Things to do when bored at home during the quarantine *CREATIVE*

Aug 10, 2020 | SELF GROWTH | 6 comments

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ME: I want to travel
Quarantine: Where? To the balcony?

This meme hits me hard.

While staying at home all the time can be really tough, this is also a perfect time for us to reflect and reset ourselves. After all, the coronavirus will pass eventually. When you think back the quarantine period, instead of those 24/7 Netflix days, I am sure you will feel way better when you think of the things/ good habits you’ve picked up during this period. If you are ready for bettering yourselves when bored, here are my 21 things for you!

1. Dry brushing

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned dry brushing in my blog but seriously, dry brushing is really so beneficial that I want to recommend this again. Despite smoothen your skin and removing the toxins, dry brushing is probably the cheapest and the most sustainable way to reduce your cellulite for the back of your legs. Try it for 30 days and you will be so glad of your perseverance when you see the results!

For the starters, I don’t recommend you buy the expensive one, this body dry brush should be more than enough for you to see results. This is also the dry brush I first tried and I am really happy with the after effect. I am now switching to the ionic dry brush but again, I don’t recommend this for the beginner, especially if your skin is sensitive!

2. Try a workout that burns your thigh like crazy

Well, if you want your inner thighs to social distance, try this workout from Pamela Reif! I screamed like crazy in the last 5 minutes but I promise that really works! So, I decided to share the pain with you girls. (Please don’t hate me)

3. Schedule youtube workout videos into playlist

During quarantine, I do a workout at home every day and I realized I end up wasting some much unnecessary time on just finding the youtube workout video I did last time. So I finally decided to make a playlist and I feel like my morning routine is way easier.

schedule youtube workout videos into playlist when bored

With the playlist, now I don’t have any excuses to procrastinate and this can save you lots of time in the long term! We all know youtube is a dangerous rabbit hole. We all know there’s a possibility when we searching workout videos at first but somehow end up watching cute baby dogs compilation videos for half an hour. The playlist is really so effective & time saving if you want to get things done!

4. Read a book

read a book when bored

I know it’s not a creative idea when it comes to reading a book but this is hands down one of the most beneficial things you can do at home. I personally love reading and this really helps my thought sink in and have room for new knowledge.

I always curious what other people are reading and here are some interesting finds.

So here are Bill Gates’ choices:

Here are Kylie Jenner’s choices:

If you have other book recommendation, please comment down below!

5. Start using / figuring how to use google calendar

If you always wonder where the time goes and you feel like you never can get productive, guess what, google calendar can certainly help. If you type “google calendar + productivity tips” you can find many quality tutorials. Learning how to use a calendar is actually a lot of fun and you feel like you can finally gain back control of your time!

What get measured gets improved Click To Tweet

6. Watch a TED talk

I never get bored with the ted talk videos! While most of the topics I don’t even think of, but every time after watching I really appreciate the youtube algorithm recommend those videos to me! Knowledge gained and that’s one of the best feelings!

7. Write a letter to the future you

I really love this idea because you are preparing a meaningful surprise for your future self. You never know how powerful and touching it is when you receive the letter one year later back. After all, we all know how unpredictable one year can be. You can write down all your dreams, goals, setbacks, and insecurities to your future self. This gives you a valuable chance to release your emotions to your future self and recharge yourself. If you don’t want to write on paper or in case you worry that you will forget where you hide the letter, you can write on Future Me, I discovered this last year and this is totally free to use!

8. Update your resume

Update resume is not a hard thing to do but we tend to procrastinate. Even if you are not planning to change the job yet, it’s always good to get your resume / LinkedIn profile updated because you never know when you will need it. Don’t forget to upload a professional photo for your LinkedIn icon, you never know what opportunities that may lead you!

9. Listen podcast while doing chores

If you feel bored when you are washing the dishes or sweeping the floor, listening to podcast is a great choice! My favorite one is Mindset Mentor from Rob Dial. If you are interested in self-improvement and personal growth, I’m sure you will love his content!

10. Create Fivver seller account

If you look at the gigs from Fivver, you can tell everything has demand and supply! Writing jokes, doing accounting work, send a postcard to you, minimalist poster design …you name it! I even saw one saying “I will do anything in your wildest dreams”. What I saying is, without a doubt, you must have something you can offer! If you are bored, why don’t you set up a Fivver seller account and put some gigs on? I mean, it’s quite nice to earn some side money during these uncertain days!

11. Unsubscribe some youtube channel

I have such a love-hate relationship with Youtube. There is so much amazing and informative content that I am looking for, but I also realized I spend way to much time watching some entertainment content. Time is such a valuable asset to us and if you are really dedicated to taking your time back, try unsubscribing some channels that don’t serve you anymore. That way, Youtube algorithm can realize you are no more interested in Type A Content and will slowly recommended less corresponding content to you. This process may take time but this is definitely a good way to detox your Youtube feed and choose the right information you want to receive!

Remember, youtube always want us to stay on their platform because that way, they can earn more!

12. Change your toothbrush after 3 months

change your toothbrush after 3 months when bored

If you don’t want a bad breath, you may want to change your toothbrush every 3 months!

You may wonder, is that really matter that much? My toothbrush still look very “normal” to me.

According to Inna Chern, DDS, a New York-based dentist, she mentioned some common issues that can result from using old toothbrushes are bristle breakdown, enamel damage, and bacterial overgrowth. It is totally possible that this can lead to bad breath because when the worn-out bristles couldn’t clean the food thoroughly.

I really find this tip very useful and I have to share with you guys!

13. Disable the unnecessary notification on phone/ desktop and unsubscribe the mailletter

Again, you don’t want your life always disturbed by the notification popping out. If you want to save money, at least you should unsubscribe all the email that telling you “10 hr 28 minutes left before this discount ends”

14. Update the app

If you are bored at home, consider updating the app on your phone! Keep updating the app can minimize the unknown bugs and keep your app secure!

15. Meditation

If you want to be 10% happier, you should really give meditation a try!

For beginners, you can check out these 5 free youtube guided meditation to start! I believe this article can save you lots of time because let’s be honest, not every free meditation video is perfect for beginners. I tried so many different videos and I really think these 5 are the best 🙂

16. Free up laptop/ icloud storage

free up laptop icloud storage when bored

Another perfect yet useful thing to do when you are bored! Trust me, no matter how big the storage is, THEY WILL GET FULL.

And by that time, our dear Apple/ Google will kindly ask us to pay extra few bucks so that.

So please, free up some unnecessary storage to save money! It’s definitely worth doing!

17. clean up camera roll

Girls, we all know when we post 1 photo on Instagram, there are 50 similar photos on the camera roll. (Please tell me I am not the only one)

Clean up the camera roll and it’s surprisingly soothing!

18. Change the desktop and phone wallpaper

If you are still in your quarantine like me, you probably don’t have chance to wear your new outfit yet. However, we can instead change the desktop and phone wallpaper, this can give you a new fresh vibes!

I got some phone and wallpaper for you guys to free download:

Birthday wallpaper Series

Girl power / Quotes series

Aesthetic flower series


19. Online shopping for enhancing quality of life

When we are bored, we always buy things because we simply want to buy.

Girls, trust me, you will regret it when you receive the bills.

I am not saying I don’t do online shopping. In fact, I shop all the time because this is an irreplaceable joy for me! Instead, in recent years, I change my approach to shopping online. I only buy things when that product can bettering my life and this makes my online shopping way more fulfilling and I spend way less too ( because I won’t buy any unnecessary things) . I know this is vague so here is my recent buying list from Amazon.

Things I used to useThings I decided to buy (Replace the old one)Reason
Normal TowelCircle mini towelSave up so much space for my gym bag/ backpack for outdoor activities!
Normal shampooSulfate-Free ShampooFor lessen the hair loss problem ( Natural shampoo to protect scalp)
Hair tieSpiral hair TiesFor alleviating my headache due to tying hair long time
/Body Dry brushFor reducing my leg’s cellulite and body detox
White riceRed rice For keep fit in a less painful way (white rice fluctuates blood sugar more than red rice)
White sugarUnrefined coconut sugarAgain, for a healthier body and a flatter belly (it works)
Chemical face cleansing oilOrganic turmeric soapTrying to deal with acne problem with a no-chemical approach
/Exfoliating BrushGet rid of the annoying ingrown hair on my legs

I know how random this list is but what I am trying to say is try writing a simple list like this before you shop! Buy things with solid reason is much much more satisfying than just randomly buy a thing because no matter how big or small, the things you buy can eventually make your life easier to some extent!

20. Reorganize your fridge

Reorganize furniture is too tiring for me and I know a high chance I will make my bedroom even messier (according to my past experience) so reorganizing fridge is a task that fits me better!

In my home, the fridge are always needing a good freshen up. I really love this cleaning project because you can always declutter some expired food and found some great food/ snacks that you completely forgot. I LOVE this fridge and pantry organizing bins , they make my life so much easier and this makes my fridge looks way better!

21. Creative a question list and find out the answer!

As humans, it’s completely normal to have some questions pop up in our heads. We usually ignore them because they are not urgent or not work-related, but if you are bored at home, it’s always nice to write down all questions that have come across your brain and google them all!

This feels good to finally tackle these questions and you will feel like you are full of wisdom afterwards!


What do you think about these 21 activities? I hope you can grab some new ideas from this list!

While quarantine can be relaxing and chill in the first few days, it’s a high chance you may get bored, lonely anxious, or even depressed when staying home time gets way too long. I do experience all these emotional fluctuations during these few months and I completely know how hard it is to stay positive.

I still remember at the first few weeks, I binge watching Netflix drama and I completely ruined my sleeping schedule too. I didn’t do any workout or learn things and soon I do feel really depressed because I know I am wasting time – a lot of time. Quarantine do require self-discipline and the 21 activities I’ve mentioned above really get my life right on track and feel back to a normal state. I really hope you guys will benefit from this list!

"To lose patience is to lose the battle.” — Mahatma Gandhi Click To Tweet

Stay strong, take a deep breathe, and blossom during these uncertain days!

If you think this article may benefit other people, please help me pin it to spread the love! I will keep updating this list from time to time too!

23 easy yet useful things you can do when bored


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