How to look taller in clothes? * 7 PRACTICAL TIPS*!

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I always thought one of the biggest pleasures of being a girl is we always have a great variety of clothes we can choose from! I mean, the combinations of tops, jeans, summer dress, and shoes are just literally…endless! (This totally explains the fact that we can really try all the dresses in front of the mirror for an hour to the point that we actually get exhausted before even go out…who can relate? ). However, as a 5’2 girl, I do have some pain points in choosing the right clothes for long, and now after years of trying what’s working for me and what’s not. I can finally share the practical tips with you guys!

I will first go through some basic tips and then the bonus tips ! Hope that helps!

This post may contain affiliate links, access granted to my disclosure.

1. Wear High waist skirt/ shorts for a longer legs illusion

Yes, no surprise but high waist clothes are your BEST FRIEND. Why? Because this can change your body ratio! This is a simple but also a golden rule we have to bear in mind. How to look taller with the right outfit is always about RATIO, RATIO, and RATIO. With wearing the high waist skirt and jeans, your legs just look instantly taller. (Trust me wearing high waist clothes can save you so much time in photoshop your leg for your Instagram pictures! )

How to look taller by wearing high waist dresses

Pick 1: This ruffled hem flared mini skirt is just a perfect cute pick for the longer legs! I mean, this cute little piece is just refreshing to look at. HOWEVER, one reminder, if you have a fairly big belly like me (I’m kind of an oval body shape girl), you don’t wanna choose this dress because your side fats and belly will look VERY OBVIOUS. But if you don’t have this concern, trust me this look makes you look taller and gives you a fresh look!

Pick 2: This is the flattering dress I bought and I LOVE IT and the main 3 reasons are: (1) Again, create an illusion of longer legs (2) the outer layer can hide my belly (ofc not 100% but to a large extent) (3) And somehow I feel like I have bigger hips after wearing this *This is totally not what I expected LOL*

There are actually a great of pattern to choose, just click this to view other dress patterns!

Pick 3: I am a little bit struggled should I include dress because I feel like all girls got one already! I mean, it looks so on point and again this dress can hide your belly so well. There are so many similar dresses out there but I chose this one at last because of its V-shaped hemline! It just optimizes the body ratio to another level. If you don’t have one, I am sure you will love this ruffled short dress!

2. Wear Short Tops & Jacket for optimizing the body ratio

A jacket can either makes you look clumsy or look chic, and we always opt for the latter right? Same as wearing a high waist skirt, this can change your body ratio and look taller and sleek. Sometimes when you try on the new outfit and look at the mirror, you will just feel …something is not right…but you can’t really tell why. It’s mostly because the clothing drag you down rather than really brings out your figure and pull this off.

How to look taller by waller tops and jackets

Pick 1: Once you have tried this short jean jacket from Amazon, you will never want to wear the normal jean jacket again. It just look more stylish and less bulky. It draw people attention to your waist and legs!

Pick 2: Yes, I know this crop top is very basic, but it is a must have for this year summer! I always choose the crop top with button so I can always exclude the the top two buttons for a less ordinary look!

Pick 3: Loving this Ruffle short sleeve top! I always love the white piece and this length of this top is just perfect with a high waist mini skirt!

Pick 4: One shoulder crop top is always sexy! Honestly, this crop top has been out of my comfort zone but when I tried it, I just feel good about myself! I mean, sometimes trying a new style can really satisfying and delight your mood for the whole day. I call this crop top a girl boss crop top LOL!

3. Wear Pointy Shoes instead of round-toe shoes

Pointy shoes are just AWESOME. Why? Because you can have longer legs with just an easy simple change! It may seem not obvious but trust me this makes a huge difference when you take photos!

Also, pointy shoes can always give you a nearly effortlessly chic and sleek look. If that day I wanna wear something to express the message: You better listen to me because I think I know what I am doing. I will always wear my pointy shoes for that vibes! LOL!!

4. Wear Nude shoes for blending in with the skin color of legs

If you haven’t tried nude shoes before, you should definitely get one! Wearing nude shoe is my recent year’s discovery and this is a game-changer. Nude shoes just pair seamlessly with your leg and again, optimize your body ratio. With the right pick of nude shoes, the color can totally blend in with the skin color of your legs and really gives an illusion of a longer leg.

How to look taller by wearing nude shoes

Pick 1: Before including other nude shoes that can look taller, I just can’t help but include this pair of ballet shoes first! These shoes are the Monday to Thursday shoes! ESPECIALLY ON MONDAYS that I can’t afford to be extra grumpy due to uncomfy shoes, this pair will be no brainer.

Pick 2: If you don’t want to wear high heels all the time, this pointed-toe flat will be your best friend! I love this pair because you order the size, they actually got the same size but with two extra options ( Example: 7 Narrow & 7 Wide) for you to choose, and certainly not every amazon seller will do this kind act!

Pick 3: This CK leather nude shoes are just stunning and THIS is a pair of shoes that can level up your whole outfit!

How to look taller by wearing nude shoes

Pick 4: This pair is SO PRETTY but I don’t recommend you to buy it! Why? Because that silver stripe will “cut” your leg and this will make your legs look shorter. Yes, I know you are tempted to buy this but instead, I will recommend this ankle trap sandal!

Pick 5: If you love the heels with suede texture, then you will love this comfy heeled sandal!? I can tell this goes well with a mini skirt!

Pick 6: I am a simple girl. When I saw a pair of elegant shoes from Clarks. I will recommend it for sure because they must be super comfy! I never get disappointed with this brand. I mean, every review is nearly five stars and saying it’s just super comfortable and perfect for a long time shopping (that’s the main point)! Even if you don’t consider buying one now, I strongly suggest you click it to view so at least have a record for later! For all the girl boss and busy moms, this classy pair of nude shoes are for you!

Pick 7: Yes I know this pair won’t make you taller but you guys, it’s beach flip-flops with pearl bow! I mean, I just love this combination and I saw all the reviews were saying this pair is super cute! So that’s why I still include this nude flip-flops!

Pick 8: This remmy dress sandal is my FAV! It looks cute yet sexy, and you totally want to wear this for date night!?

By the way, if you are from the US, remember to type “40SNOWUS” if you buy Shein clothes to save $40 here! In my Shein report, I saw many of you forget to type that code before purchase and I was that “Why girl? Why waste the money”?

5. Try Boyfriend style outfit (the oversize T-shirt / T-Shirt Dress)

While it may surprise you, petite girls can definitely rock the boyfriend style clothes! In my opinion, I do think the boyfriend style fits well for the short girls more than the tall girls? Why? Because when we wear oversize hoodies we just show our legs underneath and again, you got it, LONG LEGS. But here’s a little reminder I wanna share: All oversize clothes are loose, but not all lose clothes are oversize!

This is what I mean:

How to look taller by wearing oversize clothes

I can’t believe this graphic cost me 30 minutes to make… But anyway! I hope you now understand what I mean. Loose T-shirt IS NOT equal to OVERSIZED! If your shirt can’t cover your hips and you still have to wear long jeans, then you are doing it wrong. When you wear the oversize tee, you should feel cute and sexy. It should cover your hips safely (of course you have to wear super short jeans inside! Protect yourself, girls!) but not too long to the normal dress length. With the right oversize T-shirt, your legs ratio will be just ON POINT!

How to look taller by wearing oversize clothes

Pick 1: I know it’s certainly not oversized but trust me, T-shirt dresses are short girls’ best friend. You just can’t go wrong with a T-shirt dress, especially with this cute color Bodycon T shirt mini dress!

Pick 2: Sorry guys when I editing now, I just realised they all sold out now so I rather not include the link here 🙁

Pick 3: You may have an oversized shirt but what about Tie Dye Shirt? I honestly think this color is a must-have for this summer! Wearing something bright and colorful can really brighten up your mood!

Pick 4: This bodycon Mini Dress is perfect for a chill Sunday! Sometimes you just want to grab a dress and ready to go! And again, this V-shaped hemline dress can give an illusion of longer legs!

6. Pay attention when it comes to ripped jeans

How to look taller by wearing the right jeans

Be careful with ripped jeans! I feel like nobody talking about this tip but you may want to take attention which kind of ripped jeans you buy! For short girls, ideally, you should take the jeans with the patches located higher than the knees area. This helps drawing attention to your upper legs and create longer and more slender legs! With the patches located under the knees area, it may kind of drags your whole body down in reality, which you definitely want to avoid. *Don’t trust the photo online, don’t forget they are all long legs models who can carry those ripped jeans! *

7. Tie up your hair

How to look taller by tie up your hair

I know you already know these tips but the reason for tie up your hair is not just for an extra 5 cm over your head. But also, this can show your neckline and gives a more defined look and draw people’s attention. Sometimes when your hair is too long, this will seems the hair is dragging you down and this certainly hurts the body ratio. Plus, sometimes it just feels good and refreshing to try a new hairstyle!


Okay, so here’s are the seven tips on how to look taller in outfits! Let’s revise the tips again!

  1. Wear High waist skirt/ shorts for a longer legs illusion
  2. Wear Short Tops & Jacket for optimizing the body ratio
  3. Wear Pointy Shoes instead of round-toe shoes
  4. Wear Nude shoes for blending in with the skin color of legs
  5. Try Boyfriend style outfit (the oversize T-shirt / T-Shirt Dress)
  6. Pay attention when it comes to ripped jeans
  7. Tie up your hair

Despite all these tips on how to look taller with the clothes and hairstyles, can we talk about the fact that we always seem not satisfied with how tall we are?

5’0 Girl: Wish I can taller! I will be so so glad when I reach 5’1 soon!

5’2 Girl: I will be PERFECT when I reach 5’3. Should I drink more milk or something?

5’5 Girl: Ugh…why I am 5’5. I can be a model if I am 5’7!!

5’7 Girl: I wish I can be 5’5…5’5 is a prefect height.

5’8 Girl: I feel like monster when I wear heels. I am so so so jealous of those 5’2 girls, they can look fab whatever they wear!

You know what, when we busy at jealous other people’s height, I bet someone is jealous of your height too.

Girls, you are just perfect in your height. Take a deep breathe, embrace your height and murmur to yourself :

I am enough :’)

There’s no standard telling us what height is perfect, if you are 5’1, then you are the most beautiful 5’1 girl. These outfit tips are just serving you as a reference when you want to level up your outfit styling skill, but please don’t forget the fact that you are already beautiful in the way you are :’) So, here’s the NEW female height chart I create for you.

How to look taller and beautiful

At the end of the day, despite all of the tips to look taller in the outfit, what really matters is the message behind: We are all pretty in our own way. If you think this article provides some values here, please help me pin this so more girls can see the message below :’)

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How to look taller with outfit tips

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