How to grow your hair faster naturally?

Aug 9, 2020 | BEAUTY IN & OUT | 4 comments

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Every time when I see other girls have thick long smooth hair like Rapunzel, I just can’t help but wonder are there any secrets to grow hair faster and thicker. While it is my belief that every woman already perfect in their own ways, there’s no harm to bettering ourselves even more! I mean, who doesn’t love to create different amazing styles for your thick hair. As a girl born with thin hair, trust me, I tried all the natural hair care methods I could find. In this article, I really want to share all the tips and tricks that help me grow my hair faster and thicker! You can trust me on this!

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1. Comb your hair correctly

Before trying to grow your hair faster and healthier, the very bottom line is at least we try our best to prevent unnecessary loss of hair. When it comes to combing hair, nearly 80% of people comb it in the wrong way! (including me before knowing this tip last year). Instead of combing your hair directly from top to bottom, you should grab your hair in the middle and comb only the lower part first. Below is a simple illustration.

How to comb your hair correctly for hair growth

We all know those annoying knots usually happens in the lower part of our hair, if you comb it directly from top to bottom, some hair (those with knots) is gonna fall due to the pulling pressure. Always remember to hold your hair when you first comb so that you can smooth out the lower part before you comb the whole hair.

This little habit seems minimal, but from my personal experience, that really helps to prevent hair loss. After all, what you do every day matters more you do once in a while!

2. Blow-dry your hair correctly

blow dry your hair correctly for hair growth

A. Don’t blow-dry your hair too soon

I always blow-dry my hair right after I washed it because I really hate the water dripping around my neck, but this is SO WRONG. You should always air dry the hair for a couple minutes until it’s not dripping wet before the blow-dry. Otherwise, not only this is certainly wasting time (especially you have long and thick hair, the process can be exhausting), you are also doing excessive heat damage to your hair.

B. Dry-blow your hair from top to bottom

The direction of blow-drying matters too! Always dry-blow your hair down if you want shiny hair. Why? Because you don’t want to hurt your hair cuticle.

Healthy and damaged hair cuticle

If you are dry blowing your hair from tips to roots, that doesn’t follow the direction of the hair cuticle and that makes your hair more vulnerable.

C. Blow-dry your hair with vent brush

Blow-dry your hair with vent brush

Using a vent brush is such a time saver. You can always incorporate the vent brush during the dry-blowing and this design really shorten the blowing time A LOT and so, less heat damage to your hair! I really recommend buying one of these if you haven’t tried before! For me, I am using this vent brush, despite its reasonable price, this brush gets all five-star reviews ( always make sure you check the review before buying online) and I’m loving it so far!

3. Make sure you use a sulfate-free shampoo

First thing first, you DON’T have to wash your hair daily. Except for the extremely oily hair, for normal & dry hair, it’s not necessary to wash hair every day because the shampoo will wash the healthy natural oil (that protect your scalp and hair cuticle) away. It’s totally okay to wash your hair every 2 to 3 days.

Another key is making sure you are choosing the sulfate-free shampoo.

You may wonder what is sulfate in the first place. Sulfate is the chemical in your shampoo that gives you the thick lather when you are washing your hair. Basically, sulfate is a chemical that serves as a surfactant and helps you wash the grease of your hair away. While sulfate can keep our hair “clean”, it also washes away the natural oils, moisture, and even hair dye in your hair. So if you want glowing smooth hair, you should stay away from this chemical.

Below are the sulfate-free shampoo that I recommend and not recommend.

A. Aveeno Scalp Soothing Oat Milk Blend Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Aveen Scalp Soothing oat milk blend shampoo

I am a simple girl when I saw the combination of “oat milk + sulfate-free”, I have to try it! Turns out I am really impressed how good the smell is and this really smoothen my hair! With the price of $13.9 for both shampoo and condition, I really can’t complain about anything. Try this! You won’t regret it!

B. Mielle Rosemary Mint Strengthening Shampoo


I bought this because this shampoo is infused with biotin (as known as Vitamin H) that can encourage the hair growth. I do think my hair is stronger after using this and I also love the rosemary mint smell. BUT, this shampoo is not for every hair type I guess. If you have the soft vulnerable hair like me, you may not like it because the hair turn a little bit stiff. If not, you may amazed by the power of biotin! But for me, I will just give 3 stars to be honest.

C. VIRTUE Smooth Shampoo


This brand never disappoints me. You know a product worths the money when it can really prove all the key claims it stay on the label, including an increase in color vibrancy, reduction in frizz, split end reparation, and increase in thickness (This really matters to me)!

I know many people recommended this already so I will keep this short. But to sum up, this is a good investment for hair. After all, skin can get recovered but hair can’t!

4. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks

Trim your hair regularly is a no brainer to keep your hair healthy and long because this directly eliminates your damaged hair! If you don’t want to visit a stylist, you can do it yourself! During quarantine, it’s perfect timing to trim your hair every month. If you ignore the split ends, they will eventually cause your hair to break farther up on the strand. It’s always a nice activity to cut your split ends while you are watching tv.

5. Always apply for heat protection when you use a hair curler

I won’t ask you to stop using your hair curler because that is too cruel. For me, every time when I am using a hair curler, I feel like I am pampering myself because I only use it for date nights or special events. (I’m a lazy girl I know). But please, don’t forget to apply for the heat protection! This is an essential step that you shouldn’t skip.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray is always my favorite because it’s very affordable so I can always spread it all around. (It that even make sense lol) But seriously, if you have tried many heat protection products but you still can’t find a satisfactory one. Try This! If you have frizzy hair, you will be amazed at how soft and smooth your hair be.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray

6. Don’t apply shampoo and conditioner directly to the scalp

If this is your first time to listen to this piece of advice, I know you may feel a bit shocked. When I first heard about this, I am really doubtful until I did my own research. Instead of applying shampoo directly to your hair, you should always mix it with water, this can ensure the shampoo will spread more evenly to your scalp. Also, you are saving more shampoo because if you don’t mix it up with the water.

As for conditioner, remember apply it for ONLY the lower part of hair because this is the section where split ends and knots exists most of the time. If you apply this directly on your scalp, high chance this will makes the roots oiler and block the hair growth. I know it seems so common sense but this is the mistake I’ve made for nearly 24 years! Can’t imagine how much conditioner I can save if I know this tips earlier and I really hope this piece of advise can save you some money.

7. Start using a silk pillow!

Using silk pillow is not just a hair self care hacks but also about skin care so allow me share this in details.

First thing first, you have no idea how dirty is your pillowcase so please please please constantly change it! Your pillowcase has a build-up of oils, dirt, your nighttime skincare routine products, and sweat from a daily basis and it worsens the acne problem. Also, some may not know, instead of using the cotton fabric, we should use the lighter fabric like silk or bamboo as it reduces the traction of your hair. That can reduce the annoying split ends! When I first know that I was totally shocked, I don’t really know the material of the pillowcase matters to our skin and hair that much.

I’ve started using a silk pillow from this February. Within 3 months, I’ve changed 2 pillowcases already (Certainly not proud), so please study more before you buy the pillow! For my first purchase, I just randomly chose a silk pillow and didn’t look into details cause I thought every silk pillow can bring the same effect, but actually not! I bought this silk pillow at first simply it’s the cheapest find on Amazon. To be honest, it’s certainly not bad to use and it’s okay actually. But I was expecting a more obvious change in my hair and skin, so I did a research about the silk pillows again. And that’s what I found:

There’s a difference between Leafbay silk pillowcase and Ordinary silk pillowcase.

Difference between Leafbay silk pillowcase and Ordinary silk pillowcase

This made me buy another pillow and finally, this works!

Leafbay 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Leafbay pillowcase

This pillowcase is the absolute best if you have any kind of hair shedding or hair loss. It’s a totally new concept to me that a right pillow can help reducing hair damage from sleeping. To be honest, I am kind of doubtful about this claim before, but after trying this one, it just got me. Its silky surface really helps protect against dry hair because it doesn’t absorb the natural oils in your hair the way cotton does.

I saw many articles recommending self-care gift guides to girlfriends but not many mentioned silk pillow! I mean, what a pity that the silk pillow is so undervalued! It’s one of my best discoveries in 2020.

To be honest, if you already have perfect hair, DON’T BUY SILK PILLOW. Yes, you hear me right because I just don’t think the silk pillow will be of immense help in your case (but you can still lessen the acne problem and smoothen the skin). Some people shared to me that they use cotton pillows the whole life and have NEVER had split ends. (Truly amazing…I can’t even comprehend). But if you are the girls who bothered by the hair shedding like me, silk pillows are better for certain hair types, it’s no harm to try this pillow!

If you still haven’t convinced, feel free to read this viral article from INSDIER: I slept with a silk pillowcase for a month and this is what happened, this is truly inspiring!

8. Message your hair constantly

Don’t neglect hair messaging because this can really help facilitate your hair growth and allow your scalp absorb the hair serum way more efficient than ever. If you are using hand to massage, NEVER use your nail to scratch your scalp. Instead, use your finger tips and put some pressure when you gently rub the scalp. Not gonna lie, hair message won’t magically make you hair longer and thicker in just one week. It’s a slow process but definitely effective!

If you want to speed up the process (or simply lazy) like me, consider hair massager! Below are the only two products I’ve tried and I love them both!

Heeta Hair scalp massager

I can’t recommend this hair scalp massager enough. The price is so affordable and it cleans my hair and scalp more quickly and thoroughly with less effort!

Head Scalp Massagers

Everyone knows this product from those ASMR video but this is actually useful! Not only is this a hair care product but also perfect for self-care routine! I always use it when I feel exhausted after a long working day and you will be surprised the deep relaxation and pleasure this little weird thing can give you. Of course, this can ensure your scalp is in a healthy state for long and thick hair in the long term.


So here are my 8 tips for grow my hair naturally and I hope there are some new tips that you can start trying!

If you have read my other articles, you can tell that the majority of my articles are talking about beauty care and self-care instead of designer goods. The reason being is I do think (just my personal opinion) self-care (beauty, hair & mental care) are way more rewarding than buying a designer good. Instead of spending a large sum of money on an outer object, I do feel like invest in ourselves is a way better investment with higher ROI. I can still vividly remember when I discovered body dry brushing, how thrilled I was when I really can see the cellulite on the back of my legs is reduced after just 1 month. That’s why when I mention any tips and products I recommended, I always think about it thoroughly. Can the products help my readers save time and attain the best result in a more efficient way? Can I substitute product A with a cheaper version with a similar effect?

I do believe every woman is beautiful in their own ways as we are all perfect imperfection. But, we always have the right to bettering ourselves in a healthy and natural and enjoy the process. So please don’t feel guilty if you are obsessed with self-care! (You should be proud instead, you probably living a quality life) There’s nothing happier and rewarding than seeing you keep improving every day because you know you have paid the effort to it. These tips are not difficult at all but you may need some time to make those practices as your daily hair routine! Don’t just read the article and NOT practicing the tips because no pain no gain.

Sorry for the tough love but I really hope this article can really bring effect to your hair because I know how happy and proud you will be when you see beautiful hair in the mirror after few months. After all, life is about that little happiness and little progress every day that makes you feel fulfilling inside :’)

If you like this article, please help me spread this self-care concept to other girls out! x This will really make my day and motivate me to write these kinds of articles!

common traps for not growing you hair fast

Stay healthy and fab and I will see you next time!! (Don’t forget to follow me on pinterest !)


  1. Megan

    I bought a hair scalp massager recently and I love it !

  2. Jeannie

    my hair is so much damage because I always need to tie it up when running. I might invest with a silk pillow case. Didnt know that hack

  3. Amy

    Wow, I had no idea that I was brushing and blow drying my hair COMPLETELY WRONG!! Thanks so much for the clear tips, definitely going to implement them now 🙂

  4. Joanna

    Great tips! I recently bought a silk pillow and it really makes a huge difference in the amount of hair I’m shedding.


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