should be two independent, full people that decided to grow together. With or without a man, her value still the same.

She takes time and effort to truly falling in love with herself first because she knows the way she treat herself is teaching her partner how to treat her.

Here’s my favorite a poem from rupi kaur – the author of ” The milk and honey

“I do not want to have you

to fill the empty parts of me

I want to be full on my own

I want to be so complete

I could light a whole city

and then

I want to have you

cause the two of us combined

could set it on fire”

Rupi Kaur

This poem is a masterpiece.

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8. A classy lady doesn’t bothered by age

While many woman is panic to reach her 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, a classy lady embraces her aging process gracefully by taking care of her skin, body and most importantly, mental health.

She knows that time is fair and getting old is the process everyone has to go through. She is looking forward to being a more classy and intelligent woman in the near future.

A lady who is not worried about aging are the one who is living her best life.

9. Classy lady knows that art of letting go

People change.

And that’s okay.

A classy lady knows the fact that not everyone can walk through the whole life journey with her and that’s normal. This is why she always be present at the moment and genuinely engaged with people because she wants to treasure the time with them.

People come and go, that’s life.

She let the emotion sink in and let it go. She takes a deep breath and continuous to live her amazing life.

10. She knows that life is tough but so is she

Life can be tough but she knows she is always stronger than the setbacks. After crying for a whole night, she that it’s time to pull herself together. She may not know how to deal with a problem at the moment but she is trying her best to think of the positive side.

She cleaned her face, drew the eyeliner, and put on her favorite red lipstick and now she is slightly better. She took a deep breath and write in her journal “I am still sad about this, but I also know the fact that all the pain is just temporary in life, I will be fine.”

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She embraces all the good things in life but she is also strong enough to take the setbacks as valuable life lessons. That is the moment to reveal your class.


Obviously I am addicted to being classy (still a long journey for me) because whenever I met an elegant high-class woman, I really find them so special and attractive. They have the effortless goodness essence that makes people draw attention to her. I’ve come across a meaningful quote and I would love to share with you.

Being a female is a matter of birth, being a woman is a matter of age, but being a lady is a matter of choice. Click To Tweet

This quote makes me sink in for a while. It’s not easy to be a lady ( it requires time, effort, and experience to shape your vibes ), but it is always worth it. We are not doing this because of others, but for ourselves. After all, being classy is not being noticed, it’s about being remembered. We deserve to hold a high standard to ourselves and live delicately.

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10 traits of a classy lady


  1. Rose Stone

    Awesome post; I love it! I wrote a “26 in 26” post for my birthday last year, and I feel you on trying to actually come up with that much stuff. The worst part was that I didn’t think to write it until the last second, so had to slam it together in a few hours. And guess what? Doing it again this year, only with 27.

  2. visiondefines

    I know this can be so emotional. Remember we are always stronger than we thought :’)

  3. Santosha Sisters Blog

    Absolutely love this post! My sister recently did this for her 21st birthday and it’s such an amazing way to reflect and grow. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  4. Jimmy Clare

    Really great post thanks for sharing

  5. bberry43214

    Self-love is vital for everyone these days. Otherwise, we fall into depression or worse! Thanks for this post!


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