18 Small things to improve your life!

Aug 11, 2020 | SELF GROWTH | 4 comments

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Be a better self is always rewarding and makes our heart fulfilled.

As much as we are all unique and precious human beings in this world, I am not buying the saying of ” We are perfect in the way we are”. It is true that we are all perfect imperfections that are irreplaceable. BUT, we do have flaws and it’s totally okay to have flaws because that makes us humans! The beauty of life is the moment when you reflect back on how far you’ve gone when you look back on your journey and feel proud of yourselves. So, here are the 100 tiny ways to improve your life!

Okay, I feel like I’m getting excited now because this is an amazing things to share the practical tips that really can REALLY bettering other people’s life!


1. Take a home-cooked dinner to a friend who you know is too busy to cook for themselves

Like any other relationship, friendship takes time to maintenance. If you are free that night, taking a home-cooked dinner will be a really heartwarming idea, and believe me, your friend will appreciate it!

2. Send an old friend text that you haven’t gotten contact with for a while

I know this takes guts to do and you may have some worries like “Will he / she even remember me” or ” He/ She may get annoyed when receiving the message”. You know what, JUST DO IT. We, as humans, tend to overthink a lot. While there’s a possibility that he/she doesn’t remember you, a high chance is your friends will be so thrilled when receiving the message because they want to contact with you too. It’s always so good to catch up with an old friend and by that time, you will know taking a little bit of courage is so worth it.

3. Take the initiative to speak

In some cases like attending a seminar or new cooking class, we will find ourselves in a group of stranger who are being awkwardly silent. While in the usual case, you may just keep scrolling your phone and pretending you are busy, take the initiative to speak with anyone of them. If you are shy person like me, it’s definitely not an easy task to do. But this tiny little change can really make a compound effect in your life. It’s not about whether anyone will respond to you back or not, but it about trying to break through your little fear inside. Who knows what can take you? Maybe you have one amazing new friend!

4. Make down all the birthdays of your family and friends on your calendar

We are all busy and it’s normal when we forget some of your friends/ family member birthdays. While they possibly won’t be mad at you, remember their birthday and say greetings or celebrate birthday with them in advance can really make them feel valued.

5. Start a gift life and make a note every time when you think of the gift for one of your friends and family members

So when their birthday comes around , instead of rushing to the shopping site and buy some random, you can give them a really thoughtful present because you have time to prepare. That can really makes a difference.

6. Practise being a better listener

This one is huge. If you can practise this skill, I’m sure you can have a better relationship with people.

For most of the time, the biggest communication problem is we don’t not listen to understand.

We listen to reply.

That’s why sometimes we feel like communication is not really engaging or effective. You can try to repeat some of the main points your friends/ family members have said to show they you really pay attention to it. This can definitely level up the whole conversation and makes people want to talk with you more.

7. Offer babysit so your friend can have a night out

People have a tendency to reciprocate, I am sure they are more than happy to help when you request! Plus, playing with a baby can be a soothing thing to do! ( Given that the situation is not out of control…)

8. Let go of the unwanted friends

Okay…I should admit this is not a tiny way but the change that can brings to can be drastic.

If every time you feel mentally exhausted after meeting with your friend or he/ she may only reach you when they need help, you may reconsider should you hang out with them that often. It’s not pity to let go of friends that you don’t want to be around, the sooner you make the decision, the sooner you can enjoy the refreshing breathe.

After all, time is valuable. We have no time to let other people drag us down, isn’t?

You are the average of the Five people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely. Click To Tweet


9. Make a list of personal growth that you want to read and ACTUALLY READ THEM

When it comes to reading, the problem is people love to buy books and NOT READING it. If you are dedicated to bettering yourself, go read few pages every night before you sleep. Once you start, you will realised it’s not that hard actually.

I am now reading a book call Getting to YES and this book can really help increase our human capital – the skill of negotiation. Negotiating is the skill we use everyday yet we don’t really take time to master it. With a good negotiation skill, not only this can save you so much money in long term in some big purchase like cars, but also greatly improve your relationship with others by knowing how to reach things in a common ground.

If you haven’t read this book yet, save it into your buying list even you are not buying it right now! I’m sure one day you will need it!

10. Journaling every morning

You don’t have do the journaling on a fancy kikki journal. Journaling is about writing anything down so that your brain can release some thoughts. I do think journaling is a necessary thing to do in the morning because it can really helps clear your minds and help you tracks your daily improvements.

Just imagine, when you laptop is running slow, you know it’s time to clear the hard drive and release some memories so the laptop can load faster. You should also take care your brain in this way by journaling! Trust me, things are less intimidating when writing it on paper than storing in your brain out of no where.

For me, I am using this journal – affordable yet feel good when I write on it, save this in Amazon so you can buy it when you feel like you want to pamper yourself!

11. Think of something that is challenging yet rewarding for you to do and make a plan to do it

If a thing is challenging, high chance it is so worth doing and can be meaningful to your life. For me, one of my most challenging thing I’ve ever did is cutting out sugary drink in my 21 years old. It may seems not a big deal but for me that time, it certainly is challenging cause I feel like I am so addicted to sugar. When I really cut out all sugary drink in my life, I losing pounds like crazy and I feel so refreshed and energetic. Till now, I still drink sugary drinks for 2-3 times a week but I drink water/ tea most of the time. I’m so proud to myself even till now!

I hope my little story can inspire you to really take action to do something challenging!

12. Make a list of things to do when you are bored so that you won’t mindlessly scroll the instagram feed

It is not surprising if you tell me you are scrolling instagram feed up to an hour per day because these social media is designed to get people addicted. The more time you stay on the platform, the more money they made through the revenue from advertisement.

Time is such a valuable asset, are you sure you wasting this in this way? If you are reading this article now, you probably are the type of woman that always want to bettering yourself.

There are numerous better way to spend time with when you are bored. Check 21 things to do at home when bored out! Hope that’s useful!

13. Wake 30 minutes earlier before work so that you have a morning routine

No matter you are busy moms, a 25 years old working 9-5 or a freelancer, we should always priorities some me-time to ourselves in the morning. Instead of getting into work tasks, it’s always good to make yourself a coffee, do some journaling or listen to 10 minutes motivational podcast.

If you can master your morning, it will be easier for you to master your day!

14. Schedule time to meditate so that you can be 10% happier

Meditation is not a woo-woo thing. If you want to be happier, try meditation! I include 5 best free youtube videos for beginner and hope you can pick a favourite one!

15. Learn something new every single day

It seems hard but actually, it’s not at all! By learning new things, what I mean is google the terms/ things you don’t know. Here’s what I mean.

These questions are the really the things that I’ve googled so please don’t laugh at me LOL

Whenever you have a question in your head, type in on the note pad and create a little list so when you are bored during the day, you can google the questions and learn something new! It’s extremely satisfying because you feel like you are getting a little bit wiser every single day!

16. Turn your phone into airplane mode before sleep

If I can only tell you one life hacks, this is the one I will share! This is just a tiny change but it does level up my quality of life! When you change your phone into airplane mode, you can wake up with a notification free phone screen in the morning. Without any distraction, you can embrace your 30 minutes morning routine before doing any tasks for your boss or your kids or anyone.

You may think, that’s fine, I can still practice my morning routine after reading those notifications. I can tell you, this is definitely not the case. When you read those notifications, your brain will immediately react to the information and produce the corresponding emotions. You just can’t help but get distracted even you don’t aware of! So, what will happen is the quality of your morning routine is worse as you can’t focus that much.

Once I learned this hack, I feel like I am not controlled by my phone and this feeling is so good! So please, take this advice and protect your time!

17. Make sure your eyes are naturally hit the top third of your screen when you look straight ahead

This tip seems so random but it is VERY IMPORTANT but somehow seems no one talking about this!

if you want to get rid of neck or shoulder pain after hunching laptop for long time, you want to invest in a good computer raiser! Even if you are still young and you are totally fine with looking downward for a long time, you are ruining your posture in long term. Our body is amazing in the way that it can stand in a bad situation for a long time that you can’t even aware the pain, but when you realised this problem ten years later, the damage to your spine and neck area is irreversible and you may need a surgery.

I know it sounds scary but this is the truth. You can google it yourself.

I am using this laptop stand because this match my Macbook so well! If you don’t have budget and save this to your wish list and buy it for Christmas! But seriously, laptop stand is not a luxury thing at all, this is a necessity to make sure you spine is healthy for the rest of your life.

Imagine how many hours you spend on the laptop per day and you will know it is so worth it.

18. Take the responsibility FINALLY

This one is a bit hard to take, but when you realised finally understands what it means, you can feel more optimistic to your life because you can take 100% control about it!

Whether you feel happy or sad, having a successful or a crappy life, it’s all on you.

Me: This is the government policy’s fault. That’s why I am so poor right now.

Me: I have three kids to take care! That’s why I can’t start this side business!

Me: I know this is unhealthy but I really need comfort food after a long working day! Just let me!

We’ve all been there that we blame others for our failure. This is so not true. Despite all the distractions in your, deep down we all know that we are the only one that responsible our own lives. Of course it will be easier for us to blame the government, the policy, the cornonfarvirus, but at the end of the day, we are the ultimate solutions for ourselves.

It seems cruel to hear but in fact, this is amazing! Because you now know no one can actually hold you back unless you allow them to drag you down! You are limitless!

Next time when you want to blame someone for your own life, close your eyes and take a deep breath, and CHOOSE to take the responsibility your own. This will makes you take more actions and live a colorful life :’)


What do you think about these tiny ways to improve your life? I try hard to include some new tips so you won’t get bored after reading ten similar articles here on Pinterest! Despite all these tips that you’ve collected, TAKING ACTION is what really matters! You are not gonna implement all these changes into your life at once because this will be exhausting. But if you included these tips every few days, the changes to life will begin to compound soon!

Last but not least, here’s the quote for you!

Don't wait until you are ready to take action. Instead, take action to be ready! Click To Tweet

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  1. Gina Abernathy

    I like to take food to families who have things going on in their lives–new baby, sickness, surgery, etc. Believe me, not having to cook some nights is wonderful!

  2. Brie

    I incorporate many of these tiny ways to improve my life into my daily routine! I journal every morning, wake up early, reach out to friends, work on listening to others, give to others, etc. I didn’t used to do these things, but I can honestly say they have changed my life. Great post!

  3. Adam

    Awesome tips! I really can relate to these. Specifically, meditation is huge for me to keep focused and centered.

  4. Ellis

    What a fantastic list! These are so important and doing things for others is a major positive for me.


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