*8 APPEARANCE signs* that you are an elegant, classy woman!

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When it comes to elegance, people may immediately think of the pink ruffle dress, formal manners, and etiquette. While it can be true, at the end of the day, the core value of being elegance is way more than the sole pursuit of outer beauty. Being elegance is a core value of living your life, by cultivating the tastes, habits, and style, you are gracefully refined as a classy, attractive, and charming lady.

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When it comes to elegance, it’s way more than wearing a Burberry trench coat and pearl earrings. But still, you can find some signs of an elegant lady when it comes to their outfit and appearance because being elegant is all about details! So here are the 10 signs, enjoy!

This post may contain affiliate links, access granted to my disclosure.

1. She takes care of her hands & nails

For many of us, we always pay attention to our faces and invest all the makeup and skincare products on it but what about our hands? I saw many ladies look so poised and beautiful on the face but their hands look so dry and the nails aren’t clean at all. I bet many of us ( me included ) overlook the importance of that!

An elegant lady knows the fact the hands can reveal age. A study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that most of the participants of the study can accurately guess the age range of the people by just viewing the hands. After the face, hands are the second most visible sign of one’s age. Second of all, when you do the handshake with people, you want to keep your hands soft and clean to gain a good impression from them.

I know many of the girls using expensive hand cream but I just can’t see the benefit from me (just my personal experience) so at the moment the middle-priced hand cream is my all-time fav! I’m a boring person so when I find something great, I’ll just keep sticking with it. So I’m just gonna recommend one hand cream to you guys.

This is my fav of all time because of few reasons:

  1. It’s cold cream – that makes me feel better when I’m using it ( I couldn’t explain but I guess it’s a sense of comfort and fulfillment)
  2. It’s Paraben-free – I try hard to stay away from artificial ingredients this year cause they are harmful to both humans and environments, especially to the girls with sensitive skin types
  3. It’s incredibly fast-absorbing – Avene’s studies showed that it lasts through five hand items of washing,” which is quite mindblowing to know. This is the energy we need from a hand cream right now so this hand cream is really a no brainer for me.

2. She wears subtle accessories

Don't wear too complicated accessories
Source (1,2): When it comes to accessories, I try to avoid these because less is always more!

Accessories can tell a lot.

Despite the fact that you can still look good without any accessories, one or two good quality pieces of earrings or necklaces can really level up your style and make you look more put together. Every-time when I saw a lady wearing some fine accessories, I always thought she must take good care of herself in daily life because she enjoys adding some extra sparkle to her look. For me, I love wearing earrings the most because this really helps to draw people’s attention to my face. I know it seems weird but it’s true! Every-time when I wear earrings I can tell people around me pay attention to me more often.

Source (1,2): When it comes to accessories, I try to avoid these because less is always more!

Here are some of my affordable picks instead:

I found that many women don’t have a Y 14k gold necklace but you can’t imagine how amazing it looks when you just wear a causal black T-shirt! Try it.

When it comes to buying accessories, I have a rule. I will first save the items in the wish list and if I still love it after a week, I am gonna buy it! This makes sure I really like the piece instead of shopping impulsively, you girls can use this hack!

3. She has glowy skin ( Not only the face but body)

She has glowy skin ( Not only face but body)

When it comes to glowy skin, again, we should not neglect our bodies! I used to only take care of my face and one day my friend asked me “Why your legs look so dry but your face looks so glowy?” This is the first time I realized people DO NOTICE your skin condition overall. This is not much of hard work, all you need to do is to put some lotion on your body before going out!

I realised just by putting some oils on my body, I feel good about myself and feel more confident somehow because I feel like I am putting effort in taking care my body and pampering myself.

4. She keeps the clothes wrinkles and pet hair free

When it comes to elegance, wearing a clean ironed T-shirt may look better than wearing a designer brand dress with wrinkles on. It’s not about how expensive the clothes are, but the way you treat your clothes reflects your unspoken elegance.

Always iron your clothes and get rid of all the pet hair, this is the most direct reflection people can tell if you are having a rush morning or not. I know ironing is not the easiest thing to do, it does require some effort and time but all I can encourage you is – it’s worth it! Sometimes you are not doing this for others but yourself, treating your clothes delicately can make you feel good and others can also tell that.

For pet hair, I’ve been using this Chom Chom roller from Amazon and this is the best and fastest pet hair roller I’ve ever used! Many people already get one at home but in case you are new to this little roller tool, try this!

5. She smells clean and nice

smell clean and nice to look classy

As the sayings go, perfume is the key to our memories and I can’t agree more. If you want to look poised and elegant instantly, wear some perfume!

Despite the fact that wearing the right perfume can instantly enhance your mood and lift up your spirit almost instantly, this makes you scientifically more attractive to others too. There’s the pheromone in perfume, a secreted chemical that triggers a social response from others. Also, wearing perfume makes you more noticeable to people as perfume triggers memories. We tend to associate a particular scent with a person or a hotel because our brain are subconsiouly attracted to smell.

So yes, I strongly recommended you to try some perfume if you haven’t! I’ve been struggling with this for many years but once incorporate perfume into my daily checklist, I can feel a huge difference. I just feel happier and more confident and feminine and elegant women clearly know how powerful perfume is.

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When it comes to my favorite perfume, I hate to say but it’s the Pheromones For Women. If you are new to pheromones, it’s the perfume that is rich in human grade pheromones to attract Men (or Women of course). I don’t want to get into too many details but all I can say is this makes you sexually attractive so I only use it in front of my boyfriend. I was struggling should I share this (I am a shy person) but I hope I can give some new information to all the single ladies out there! Check this Pheromones out, I hope this work wonders for you too!

Oh and on other days, I mostly wear Miss Dior Blooming Spray, all I can say is its simple goddess essence! Highly recommend.

6. She has a style ( besides yoga pants)

I know yoga pants and sneakers are so comfy ( I can’t live without them ) but an elegant lady always has a style and most importantly, enjoys playing with different clothing items. This is very attractive when a woman knows when to wear different clothing and carries them with full confidence.

She puts her power suit on with her belt on during those working days, she wears a silk dress on a fine-dining date, she tucks her T-shirt in with a pair of sunglasses on during the lazy Sunday afternoon, and yes, she wears yoga pants at home or…attending yoga class. An elegant woman is always willing to try different styles and outfits and enjoy the pleasure of wearing it.

One of my favorite hacks is adding a good quality scarf on a bag, this just instantly level up the whole outfit and make you look more polished. No, you don’t need a designer bag to do that at all! Being elegance isn’t necessarily about spending tons of money, it’s about always willing to add more details to your look and embrace it.

Add a scarf on a bag to look classy

By the way, if you are from the US, remember to type “40SNOWUS” if you buy Shein clothes to save $40 here! In my Shein report, I saw many of you forget to type that code before purchase and I was that “Why girl? Why waste the money”?

7. She always keep all the essentials in her purse

An elegant lady always has all the necessities in her bag. Sometimes situation happens and when you desperately looking for an extra pad in your bag, the nervousness is real. Always get well prepared and so that you can look serene and calm all the time. Plus, you can always lend some tissues or a mirror when your friend needs and that simple act can already earn you a great impression.

Here are the things you should put in the purse:

  • Tissues
  • A spare pad or tampon ( We all know how sneaky our periods can be )
  • Bandaids ( This bandaids from NexCare is hands down the best bandaids I’ve tried, who agree? )
  • Earphones
  • Breath mints
  • Healthy snacks (in case you crave for sweet suddenly)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lipstick & lip balm
  • A compact mirror

These essentials can make you feel more put together and look elegant all the time because you know you are ready for any emergencies!

8. She keeps her sneaker clean and white

This one is hard but try to keep your sneakers white and clean is definitely a bonus. As I said, elegance is about taking into details and keep your sneaker clean to make your overall look fresher, and trust me, people will secretly be impressed by that! I know there are many fancy sneaker cleaners out there but this shoe cleaner solution is more than enough!

9. She keeps her teeth clean all the time

You can still look beautiful, but you can’t look elegant with something stuck in your teeth. That’s the truth.

No matter how careful you are at the dining table, sometimes we just couldn’t avoid getting food stuck in your teeth. While you are trying to secretly move your tongue to wipe the food away, you will need dental floss in some situations.

In another article, a reader asked me which floss picks I am using now because she constantly comes across some low-quality ones that break easily. My all-time favorite is this FAMILIFE Dental Floss Picks, not because it’s extraordinary but at least this is super durable and it is the only dental floss picks that got more than 4 stars in Amazon. When it comes to Amazon shopping, ladies, always always read the comments before you purchase! You can’t imagine how much money you can save from that.


So here are the 9 signs of an elegant woman! Nowadays, being elegant no longer means wearing only girly clothes but instead, an elegant woman is a lady who is full of grace, grit, and wisdom. If you are gradually knowing how to enjoy small pleasure in life, you will start noticing these subtle appearance things without anyone forcing you to do.

If you are not comfortable wearing a necklace, it’s totally fine! After all, these tips are just serving your guidelines but most importantly, you are the one who knows what things make you feel the best! So ladies, take time to enjoy your elegant-to-be journey! May I wish all of us eventually turn into a woman with grace, grit, and gratitude? (Virtual Hugg)

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Q&A Time!

How can you tell if a girl is classy?

1. She won’t gossip or at least gossip less
2. She has a basic knowledge of some basic table manners and etiquette
3. She minds her posture and seldom hunches her back
4. She uplift other women
5. She has things to flaunt but decide not to do it
6.She put her phone away when she chats with others
7. She seldom wears a bandage dress
8. She always avoids high saturation colors for the outfit
9. She embraces natural earth tone and pastel colors
10. She always apply hand cream
11. She doesn’t validate her value through a man

9 appearance signs of a classy lady

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