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by | Jul 31, 2020 | 1 comment

Hi girls, how are you all doing? I am still in my quarantine and I thought to make some new inspiring girl power wallpaper will be one of the things I want to do! After all, during these uncertain days, we do need some ways to cheer ourselves up right? Well, give your iPhone or desktop a fresh look will certainly be one of the cute ways!

These types of wallpapers are in a few different styles so that you can switch the wallpaper monthly! I’ve included lots of favorite quotes/girl power quotes here and I hope you guys will like it. For me, these wallpapers really serve as a surprising reminder every time when I unlock the screen with the quote ” Do it for your future self”! I mean, inspiring quotes will never be too much!

Here are some for the wallpaper for Phone version! (No worries, there will be desktop version too!)

I couldn’t show all of the wallpaper otherwise the page will be extremely slow. So I upload all the files to google doc, enjoy!


Before you download the wallpaper, can you do me a favor to save this pin first? After all, I really want more people can enjoy these wallpapers like you and make their day a little bit better during these uncertain days :’) So please spread the love & share the pin!



Here’s the link for desktop wallpaper: 2020 Desktop Motivational Wallpaper

Here’s the link for iphone wallpaper: 2020 Phone Motivational Wallpaper

I really hope you guys love them! I have created them for a few days! If you happen to place one as your wallpaper, I’d love to know which one you chose and comment down below!  As I am still dealing with the loading time of the website,  giving out the google link will be a way more efficient way to download. If the response goes well, I will keep making these wallpaper!

Stay healthy & happy everyone :’)

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  1. Kendra

    These wallpapers are super cute! I’ve been wanting to update my iPhone backgrounds, and these are perfect! Thanks for sharing! ??


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