10 sentences classy, elegant women won’t say to themselves

Aug 19, 2020 | SELF GROWTH | 4 comments

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The words coming from your mouth is actually more powerful than you think because they can influence your thoughts and feelings. Just imagine if I tell you ” You have 1 million in your bank right now! Check it! ” Your brain will immediately have related thoughts popping up like “Where is that money coming from? ” “Woah… 1 million is a lot of money if that’s real!”. As you can see, just by saying something not true can already make us have real thoughts running in our brain, so yes, words are so powerful because they are simply the affirmation that we keep repeating to ourselves! So here are the sentences that successful women who don’t say or at least trying to say less. Check them out!

Classy Ladies
Classy Ladies

1. “I don’t know” / “I have no idea”

10 sentences classy, elegant women won't say

Saying ” I don’t know ” from time to time is totally fine, but if that’s your habit to say “I don’t know”, it’s time to stop keeping saying this!

First of all, why we are overuse this phrase all the time? Below are some of the reasons:

  1. You don’t want to offend people to a large extent: Saying a vague and ambiguous answer like “I don’t know” plays a safety net in a conversation, even if your friend hold different views with you, the conversation still goes on smoothly. More than often we say “I have no idea” because subconsciously, we want to avoid dramas.
  2. You are to lazy to function your brain: Sometimes we are just not serious enough to function our brain and gives an answer
  3. You really don’t know: You seriously don’t know and have no preference

Let’s be honest, “I don’t know” is not an answer at all. As we know, wordings have their power. If you want people to respect you and really care about your opinion, you should really try to give a solid answer instead of saying “I don’t know”. It’s true that saying this phrase can avoid disputes but it also avoids a beneficial mutual communication!

In a study, it is interesting to show that people tend to think women are more attractive when they are not afraid to express themselves. If you don’t really want to join that party, feel free to say “No” in a polite way, feel free to express yourselves and you will be surprised that people actually taking your more seriously!

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2. “Should I / What do you think”

Asking for opinion is certainly a good thing but again, you don’t want to overuse it! For some trivial decision, you can surly decide yourself! Constantly using these phrase is the best way to mildly annoy people, they won’t tell you but for sure they will feel a little bit annoyed in long term. Also, this also show your lack of confidence and independence because you are constantly looking for other people ideas rather than listen to your inner voice.

Ladies, don’t afraid to make mistakes or make decision, this is always attractive and sexy when a women know what she wants!

3. ” I wish”

I keep saying “I wish” all the time and don’t realize this word is a hidden trap if you say that frequently! Every time after saying “I wish”, my brain will immediately reflectively send a message “It’s a dream that is far away from you that you aren’t going to achieve it”. This phrase is so passive and makes us feel powerless in archiving our goals. Our thoughts can alter our behaviour and thus the ultimate result if we are even feeling good to talk about our goals, how can we achieve it?

Instead of saying “I wish I can be 10 pounds less”, you can say “I am planning / I am working in reducing 10 pounds”. Just by changing the wordings, the presentation is more powerful and it is more achievable! Trust me, Life can be way easier and you will feel better about yourself too!

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4. ” Why this happen to me” / “Why am I so unlucky”

10 sentences classy, elegant women won't say

This can be toxic and I really suggest keep saying these phrases in the minimum. Of course, life is life and trauma happens. We’ve all been there. It’s okay to cry 4 hours in the midnight and eating ice cream like crazy (that’s me …) but when you wake up tomorrow, always remember to pull ourselves together! I know it’s so tough but keeping saying these toxic phrase like “Why this happen to me” will just make you even more miserable. This phrase makes us so caught up in the accident and can’t find the solution out.

Instead of playing the victim mindset, we should change from “happen to me” to “happen for me” more often! We all have some setbacks in life that we thought we can’t go through it but actually we are not only survived but turn into a wiser and stronger self! If things are nice, embrace and appreciate it. If things are tough, well, treat that as a valuable lesson!

Don’t fall into the victim mindset! You are stronger than what you think!

5. “YES” (to everything)

Stop being a “YES” women because your time is your most valuable asset! “Do you want to babysit my kids this Friday night?” “Can you lend me some money?” “Do you want to join that party? ” I know it’s hard to say “no” because he/ she is your friend, but you have to right to say “NO” without feeling guilty afterwards!

We always feel guilty when we reject someone because saying “NO” seems so rude. While you may feel unnatural when you reject people, practise makes perfect and one day you can master the art of saying no! After all, time is fair and we all only have 24 hours a day. You owe no one if you want to protect your time to do the things you want!

Also, being a “YES” girl can make people take you from granted! Just because you are so nice and very helpful every time, they just assume that you “should” help them next time too! I know this sounds crazy but this is how the human brain works. People will respect you less and won’t appreciate you that much if you say “yes” all the time. If you helped them for 10 times and you reject them for the 11th request, they will actually secretly blame you because their brain subconsciously assume you should help them!

A smart and attractive woman always know when to say yes and when to say no. Everything is about taking a balance. Only when you take yourself as the highest priority, people will respect you.

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6. “I should have” / “I could have”

It seems a normal phrase but actually this phrase is meaningless because it only emphasizes the scarcity. Every time when I said “I could have”, I just don’t feel good about myself and I will start judging my behavior. Of course, we could have done better! But the reality is, the past is in the past and there’s no point to upset yourself with the things that can’t be changed.

Intelligent women always understand the importance to live in the present moment and they don’t say these phrase unless it’s necessary.

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7. “I hate…”

I know it feels so good to complain stuff but saying “I hate” too frequently will only make the situation go worse. Hate is an intense energy that will attract more of the same energy. Have you ever come across a situation that the more you said you hate that person, the more things that person did annoy you? For most of the time, the behaviour they did is actually neutral but your wordings strengthen your hatred towards them as if you have a “Monster filter” in viewing their actions. So yes, saying hate will only attract more hate and make things worse.

What’s more, a woman who keep complaining and blaming is so not attractive. A classy and wise women know that while there are things they can complain, this is not the most effective solution to solve the problems. Next time when you want to complain, take a deep breathe, start journaling and do a brain dump. I’m sure you will be so much more calm and makes you a more lovely woman!

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8. “I am not enough” / “I am not pretty”

10 sentences classy, elegant women won't say

Please, girls and ladies, don’t ever say that to yourselves because this is completely wrong! I haven’t met you but I can for sure say that you are enough and you are beautiful in your own way!

Saying these statements are like self-sabotaging yourself. We always tend to magnify our flaws and minimize our beauty but you know what, it’s okay to be not perfect because that makes us human. We are all perfect imperfection and that makes us unique in people’s eyes. In our daily lives, we always come across some women that are not the standard pretty girls but they look super attractive, you love hanging out with her and guys love chatting with her too! If you are wondering are there any secrets, I can tell you it’s all about the confidence that women radiate. It seems tangible but people can sense that.

If you think you are enough and you are comfortable with your own skin. You can’t imagine how sexy it is in other people’s eyes. The way you look at yourself is teaching other people the way they look at you. So stop speaking down to yourself again and again, I do want to shake your shoulder and scream to you “You are pretty enough!”

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9. Calling your body bad names

Calling your body bad names is not funny because you just don’t feel good about your body parts! If you want to improve your body figure, the first thing you should do is stop naming your arms ” bat wings”. If you love your body, you wont’ name-calling your body parts right? Instead, you can say “I am working on my arms”, just try to be more neutral to your body parts really help boosting the body positivity!

I know this sounds trivial but let’s not forget wordings can be more powerful that you think! I remembered when I was in high school, I am overweight and my arms are just …terrible. I keep calling the arms bad names and I realised the more I say this phrase, the more I hate my body and that is a really horrible feeling. From my experience, I really want you girls stop body name calling and love your body instead.

10. Don’t Gossip

10 sentences classy, elegant women won't say

If you witness your facial expression when you gossip, I swear you won’t gossip that often. Instead of talking about other people, a classy and attractive woman talks about ideas and their own life. A woman that gossip less is always set herself apart from many others. A woman with a kind heart is always desirable and gorgeous.

Girl power is a real thing and let’s all be the real queens that fix each other’s crowns. Plus, you know how disheartening this can be when you hear others gossiping around you so let’s gossip less!


Alright, so here are the 10 sentences attractive women don’t say (or at least talk less!). I know it can be overwhelming because these are the sentence we always use on a daily basis without even realizing it! All I can assure you is you are definitely not alone and at least we now finally noticed the negative power of this sentence and so we can avoid it from now! I really glad after typing these 10 sentences because stop saying these can really makes you a happier and more carefree, lovely woman!

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10 sentences classy, elegant women won't say


  1. Bennett Flaherty

    Such an insightful post, and so true! I, too, am guilty of overusing “I don’t know” in an effort to avoid conflict.

  2. Kathy Toner

    Great post!! I use several and didn’t realize it until I read this- I often ask “what do you think” is deflects me from expressing my own opinion. Also, I used to (and I have worked on this one) said Yes to everyone leaving me feeling used, exhausted and empty. Now I say yes to me first.


  3. Mae

    We should all be mindful of the things we say because we will start manifesting it in our lives. These are great tips! Positive self talk is very important and we need to practice it daily!

  4. Karthika

    Such a great post! I was a “yes ” women and was so reluctant to say “no” to anybody. It affected me like anything and I gradually started valuing my time . Mastering to say “yes” without feeling guilty these days.


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