24 psychological mind tricks that make your life easier! (Yes REALLY!)

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If you pay close attention to what successful people reading, you will realize not only they read the self-help books, but also the psychological books! Many amazing activities like journaling are all based on the amazing mind tricks. So yes, these psychological not only can save you some time in guessing people’s thoughts but also help you sharpen your social and negotiation skill! Without further fluff, here are the 24 psychological mind tricks that make your life easier!

1. The dark environment can greatly lower people’s alertness

The dark environment can greatly lower people's alertness

A relatively dark environment can make people lower the guard and easier for them to do something that they don’t regularly do. Also, this makes people appear more attractive than in reality simply because our eyesight is not that good in that environment. This explains why it’s always easier to flirt in the bar despite the effect of alcohol.

2. Midnight is the time when we can’t help but express our inner emotions and say all our secrets out

People tend to release their real inner emotions when they are stressed and tired, so yes, if your ex contacts you at midnight without drinking any alcohol, there’s a possibility that he still likes you deep from his heart.

3. If a person in a lift keep looking upward and counting the floor levels, they are nervous and not comfortable

When they look upwards, they aren’t really looking at the floor levels. Rather, they just grab something to look at in the lift. This reveals that they are actually nervous and not comfortable and want to leave the lift asap.

4. If you want to ask someone a favor, treat them lunch/ dinner

If you want to ask someone a favor, treat them lunch/ dinner

If you want to maximize the chance for someone do you a favor or successfully sign a deal, treat them lunch or dinner will work! People are happier and satisfying when eating food and that makes them easier to say “YES”. Plus, you will subconsciously appear to be more likeable in their eyes because you are the one who enjoy this pleasant moment with them.

That’s why there are always business lunch and dinner, this exists for a reason!

5. If you want to build trust with others, you can share some of your little secrets

You may familiar with this “Self Confession” trick already because this always work! You can share some more personal stories or little secrets and the listener will feel like they must be special to you. This also makes them want to share their secrets to you as well! This way, you can quickly build up a special bonding with the person you want.

But just a reminder, sharing secrets can be little tricky. If you share some heavy secrets when you first met a person, high chance is you will turn them off because it’s just awkward. Timing is everything! Also, never exchange your friendship with others’ secrets, that won’t make you go far.

6. Stare at something blue and take deep breathe if you want to calm yourselves down

It’s totally normal when we feel so angry sometimes as if we are nearly losing control. Next time if that happens, try taking deep breaths and staring something blue. We always underestimate how color can alter our mood. Like looking at blue skies and lakes, we feel calm when looking at something blue.

In 2000, after Glasgow, Scotland set up blue streetlights , the  crime rate is dramatically decreased. In 2005, Nara, Japan did the same thing and achieved the same effect also! So yes, just a change of color can make our community safer!

7. If you want to praise people in a sincere way, mentioning details is the key

We all love hearing people praise us but somehow for compliments, it just sounds fake and you just won’t take it heart. Make compliments with specific reasons is certainly a skill people should learn today and below is a simple example.

You wear a new dress.

Your friend: This dress look good on you. (You are happy but you may think it’s just a casual polite saying)

Your friend: This dress look good on you. Dress in Beige color really work well with your skin tone! (Oh wow! My friend is pay attention to me!)

Just by adding some elaboration, this can level up your compliment and make people remember you more!

8. When you are delivering a speech, wearing something red can make people pay attention to you more

We all know red is a sexually attractive color, but in fact, red also represents enthusiasm! It’s always a great idea to wear a red tie or a red top when you deliver a speech to grab audience’s attention! They will naturally think you are gonna deliver a speech that is passionate and motivational.

9. Don’t be super passionate when you first met a person, that may leave you a bad impression

While we should always be friendly and show confidence when we first met a person, we should never try too hard because this makes us look like we approach people with some hidden intention.

10. When you want someone to reveal their secrets, all you need to do is keep silent and look into their eyes

Less is more.

When a person is struggling whether he/ she should tell you a secret/mistakes to you, you don’t have to be pushy and keep asking them questions. This will make them have a buffer zone to answer things that distract you. All you need is keep silent and look RIGHT into their eyes. Eventually, they will reveal you everything just to get rid of that intense atmosphere.

11. People that are willing to encourage people are always kind

It seems minimal but if you want to double check is that guy really kind or just pretending, the best way is to take notice of his behaviour. If he has a tendency to encourage people or give inspiring feedback, high chance he is a kind person. These two elements link closely together.

12. The direction of the feet can reveal whether they want to chat with you or not

This one is useful because you can know whether that person enjoys chatting with you or not just by checking their feet. If their feet face towards you, that means they like you. Vice versa, if their feet standing away from you in the opposite direction even when chatting with you, this is a very clear signal that they want to leave this conversation and their feet is so ready.

We can always fake our facial expression ( fake smile ) to strangers but our limbs are always more reliable, so the accuracy of this trick is fairly high!

13. If you are freaking out before talking in front of people, chewing gum can relieve your stress instantly

chewing gum can relieve stress instantly

Research conducted from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia in 2008 revealed that chewing gum can relieve stress. The result shows that gum chewers showed a reduction in anxiety as compared to non-gum chewers by nearly 17% during mild stress and 10% in moderate stress.

So yes, chewing gum is probably the easiest way to relieve stress before stepping on the stage!

14. If you want to “fake” people like you, you can date him/her for some activities that make their heartbeats up and they will subconsciously think the reason for that is because of you

This sounds silly but our brain sometimes isn’t as smart as we expected.

It is always a good idea to watch thriller movie or go to haunted house for first date because these activities can certainly make our heart pumping like crazy. While put this logically, we all know the reason of fast heartbeat is just because of the activity itself. But interestingly enough, our brain will subconsciously link the person who go to that activity with us a signal of raising our heartbeat. So, when we see that person, we may question ourselves ” Maybe I like him? I feel like my heart beat faster when I with him”.

Ladies, don’t fall into this trap!

15. If you want to confirm whether that person is looking at you or not, all you need to do is a yawn

No need to doubt, many studies show that yawn is contagious. It’s one of the most contagious, uncontrollable actions a body does. When someone is looking at you and see you yawn, they just can’t control and yawn together lol!

16. If you want he/she go out with you, don’t ask “Yes/ No” question, instead, give options for them to choose.

Example: If you want to date him out, don’t ask “Do you wanna hang out tomorrow? ” This question certainly makes him a choice to say NO. Instead, you should ask “Do you want to go watch a movie or shopping tomorrow ? “. His brain will then subconsciously choose between option A and B instead of thinking the big picture – should he say yes to the dating tomorrow. You can apply this hack basically everywhere! Go apply to your kids, your boyfriend/husband, and your friends! I hope this trick is useful in your daily life! ( But of course, it’s impossible to make a people say YES every time, but this certainly increases the possibility!)

17. If you want to stand out during the interview, avoid being in the middle

If you can choose, you want to be the first or the last to be interviewed. The memories of the human brain are limited and we can’t remember all the things clearly, we will automatically pay less attention to the one who performs in the middle of the show.

Another point is about human’s energy. People always feel more energetic when they first interview people, when times go, they may get bored and tired, which is natural human behaviour. However, there will be an energy bounce back when the interview the last interviewee because they know this long tiring process finally ends. They will subconsciously link their happiness to you and there’s a high chance for them to remember you.

18. If you want to disturb a person, drop a pen on ground

My favourite tricks of all.

We all experience a situation that someone keeps talking and you don’t know how to disturb them politely (It’s really hard). In fact, all you need to do is drop anything on the ground, then he/ she will stop talking and look at the floor too. Now you only need to pick the pen and talk. Trust me, this is so natural that they won’t even notice you are trying to disturb them.

19. When a group of friend laughs together, people will subconsciously look at the person they like

Many body language studies found that when people are in a group and they start laughing, people will look at the person they feel closest too. Just like when your crush is your group of friends, you will look at him when you laugh even you aren’t aware of that. This is one of the easiest signs to see if someone is into you, check that out!

*Of course, It doesn’t count if you are the one making him laughing because obviously he will look at you!

20. If you want to make a person have thought, all you need to do is say “Don’t think about this thought”

A famous example is, if I ask you to stop thinking there’s a grey elephant in the room, you can’t help but think of a grey elephant now! So, yes, you can make people think a thought just by listening to your command and that’s pretty cool!

21. When people say something real, they will have more facial expression and hand gesture

If you want to check whether a person is lying to you, see if he / she has facial expression and hand gesture or not! If someone is lying, their brain just doesn’t have space and energy to fake the hand gesture. Their face is also look more serious than usual.

22. If someone blinks their eyes frequently, they are nervous

There are no other reason, they are nervous as hell.

23. If a guy likes you, he will raise their eyebrows towards you

Raising their eyebrows is one of the most obvious body languages to show their interest in you. Another interesting thing is, for some of them, they will spread their legs wide open as if they are trying to show you their crotch. I know this is super weird but trust me, they don’t even aware of that!

24.“I love you” has a more emotional effect on the brain when it’s whispered into the left ear.

“I love you” has a more emotional effect on the brain when it’s whispered into the left ear.

If you’re trying to express “I love you” in an even more effective way, try whispers to your partners’ left ear. A MITCogNet study found that when emotion stimuli entered the left ear, the accuracy of recall was 6% higher than when the same stimuli entered the right ear.


So here are the 24 fascinating psychological rules that can make your life easier! I know it is fun to read but please don’t forget to really apply them in daily life! These psychological tricks certainly save us a lot of time when it comes to guessing human behaviour and greatly improve our social and negotiation skill effortlessly!

Sometimes I really wish I knew these mind tricks earlier so that I don’t have to guess people’s thoughts for the few months before I trust them. But anyway, I really glad that I’ve shared all these tips with you so you have saved some energy and time! I hope this article is useful enough for you to pin this and check these tips from time to time! I will update more rules onwards too! Thank you and see you again! (virtual hug)

24 psychological tricks to improve social and love relationship



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