[Only for serious girls] How to glow up in a month [NO BS 30 days challenge!]

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When it comes to how to glow up in a month naturally, let’s be real, it ain’t easy girls. That being said, these 30 days glow up challenge is only for serious girls. Instead of telling you to “Be positive” and “Eat Healthily”, I planned all the specific tiny changes you need to do every day to make things easier! In this glow up challenge, it will cover not only skincare, style, self-care but also health tips. Always remember, we are not trying to glow up because we think we are not enough but because we know we deserve better! Nothing is more satisfying than paying real effort in building ourselves and one day you realized how much you’ve evolved when you look back on the old photos! So ladies, below is how to glow up in a month! I dare you to complete this 30 days glow up challenge!

DAY 1: Define your “1 month glow up challenge” in detail

While many people will overlook this step, but writing down your goal in a piece of paper is incredibly important! A Harvard Business Study found that the 3% of graduates from their MBA who had their goals written down, ended up earning ten times as much as the other 97% put together, just ten years after graduation. So yes ladies, write your goals down! The act of writing goals is subconsciously telling your brain that you are serious this time and you will be more determined and disciplined in finishing the glow up challenge!

Here’s an example:

In 30 days, I hope that I am

  • healthier in my skin, my body, and my mind
  • mentally strong and feeling more secure about my body and myself overall
  • spending time in self-care than zombie scrolling Instagram jealous other people’s life
  • I will carry these glow up tips not only just within these 30 days but also in my long term life
  • proud of myself for finishing this glow up the challenge

This is just my own version so feel free to create your own! Trust me, by writing these down, you will be way more motivated to make this happen!

Congrats! Your first day task is not difficult at all! Remember to keep your paper so you can read your goal every morning!

Day 2: Reduce your sugar intake to glow up your skin & body

Reduce sugar intake - how to glow up in a month 30 days challenge

I know this is not easy but this is definitely worth it! You don’t have to necessarily cut off ALL the sugar intake because this won’t be sustainable. What I am suggesting is cutting the sugary drinks and also replace the refined sugar in food at home. I mean, they are pure calories and does nothing good about our body, just get rid of them!

Here are some of my example:

  • Cut off soda ( This is really toxic so I would suggest you don’t touch it completely!! )
  • Don’t add additional sugar to your coffee or herbal tea
  • Replace your refined sugar with raw honey, coconut sugar, and pure maple syrup, they are all packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and more! ( Replacing sugar is one of the most life-changing things I’ve done to my body and I’ve shaded some pounds too)

Day 3: Do exercise for at least 20 minutes per day

We have to move to stay our brain and body healthy and 20 minutes is really the minimum! 20 minutes can do doing 10 minutes HIIT and 10 minutes core, it sounds overwhelming but trusts me, 20 minutes pass so fast!

So yes, from day 3 on, you have to do at least 20 minutes of exercise every day and no excuse! ( Feel free to do some easy exercise if you are not feeling good that day, it can be flexible)

Day 4: Turn your phone to airplane mode before sleep for a mental glow up

This is my best hack for having a wonderful morning.

With a notification-free phone, you don’t have to react with all the notification right after you wake up and you brain can stay remain in the proactive mode than a reactive mode (which many people do). This makes you have a calm and peace beautiful morning time to finish your morning routine, get some tasks done and do journaling and meditation.

So yes, please incorporate this hack daily for a stressless morning!

DAY 5: Wearing sunscreen (even that day is cloudy)

Wear sunscreen because this is essential!

Sunscreen decreases your risk of developing deadly cancer, keep your skin tone even and slow down the development of wrinkles. Another reminder is don’t just apply it on your face! Your legs and body need sunscreen too, you don’t want to look glowy on the face but dry on the body, right?

DAY 6: Detox social media

A key to glow up is about focus yourself but not focusing others (especially for the one that bring you bad emotions). Unsubscribe the people that make you feel insecure or jealous in instagram or other social media.

This will be the most refreshing thing to do. Always remember, meaningful comparison is toxic and we are always our own version of beauty.

Day 7: Curl your eyelashes for a natural glow up

curl eyelashes - how to glow up in a month 30 days challenge

This is my instant glow up tips and that’s easy – just curl your eyelashes!

This makes you look more energetic and your eyes look more awake! If you don’t have long eyelashes to curl, it’s okay to get eyelashes extension if you want! But please always choose the natural version so you won’t regret later!

Day 8: Find out what colour look nice on you

Fashion tips 101: Learn about colors and find out what colors make you feel the best

When it comes to colours, this takes me a long time to admit that I look crappy in some colours. I have a yellowish undertone and I just realised I don’t look really good in pink colour. So ladies, dedicate some time to figure out your skin tone ( youtube can help you ) and pick your one of a kind colour palette! This is so much fun and makes you look more put together when it comes to outfitting!

Day 9: Start wearing dainty accessories

I am been struggling with accessories for a long period of time but not until these recent years I recognize the power of wearing accessories. I hate to admit but yes, they can definitely make you look more put together!

Despite the fact that you can still look good without any accessories, one or two good quality pieces of earrings or necklaces can really level up your style. Every-time when I saw a lady wearing some fine accessories, I always thought she must take good care of herself in daily life because she enjoys adding some extra sparkle to her look. For me, I love wearing earrings the most because this really helps to balance my chubby cheeks and make my face appears smaller.

Here are some of my affordable picks instead:

Every time when I kind of feeling lazy but still want to look polished, my hack is wearing a big V neck and jeans with a Y necklace. The necklace can really turn my outfit from casual to chic. If I can only recommend one necklace to you, it will always be a Y necklace. I love the fact that not so so common to wear Y necklace yet so this can definitely help you stand out!

Day 10: Get yourselves some good quality bra and undies

how to glow up in a month - 30 days challenge

Glow up starts within. A comfortable, right-sized bra is the key to make you feel comfortable and good about yourself.

I know lots of my girlfriends willing to invest so much on make up and outfits but they totally neglect the bra and undies that they have to wear EVERYDAY. If you are one of them, get some quality bras and you will realise how life is easier.

Day 11: Trim the split end for hair glow up

Day 9 is an easy task, trim your split end while you are watching Netflix if you haven’t do the trimming for at least 3 months! Trim your hair can actually encourage hair growth by getting rid of the broken hair and split ends.

Despite the fact that this can make your hair look more put together and smooth, this is a meaningful thing to do when you feel bored at home during the lockdown!

Day 12: Change your hairstyle in a tiny way

When we look good in one particular hairstyle then we decide to keep it for 3 months, then 6 months, then 1 year and then … a decade. Is that you?

Sometimes, it’s nice to change your style a bit to make yourself feel refreshed and explore your own possibility! Whether it’s just adding some hair accessories on, make a cute pony tail or a simple bun, this can already give you an instant glow up!

Playing with your hair girls, this is fun!

Day 13: Wear perfume

how to glow up in a month - 30 days challenge

No, you don’t have to attend some important event when it comes to wearing perfume. You can incorporate some natural perfume in your daily life!

As the sayings go, perfume is the key to our memories and I can’t agree more. If you want to look poised and put together instantly, wear some perfume!

Despite the fact that wearing the right perfume can instantly enhance your mood and lift up your spirit almost instantly, this makes you scientifically more attractive to others too. There’s the pheromone in perfume, a secreted chemical that triggers a social response from others. Also, wearing perfume makes you more noticeable to people as perfume triggers memories. We tend to associate a particular scent with a person or a hotel because our brain are subconsciously attracted to smell.

So yes, I strongly recommended you to try some perfume if you haven’t! I’ve been struggling with this for many years but once incorporate perfume into my daily checklist, I can feel a huge difference. I just feel happier and more confident because perfume makes me feel good about myself and that can subconsciously influence your behavior.

A perfume is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory Click To Tweet

I mostly wear Miss Dior Blooming Spray , all I can say is it’s simple goddess and girlboss essence! Highly recommend.

Day 14: Learn some beauty hacks

We always save the pins with amazing beauty hacks but have we actually used them in life? Here are some beauty hacks that I actually tried this year and this really level up my makeup and skin!

  • Apply red lipstick before the concealer to cover my under-eye ( Life changing for me )
  • Try dry brushing for smoother skin and reduce the cellulite on the back of the legs
  • Use a teabag to brighten the eyes
  • Use roll-on fixative instead of double side tape

I can tell all these hacks work wonders for me and if you interested to know more, feel free to read these 11 cheap beauty hacks that every girl should know!

So yes, scroll back your Pinterest board, gather the hacks that you want to try and really test it out!

Day 15: Stop the unconscious negative self talk

In Day 13, I hope you can start aware the wordings you said to others and yourself! The words coming from your mouth is actually more powerful than you think because they can influence your thoughts and feelings. Here are the things that I wish you say less or at least aware of …

  • I don’t know / I have no idea
  • Should I / What do you think
  • I wish
  • Why I am so unlucky / Why me / Why this happen to me
  • YES (to everything)
  • I hate
  • I am not pretty / I am not enough
  • Calling your body part bad names

If you keep saying these wordings frequently, you are portraying your image to others as a negative, insecure, indecisive girl and the people won’t treat you seriously and find you attractive. So yes, aware of your language can really make you glow up at a higher level. If you want to know more, feel free to read 10 sentences classy woman won’t say, I have a ridiculously detailed explanation for every sentence!

Day 16: Reduce your double chin by doing face yoga

All I can tell you is face yoga really work if you do it every day. For me, I followed this youtube exercise and it works for me. I don’t know if you can COMPLETELY get rid of the double chin but at least you can make it firmer than ever before! Again, this is the exercise that targets the muscles. If you want to maximize the result and look prettier by tackling the double chin, you should definitely do some cardio too!

By the way, this face yoga is actually in her 50s and her skin looks AMAZING! I don’t know about you but I’m gonna trust her!

Day 17: Sleep with silk pillow

This is a beauty secret of many models and I hope more girls know that this!

For many people who don’t know, instead of using cotton fabric, we should use lighter fabric like silk or bamboo as it reduces the traction of your hair. That can reduce the annoying split ends! When I first know that I was totally shocked, I don’t really know the material of the pillowcase matters to our skin and hair that much.

I’ve started using a silk pillow this February. Within 3 months, I’ve changed 2 pillowcases already (Certainly not proud). For my first purchase, I just randomly chose a silk pillow and didn’t look into details cause I thought every silk pillow can bring the same effect, but actually not! I bought this silk pillow at first simply it’s the cheapest find in Amazon. To be honest, it’s certainly not bad to use and it’s okay actually. But I was expecting a more obvious change in my hair or skin, so I did a research about the silk pillows again. And that’s what I found:

Leafbay silk pillowcase is better than the ordinary silk pillowcase.

This made me buy another pillow and finally, this works!

This pillowcase is absolute the best if you have any kind of hair shedding or hair loss. It’s a totally new concept to me that the right pillow can help reducing hair damage from sleeping. Its silky surface can actually help protect against dry hair because it doesn’t absorb the natural oils in your hair the way cotton does.

I saw many articles recommending self-care gift guides to girlfriends but not many mentioned silk pillow! I mean, what a pity that the silk pillow is so undervalued!

Day 18: Replace your shampoo to sulfate-free shampoo for your hair health

When it comes to the real hair glow up, the bottom line is giving our hair the healthy nutrients so it’s really a key to use sulfate-free shampoo. I know many of you are already using sulfate-free shampoo now so feel free to skip, but if you don’t, keep on reading!

You may wonder what is sulfate in the first place. Sulfate is the chemical in your shampoo that gives you the thick lather when you are washing your hair. Basically, sulfate is a chemical that serves as a surfactant and helps you wash the grease of your hair away. While sulfate can keep our hair “clean”, it also washes away the natural oils, moisture, and even hair dye in your hair. So if you want glowing smooth hair, you should stay away from this chemical.

Below are the sulfate-free shampoo that I recommend and not recommend.

A. Aveeno Scalp Soothing Oat Milk Blend Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Aveen Scalp Soothing oat milk blend shampoo

I am a simple girl when I saw the combination of “oat milk + sulfate-free”, I have to try it! Turns out I am really impressed how good the smell is and this really smoothen my hair! With the price of $13.9 for both shampoo and condition, I really can’t complain about anything. Try this! You won’t regret it!

B. Mielle Rosemary Mint Strengthening Shampoo

sulfate-free shampoo - how to glow up in a month 30 days challenge

I bought this because this shampoo is infused with biotin (as known as Vitamin H) that can encourage the hair growth. I do think my hair is stronger after using this and I also love the rosemary mint smell. BUT, this shampoo is not for every hair type I guess. If you have soft vulnerable hair like me, you may not like it because the hair turns a little bit stiff. If not, you may be amazed by the power of biotin! But for me, I will just give 3 stars to be honest.

C. VIRTUE Smooth Shampoo

Replace your shampoo to sulfate-free shampoo - glow up challenge

This brand never disappoints me. You know a product worths the money when it can really prove all the key claims it stay on the label, including an increase in color vibrancy, reduction in frizz, split end reparation, and increase in thickness (This really matters to me)!

I know many people recommended this already so I will keep this short. But to sum up, this is a good investment for hair. After all, skin can get recovered but hair can’t!

Day 19: Start biotin if you have fragile hair and soft nails

I wish someone told me this so I don’t have to get frustrated for half a year.

I have thin hair and I accept it. But this February, I started to losing hair at an unexpected rate and I was so panic at that time! I desperately tried all the possible solutions but still, none of them work. Until this July, I realized that biotin can help and now my hair is growing back!

If you are struggling with this same problem, I hope this tip can make you feel better – don’t lose hope on your hair! I’ve tried a few biotin supplements and so far this biotin is so far the best! It’s non-GMO, vegan, and with coconut oil! Check this out if you want thicker and stronger hair!

Day 20: Level up your wardrobe

I know crop top and short from Forever 21 is super cute, but maybe it’s time to level up our outfit games! Changing what you wear is definitely an instant glow up and if you are in your mid-20s like me, it’s time to consider the outfits that makes you look elegant and classy, you will surprise how people view and treat you. After all, clothing is an honest reflection of our taste.

Here are some outfit tips to look more classy:

1.Stop wearing cotton all the time and try silk and satin dress

Wearing silk clothes -how to glow up in a month 30 days challenge
Source (1,2,3)

By the way, if you are from the US, remember to type “40SNOWUS” if you buy Shein clothes to save $40 here! In my Shein report, I saw many of you forget to type that code before purchase and I was that “Why girl? Why waste the money”?

2. Pick a low saturation color for your clothes

Pick a low saturation color - how to glow up in a month 30 days challenge

3. Wear V neck instead of round neck

Is that just me but I always think V neck can always make me look put together and helps me easily attain a chic look. V neck can always make your face looks longer and smaller because people will naturally draw attention to the neck area more.

If you want more outfit hacks, feel free to read 5 rules to make your clothes expensive, I’m sure you will love it!

Day 21: Whitening your teeth

I am a believer of the smile is the best makeup a girl can wear so take care of your teeth is really a long term investment. I always have yellowish teeth ( I drink tea and coffee ) and although it’s not a very big deal to me when I first realized, I do feel insecure when I smile and this feeling is surmounted day by day and make me feel mentally exhausted.

If you have perfectly white teeth, feel free to skip this day challenge! But if want to end that annoying and unnecessary insecurity, try teeth whitening! You can do see the dentist, but if you don’t have much budget (like me), you will love this Teeth whitening Kit! (From Amazon) Treat this as your self-care present!

Day 22: Eat less diary

Eat less dairy and you will realize how this positively affects your digestion, weight, acne, and other skin problems! Here are some of the simple ways to consume fewer dairy products.

  • Change cow milk/ goat milk to plant-based milk (Oat milk is my favorite and they are so tasty!)
  • Replace cheese to vegan cheese
  • Try vegan ice cream (You will be amazed how yummy it tasted!)

There is countless way to eat less dairy but just by changing milk and cheese can make a difference already! Try it and see how your body and your mood react!

Day 23: DIY your face mask

how to glow up in a month 30 days challenge

I am the laziest girl when it comes to skin care but I still find DIY face mask extremely beneficial to our skin!

My favorite mask is the turmeric honey mask, I don’t apply it on my face but also for inner thigh and buttock for skin lightening and that works wonder to me! If you need to full recipe, you can find these 5 Easy DIY masks here!

Day 24: Adopt nose breathing instead of mouth breathing while sleeping

There are countless studies that show that mouth breathing is bad for our quality of sleep and also our appearance (especially for teenagers). According to medical study “The health benefit of nose breathing“, chronic mouth breathing may contribute to:

  • Introduction of unfiltered, poorly humidified air into the lungs
  • Upper-chest breathing (inefficient and tiring
  • Chronic over-breathing
  • Greater incidence of snoring and sleep apnoea
  • Bad breath, dental decay, gum disease
  • Dysfunction of the jaw joint
  • Narrowing of the dental arch, and jaw
  • open bite and teeth not fitting together
  • Dysfunctions of the muscles around the jaw and lips
  • Enlarged tonsils and adenoids

This tip is not common but I think some of you need to hear this! You can do tons of research and scroll all the before after photos to see how mouth breathing will affect your jaws and face overall.

Now you may wonder, how to control how to keep my mouth shut when I was sleeping? For me, my favourite gentle mouth tape is Somnifix! They are the best seller on Amazon but unfortunately they always out of stock, so I am now using this instead. Cheaper but still working great!

Day 25: Apply body lotion for a whole body glow up

When it comes to glowy skin, again, we should not neglect our bodies! I used to only take care of my face and one day my friend asked me “Why your legs look so dry but your face looks so glowy?” Despite the fact that she is brutally honest, this is the first time I realized people DO NOTICE your skin condition overall. This is not much of hard work, all you need to do is to put some lotion on your body before going out!

I realized just by putting some oils on my body, I feel good about myself and feel more confident somehow because I feel like I am putting effort into taking care of my body and pampering myself!

Day 26: Level up your bag by simply adding a scarf

No, you don’t need to have a Hermes Birkin so that you can decorate your bag with a silk scarf! If you haven’t tried this little hack, give it a go! Instead of buying designer bags every half year, buying a high-quality silk scarf is definitely more affordable and you can learn different scarf styling from time to time.

On a side note, for bags, you may want to choose synthetic leather structured bags over canvas/cotton bags, cause people usually can’t tell the price range of your bag on a glance. With the silk scarf, they may even think it’s the designer bags that they’ve never come across. Trust me, that works.

how to glow up in a month - 30 days challenge
Source: (1,2)

Day 27: Do bridge pose everyday for a better posture

how to glow up in a month - 30 days challenge

Here’s another body tip that’s not too time-consuming and that’s bridge pose! Bridge pose is really good our body in numerous ways, not only does it strengthen our legs and feet, but it also helps us to open our shoulder more simply because this pose requires the strength of our arms. If you are the girls that your shoulder is a little bit drooping forward, you should definitely try this out. Posture really matters when it comes to the confidence level and attractiveness of a human being. Get rid of the dropped shoulder by practicing this bridge pose in your morning routine, it can also calm your mind too!

Source: 5 Health Benefits Of Bridge Posture from DOYOUYOGA

Day 28: Don’t take a hot bath anymore ( warm bath instead )

I know it’s always so tempting to have a hot bath after a hectic and dramatic working day. But actually, hot water can strip skin of essential moisture and oil, which again, leads to dry skin. From my personal experience, I can totally feel that. For a super long period of time, my body skin is always drier than my face and I thought is normal because I take care of my face with more products! Until one time I come across this concept from a youtube video, I try to take a cold shower for 1 month and my skin does look more glow up. I know this tip is working because I didn’t change any other skincare products for the whole period of time. I mean, it’s a free method to make your skin look better, why not?

Little reminder: You don’t have to take cold shower like me because this is too painful to do ( I quit after 1 month… ), use warm water can achieve the same result already!

Day 29: Pick brown eyeliner instead of black eyeliner for a softer look

I am such a boring person and I always pick black eyeliner for my everyday makeup, it’s just a no brainer for me. Until recently, one of my girlfriends shared her beauty tips and she said brown eyeliner can contribute to a much softer look. I tried and it works! Black eyeliner is kind of aggressive sometimes and dark brown eyeliner is kind of softer and I realized it goes well with white/ light colors outfits. I’m not so sure is this hack useful or not because many of you girls may have already known, but since it’s a new discovery to me, so I wanted to share with you anyways!

I tried countless dark brown eyeliner and in the end, I always stick back with Maybelline Forest Brown Eyeliner because I can draw a very precise eyeliner without any smudge! Trust me, you can’t imagine how much money I’ve wasted just to find a “normal” nice eyeliners…

Day 30: Journaling about your 30 days challenge

how to glow up in a month - 30 days challenge

It’s finally day 30 :’) I can’t be more proud of you.

I don’t need to do any task but journal your mental and body state down, write down how you feel about this challenge, and write down all the journey. Please don’t feel guilty if you skip one or two days’ challenge because this is not easy at all! Write all your feelings down and that these wordings serve as the beautiful ending note of this 30 days challenge. I hope by that time, you can be a more mentally stronger, healthier, and happier girl by incorporating these habits in your life!


So ladies, so here is how to glow up in a month hardcore! What do you think about this 30 days skin, face, hair and mental glow up challenge checklist?

Many girls always looking for quick tips to glow up in a week, a day, or even overnight. However, we all know the simple rule: No pain, no gain. After all, the real glow up is when you stop waiting to turn into some perfect version of yourself and consciously enjoy being who you are in the present.

Nothing is more attractive than trying to keep nurturing ourselves to be a better woman that sparkles! If you think this article provides some sort of value, please do me a little favor to pin this so more women can do this challenge together. This really means a lot to me when the Pinterest notification pops up and tells me someone has pinned it to her board. Girl power is a real thing and do it together is always happier than do it alone :’) !

how to glow up in a month 30 days challenge

By the way, if you are interested in beauty tips, you may love the articles below! See you there!


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