Ten must-have summer white dress outfits from SHEIN

Sep 10, 2020 | BEAUTY IN & OUT | 0 comments

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Hi loves! Today I am talking all about white summer dresses that are both high quality and affordable!

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I totally feel the urge to share this summer dress with you all! Why? Because every time when I scroll my Pinterest feed and click on some lovely cute dress, the price is always around $100-200. Well, I end up always can find a similar dress with nice quality when I shop on SHEin and that’s so satisfying to me!

But of course, I have some rules when I shop on SHEin so that I can always find my dream dress!

  • Shop Best Sellers: With overwhelming amount of dresses in SHEIn, shop Best Sellers can make sure you find your favourite dress so much faster! Plus, they are the dresses that get the high reviews and good reputation so you can never go wrong!
  • Beware of the texture of the clothing: I realised sometimes it’s not the size that are not true, but you have the false expection when it comes to the texture so always check the description box!
  • Read the comment section – I don’t buy the dresses until I found the comments like “true to size” “look exactly the same as the display photo”!

If you follow these 3 rules, I am sure you can find some excellent pieces in Shein! But anyways, they offer refunds (except swimwear and underwear) without asking the reason, so feel free to shop! Below are the 7 beautiful dresses that is under $25 from Bestseller! Enjoy~

This post may contain affiliate links, access granted to my disclosure.

A true to size and very flattering dress with 4.6 average rating! This dress is so refreshing and definitely perfect for summer. The chest is well covered and not too low (if some girls concern about that). The material is Polyester and it looks not cheap at all! Last but not least, they got the exactly same dress with kid version so you can wear with your daughter – how cute is that?

Reminder: There’s not much stretch to the fabric so you better order your exact size

This dress is so delicate and elegant and it has 4.8 review rating! The material is cotton so it’s very soft and comfy for summer hot days. I love how the sleeve perfectly cover my shoulder and it create an illusion of a slimmer shoulder! I can totally imagine I wearing this dress on vacation. (Typing this during quarantine …)

Another elegant dress with 4.8 reviews! The dress is definitely identical to the picture. Most lace dress can be quite heavy and hot. This dress is the opposite its very light and cool! And again, this dress has the kid version too! It’s shocking to see the photo from the comment section is even prettier than the dress from the display, the details of this dress are truly amazing with just $18!

4.8/5 ratings and this dress is screaming goddess essence! The material is meshed and it’s so soft and comfy to skin. Just wearing this makes me feel so elegant and I highly recommend this for the first date. (Reminder: Don’t wear something too revealing on the first date!)

By the way, I really love this bag in the photo but I can’t find it on their website, what a pity!

This vacation dress is better than this display photo ( this is a bit blurry because I’ve compressed the photo size ) with a 4.9 rating review! I love this design so much because it can definitely hide my tummy when I have my food baby! I mean, it’s both beautiful and practical!

You may wonder, just an off-shoulder dress, what’s so special about it? Well, this is what I thought too but when you view all the photos from comment sections, you will understand why so many people are buying this. This dress is so flexible and perfect for literally embrace different body sizes and curves effortlessly! It got 6 colors in total, click the link above to view the photos!

Last but not least, this is my favourite. It’s simply so pretty that I have to own it :’) This is definitely a perfect birthday girl dress and the material is so good that you can’t imagine it’s only $22! If I can only pick one from all these dress, this will be my pick!

Final thoughts…

So here are my top 7 summer dresses from SHEin! But of course, I still have so many dresses to share but sadly too many pictures make my website slow. (What a pity!) So please feel free to click the dress above and view the related products also! Now you can take an extra 10% off orders over €19 at SHEIN! The code is 10SNOWFR.

Update: A reader asked me when will that code expire ( good question ) the end date is Sept 30!

SHEin is my favourite website to go to because their dresses are so affordable and they are available for free refund! As the saying goes, life isn’t perfect but our outfit can be. So ladies, happy shopping!

*Please comment below if you have some new classy recommendations from Shein, I would love to have a look!

Also, I will keep updating the new picks so please feel free to save this pin! This little act can let more ladies out there realize there’s an option to buy classy outfits on a budget! THANK YOU!


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