How to look pretty with chubby cheeks? 7 tips that no one tells you in 2020! *I BET!*

Oct 13, 2020 | BEAUTY IN & OUT | 1 comment

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If you are wondering how to look pretty with chubby cheeks, this article is for you! As a girl with chubby cheeks for 25 years, I’ve struggled a lot when it comes to makeup and styling. As much as I love my chubby cheeks, I have to admit that some hairstyles and outfits just don’t bring the best in me. So here are my 7 tips when it comes to looking pretty with chubby cheeks after countless trials and errors enjoy ladies!

Classy Ladies
Classy Ladies

1. Avoid any bob and bangs hairstyles

Most of the chubby cheeks girls don’t look the best with bob and bangs. With around the lining of the face, having a bob cut will make your face looks even rounder in most cases. If you really want to go for it (which I don’t suggest from my painful experience), you can try an angled bob at least longer than the chin length. If you are doing a short round bob, it will make you look chubbier. Next is bangs, I used to do bangs a lot in my early twenties but I just have to accept that bangs make my face looks rounder. With the bangs that hide my forehand, my face appears rounder and shorter, and this draws people’s attention to my chubby cheeks even more!

I know there are some round face girls can rock the bob and bans, but for most of us, other hairstyles bring the best in us!

2. Embrace long hair, curly hair, and partings

Not only long hair will make your face appear smaller, but it can also hide our chubby cheeks to some extent too! Play with your partings. A long hair with side parting (3:7) and center parting looks great on us. With 3:7 side partings, I usually keep one side of my hair behind the ear to show the shoulder line and this makes our face appears way less chubby. With center partings, I usually will curl my hair, and it can hide my chubby cheeks so well!

Some of you may wonder, can a chubby girl look great with a ponytail? Well, yes! But instead of a low ponytail, a high ponytail looks better. The height of the ponytail can balance out the roundness of the face. When I do the ponytail, I always dip some eyebrow powder to make my hairline looks smoother and thus a smaller face!

So actually, there are many varieties of hairstyles for us – All we need is be creative!

3. Avoid round neck clothes to keep your neckline

I don’t have any round neck clothes in my closet because they just don’t serve me at all. With a round neck T-shirt, whether it’s loose or tight, I just realized my face looks way chubbier. Yes – every single time. Besides round neck clothes, the turtleneck is a big no especially when you don’t have a long neckline. Other tops that draw people’s attention horizontally are not desirable too, for example, the top with big puffed princess sleeve and the shirt with horizontal stripes, that can make your weight 5 pounds more!


Before you throw away all your round neck shirts, stop as you can create a V neck easily! For some loose round neck shirt, I will always put a sunglass on the collar to create a V line, easy and chic!

4. Wear V neck, off-shoulder, oversized clothes

I always decide what I should wear with my face. If I have a less puffy face, I will wear V neck clothes but if I have a bloated face, off shoulder dress is my all my favourite! Picking the right outfit is really important when it comes to looking pretty with chubby cheeks! With the clothes like V neck and off-shoulder, it shows the skin of the neck and thus makes our face looks less chubbier. Last but not least, oversized clothes are wonderful for chubby cheeks girls as well. If you want to look a little bit of sexy and chic, try a oversized T-shirt with a decent belt to show your waistline!

For the ladies that may think off-shoulder is too youthful, try boat neckline top! This is my recent discoveries and while it is as revealing as off-shoulder, it can certainly achieve the same effect! Elegant and timeless piece that every classy lady should invest one!

5. Make use of your earrings to elongate your face

How to look pretty with chubby cheeks by wearing long earrings

Instead of wearing the bulky earrings that make your face looks more rounder, long line earrings will be your best friend! Not only this is elegant and feminine, its elongated shape help balance out the round face and makes your face looks longer. I usually try my best to avoid Huggies and hoop earrings, they don’t really flatter the round shape face.

6. Avoid chunky short necklaces to cut your neckline

How to look pretty with chubby cheeks

Always avoid the chunky short necklace as this will make us neck wider and face rounder, it can hide our collarbone too. So the choker necklace, Bib Necklace, and pearl necklace may not be a good choice. On the opposite, the necklaces like Y-necklace, Chain Necklace, Lariat Necklace that give us a V shape helps!

You don’t have wear necklace only during formal Occassion. For me, I always wear rose gold Y necklace long necklace with V neck T shirt, looks so put together and chic!

7. Do makeup that maximizes the feature of the eyes

Despite the cheek contouring, I realised eye make up is equally important!

Sometimes it’s about the proportion. When you have a bigger eyes, your chubby cheeks just appear less obvious. But of course, I am not telling to do heavy eye makeup with red velvet eyeshadow everyday. But rather, you can now pay more attention to your eye makeup and see which style flatters you the most.

For me, I found that drawing a thin yet long eyeliner makes my cheeks appears smaller. With curling the eyelashes and applying the mascara, this helps drawing people attention to eyes instead of the cheeks and make the features on my face more balanced.

I know some girls will draw the inner eyeliner as well but I really recommended it! I do think this makes our eyes look even smaller!

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After reading these tips, I hope I have convinced you it’s totally possible to look pretty with chubby cheeks! Let’s sum up the tips again.

  • Avoid any bob and bangs hairstyles
  • Embrace long hair, curly hair, and partings
  • Avoid round neck clothes to keep your neckline
  • Wear V neck, off-shoulder, oversized clothes
  • Make use of your earrings to elongate your face
  • Avoid chunky short necklaces to cut your neckline
  • Do makeup that maximizes the feature of the eyes

It’s true that chubby girls have to be more aware of the hairstyles and outfit, but you know what, I’m actually proud of that! I am now 25 years old but people always think I am around 20 years old and that is amazing! I am so ready to be a mum that people actually think I am the elder sister of my daughter! But ladies, you get my point, embrace our chubby cheeks because we look amazing anyways!

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    Thanks! I have a wide face and it makes me insecure a lot. Too bad I already tried bangs ?


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