Taste is a wonderful thing because this is not something anyone can just “copy and paste”. It’s not hard to find someone who wears designer clothes from head to toe but still looks…tacky. On the other hand, there is always someone who seems can looks expensive effortlessly with some simple pieces. Well, there are some rules that you have to know when it comes to looking classy and expensive on a budget!

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If you can relate to this quote above, we are the same type of girls! Let me give you a virtual hug before you read on the tips!

1. Pick a low saturation color for your clothes

Picking the right color for your dress is the KEY to look expensive. First thing first, you may wonder, what is low saturation color? I hope this graphic illustrates well for you.

Pick low saturation color for your clothes to look classy

For the bright pink color, I’ve chosen the color code #ff5777, for the dusty pink, the color code is in fact the same! All I did is lower the percentage of saturation and you can tell this color is sending totally different vibes! Always opt for clothes with low saturation if you want to look extra classy or expensive that day, that helps A LOT!

Besides this rule, there are some colours that you can never go wrong even when you shop on Amazon.

A. Wear Black

You just can’t go wrong with black. Black makes everything more elegant and classy because it’s a timeless color. Despite the fact that black can effortlessly give you an illusion of taller/ slimmer looks, black can easily hide the flaws of your clothes because well, it’s certainly dark enough. And the best thing is every color goes well with black!

B. Wear Grey

Grey is such a high class color and I am sure many people agree. It just level up your vibes and makes you looks chic.

wear grey to look classy in outfit

C. Wear dark blue

Dark blue is such a beautiful color that every girl should try on. Like grey and black color, dark blue blends in extremely well with other colors. For me, I think dark blue and gold are a perfect match, always so pleasant and aesthetic to look at.

Look classy in wearing blue and gold
Photo from Chanel

D. Avoid wearing white ( if you want to buy outfits in budget)

We all know how nice and refreshing this color is, but the truth is, if you want to buy a white outfit in the budget, things can go terribly wrong. We all have the experience that we go to SHEin and we found a white outfit that is EXTREMELY amazing on the model and we bought it without a second thought. And when you receive it, you realize the dress is so transparent that you have to wear an inner dress to cover that up. But still, people can tell your dress is not made with good quality texture. Unlike the dark color like black, grey and dark blue, white is vulnerable when it comes to even the tiniest flaws, you just don’t want to take risks unless you are willing to pay more.

I personally love white so much, but my genuine advice is:

If you want to white pieces, you may want to pay more to buy a dress with a good texture that is NOT TRANSPARENT.

2. Pick the right texture to level up your outfit

wear satin and silk to level up your outfit
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Silk/ Satin dress is your best friend! I know it seems intimidating when you first try a silk dress (according to my experience, maybe you don’t have this concern at all LOL), this texture is PERFECT for attaining a classy and elegant look. Plus, it is really comfy to wear this, especially during the summer!

Just a side note, I know there are some silk mini dresses out there but you don’t want to be too revealing if you aim to look expensive. My rule is only to show one part of your skin if you want to look extra classy. If you want to show legs, then don’t wear too revealing for the upper body and vice versa. This helps people even draw more attention to you.

3. Decorate your bag with a silk scarf

Decorate your bag with silk scarf to look classy
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No, you don’t need to have a Hermes Birkin so that you can decorate your bag with a silk scarf! If you haven’t tried this little hack, give it a go! Instead of buying designer bags every half year, buying a high-quality silk scarf is definitely more affordable and you can learn different scarf styling from time to time.

On a side note, for bags, you may want to choose synthetic leather structured bags over canvas/cotton bags, cause people usually can’t tell the price range of your bag at a glance. With the silk scarf, they may even think it’s the designer bags that they’ve never come across. Trust me, that works.

4. Wear Asymmetrical clothing!

Wear asymmetrical clothing to look more classy and expensive
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This is another effortless way to look expensive instantly. Just buy some asymmetrical dress or top and you are good to go! People always have the perception that asymmetrical clothes mostly from designer brands or some unique handmade brand. However, this is not the case anymore, you can wear this kind of clothing on a budget these days.

5. Choose a simple design when it comes to accessories

Less is more, and this theory definitely apply to accessories. If you want to look expensive in budget then please, always look for accessories with simple design! And again, I will choose gold colour over silver. With a classic yet simple design, gold can effortlessly balancing out the casual vibes and level up the accessories.

Avoid wearing complicated accessories
Source (1,2): I know this is cute but save these for holidays!
wear simple delicate accessories to look classy
Sources (1,2,3): Less is always MORE

6. Wear V-neck instead of round neck

Wear V neck to look classy
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Is that just me but I always think V neck can always make me look put together and helps me easily attain a chic look. V neck can always make your face looks longer and smaller because people will naturally draw attention to the neck area more.

7. Avoid clothes with big logo

This is just a disaster to wear things with big logos all over the body. This won’t make you look more expensive… but kind of the opposite. If the outfit is high quality enough, people can always tell. Showing logos too often as a sign of fame makes you feel like you are trying hard to seek validation from others. One or two pieces are totally fine, but remember to take a balance!


So, here are 7 outfit tips for looking classy and expensive on a budget! Which ideas you would love to try? For me, asymmetrical clothing and silk dress are definitely a new try for me this summer and I’m loving it! But at the end of the day, our most expensive and valuable assets are in fact, ourselves. Nothing looks more attractive when a woman knows what her goals are and keep working hard towards that, that’s why I write a part 1 article on How to be a classy lady. There are in total 36 traits in that article, not gonna lie I just got 24 but I am still happy with that because I know I will keep making progress! Test yourself and see how many points you get!

P.S. Despite the fact that I am still in my quarantine, I can’t really wear these dresses too often these days. During this period of time, everything seems so uncertain but fears always sneak into my mind. I know I am not the only one who feels this way and I really hope this article can cheer you up and remind you that these days shall pass and you are not alone!

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7 outfit hacks to look classy on a classy and expensive