How to look instantly classy and elegant with 7 items

Aug 25, 2020 | BEAUTY IN & OUT | 2 comments

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When I was young, I am not aiming to look classy and elegant … at all. All my goals that time was to look pretty as I thought this is every women’s ultimate goal. As I am older now, youthful beauty is no longer my goal anymore. Instead, I am really glad that I finally able to appreciate the feminality and elegance a woman vibrates because this is certainly a timeless beauty in my eyes.

Classy Ladies
Classy Ladies
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A classy woman stills looks attractive and unique even in her 50s because a lady with class is simply timeless. The vibes she vibrates makes people wondering how she seems figured out her life together so effortlessly. If you are wondering is being classy and elegant worth pursuing or not, my answer is definitely yes. If you are reading, here are 7 things classy and elegant women will pay attention to.

1. Accessories

Michael Kors once said “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” and I can’t agree more. Accessories can certainly level up your look easily and it makes us happier just by wearing it. For me personally, my mind can’t help but subconsciously think the women with proper accessories look more put together. Why? Let’s imagine, if a woman is in a rush, she probably doesn’t have time to pick the accessories to match her outfit.

While accessories are essential, too many accessories probably not a good thing if you are pursuing elegance and class. If you are wearing too many accessories, people will naturally draw their attention to your hands or neck instead of your person as a whole. I know you may not believe it but this is how our brain functions. In most cases, your first impression may change from “A girl who is so humble and friendly” to “A girl who wears 20 rings on her hands”. People can still find your amazing personality traits but that may end up be the second impression.

Avoid complicated accessories to look classy
Source (1,2): I know this is cute but save these for holidays!

Always remember, the goal to wear accessories is to level up your overall look while people’s focus should be still on you instead of the accessories items. Sometimes, a delicate, simple yet modern piece can already lighten up your vibes. I prefer gold or rose gold accessories more because they truly look amazing. Last but not least, ladies, please try pearl! I know many of you ( me included ) are still hesitating about wearing pearl accessories but life is too short for not trying. Pearl is certainly one of the most elegant items for women and it is so worth trying.

Wear simple delicate accessories to look classy
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Here are some of my affordable picks:

I found that many women don’t have a Y 14k gold necklace but you can’t imagine how amazing it looks when you just wear a causal black T shirt! Try it.

When it comes to buying accessories, I have a rule. I will first save the items in the wish list and if I still love it after a week, I am gonna buy it! This makes sure I really like the piece instead of shopping impulsively, you girls can use this hack!

2. Comfortable undergarment

Yes, we are talking about wearing proper undergarments finally. Of course, people can’t see what you’re wearing under the dress doesn’t mean we should overlook this point. I know how tempting to buy Victoria’s Secrets lace bras because not gonna lie, they are really fancy. But if you find your skin not comfortable in wearing them, just don’t wear them anymore. Underwear sits against your skin all day long and trusts me, people can tell your uneasiness even if you think you mask the discomfort perfectly well. That’s why finding the lingerie that perfectly embraces your skin and designed for your curves can make you feel more confident and make your day way easier!

Another little reminder is to match the color of your bras and underwear. Again, no one sees that but when you wear a full set of undergarments, you feel like you are putting yourself together because you are taking care of some little details for yourselves. Just this tiny change can make you feel better and more polished, after all, elegance is always about those tiny things that most people don’t care about.

3. Compact Mirror with Magnification

If you are using the selfie side of the iPhone camera to do your make up in rush, have you ever realized your makeup always turns out heavier than what you expected or your eyeliners are way too thick that you have no way but redo it? If yes, you are not alone. Despite the high quality of the camera lens, we still need a mirror to do our makeup because precision is everything. A classy woman will definitely bring a compact mirror so that she can save herself from those makeup mishaps.

Instead of using a compact mirror, always use a compact mirror with magnification so you don’t have to get so close on the mirror, which looks a bit silly sometimes. I am now using this Magnifying Compact Mirror and I am loving it. (It’s pink! )

4. Dental Floss

No matter how careful you are in the dining table, sometimes we just couldn’t avoid getting food stuck in your teeth. While you are trying to secretly move your tongue to wipe the food away, you will need dental floss in some situations.

In another article, a reader asked me which floss picks I am using now because she constantly comes across some low-quality ones that break easily. My all-time favourite is this FAMILIFE Dental Floss Picks , not because it’s extraordinary but at least this is super durable and it is the only dental floss picks that got more than 4 stars in Amazon. When it comes to Amazon shopping, ladies, always always read the comments before you purchase! You can’t imagine how much money you can save from that.

5. Ironed clothes

If you are wondering how to make your clothes look expensive, here’s the fastest way: Ironing your clothes.

Cleaning isn’t enough to get clothes looking fresh and stylish. Ironing not only eliminates wrinkles and shrinkage, but it also leaves clothes looking fresher. Ironing also manipulates the fabric in clothes to improve their quality and ensure a long life. Having clean and fresh clothes leaves you feeling better about yourself and boosts self-confidence.

6. Lipstick

Lipstick is essential. We often need to reapply our lipstick after lunch or dinner to maintain our overall make up look. One thing to remember is, you better stick with the lipstick that you applied this morning. I’ve come across some girls that they wear nude lipstick before the dinner but suddenly they change to glossy pink lip. While it’s totally no big deal, an elegant lady is always detail-minded and maintain a overall consistency of her make up look. I know this is so mirror, but sometimes, these tiny things are the convincing signs to show people whether you look put together or not.

When it comes to applying lipstick, don’t forget to excuse yourself and apply it in the washroom. Of course, if you are with your old friends and in a hometown restaurant, you may just apply it in front of them. But if you are having a business dinner or eating with people that first met, you should always go to the washroom and reapply your lipstick.

Classy lady always make a good judgement on situations and behave correspondingly gracefully.

7. Structured bag

If you pay close attention to the elegant women, you will notice they seldom use a tote bag but a structured bag. Don’t get me wrong! Using the tote bag can look elegant too but you have to pick carefully. While for a structured bag, you can effortlessly attain a classy look. The structured bag looks more formal and professional so it will be easier to look classy.

When it comes to level bag your bag, here are two tricks.

First, add a good quality silk scarf to your bag! No, you don’t need to have a Hermes Birkin so that you can decorate your bag with a silk scarf! If you haven’t tried this little hack, give it a go! Instead of buying designer bags every half year, buying a high-quality silk scarf is definitely more affordable and you can learn different scarf styling from time to time.

Second, aware of the texture of your bag. You may want to choose synthetic leather structured bags over canvas/cotton bags, cause people usually can’t tell the price range of your bag at a glance. With the silk scarf, they may even think it’s the designer bags that they’ve never come across. Trust me, that works.

Wear structured bag with scarf to look classy
Source: (1,2,3)


So here are the 7 items that can make you more classy and elegant nearly instantly! Personally I think adding a good quality scarf can really level up your bag and also showing that you are the type of woman that puts effort into your styling, which is really attractive and elegant. While these tips help with outer look, elegant and classy women are always the combination of the inner and outer beauty. I wrote 36 traits of a classy woman and see how many traits you got! For me, I am 24/36 and obviously I still have a long way to go. For some tips, they are quite unknown and I really recommend you check this article out!

In this modern world, people seem to ditch the words “Elegant” or “Etiquette” again. But interestingly, the women who are described as unique and special are mostly the women who are classy, confident, disciplined, and know what is she doing all the time. So yes, classy women are timeless no matter how this crazy world changes.

All we need to do is keep our heels, head and standards high because we know we are worth it.

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7 items to look instantly classy


  1. Robin pasler

    I agree with much of this, I carry structured bags and either scarf attached or my key ring on small scarf hangs in and over side, so pretty. Wearing a scarf if not time for picking a necklace really takes a shirt, turtleneck, jacket to the next level. I love jeans, but with white French cuffed shirt and pearls and riding style boots or an elegant Chanel style blazer with. A pair of converse. I’m 55 but feel 28. Style should be YOu, just put together well. Manicured pale nails , not too long always elegant. Beautiful skin, etiquette, manners, a good laugh with wine and friends, a smile and feeling great in your own style!

  2. Robin Pasler

    Oh and a nice soft signature scent that won’t enter a room before you do and give others a headache!


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