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How to be prettier? That’s a tough question. Beauty is truly only skin deep, and at the end of the day, there’s no point if we don’t foster the more lasting elements of ourselves, like your mindset and intelligence. However, as a girl, sometimes we just want to look pretty or at least “feel pretty”. I am not trying to say Pretty = Happiness & Success, don’t get me wrong! But how to be prettier is actually one of the important self-care topics that reflect our dedication in constantly working on our body and mind. In my eyes, a girl that knows how to self-care is the most attractive. Please remember,

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Right, we want to look prettier because we want to impress no one but ourselves. Please always remember this point. ? Alright, no more talking, and below are the 10 tips for how to be prettier, enjoy!

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How to be prettier hack 1: Do the vacuum exercise for a smaller waist

I put this as the number 1 tips because it works but not many people are trying this out! In case you don’t know what a vacuum exercise is, it basically means sucking your stomach real hard for around 10 seconds and then release it, yup, it’s not hard at all. When we are doing the other abs exercise like fronting sit-ups or crunching, we are only targeting the front abs. However, for the vacuum exercise, it’s targeting the muscles behind your abs and that’s the transversus abdominis that most of the people neglecting. With the daily 10 – 20 seconds vacuum exercise, you can possibly feel the changes in one month with a firmer and smaller waist!

Actually I learned this hack from Holly Dolke, the fitness Youtuber. In case I explain not detailed enough about the vacuum exercise, I strongly suggest you spend 5 minutes to watch through the video below so you can really maximize your result. This tip is really so worth trying because it’s relatively effortless but the result is amazing!

Be prettier hack 2: Do the bridge pose everyday

Do bridge pose everyday to look prettier

Here’s another body tip that’s not too time-consuming and that’s bridge pose! Bridge pose is really good our body in numerous ways, not only does it strengthen our legs and feet, but it also helps us to open our shoulder more simply because this pose requires the strength of our arms. If you are the girls that your shoulder is a little bit drooping forward, you should definitely try this out. Posture really matters when it comes to the confidence level and attractiveness of a human being. Get rid of the dropped shoulder by practicing this bridge pose in your morning routine, it can also calm your mind too!

Source: 5 Health Benefits Of Bridge Posture from DOYOUYOGA

Be prettier hack 3: Don’t hunch your back anymore!

Don't hunch your back to look prettier

Posture is really huge when it comes to being a beautiful, attractive lady. Many scientific studies have proved that the way you carry your body does play a huge role to present yourself in front of others!

Alright, I know it’s easier said than done but we should definitely use our phone/laptop with the right posture if we don’t want to deal with the back problems in your later stage of life. We always have to remind ourselves to stand tall and straight while using the phone. Our head really weighs so much and if we constantly bending our neck for the phone, we are hurting your spine real hard. Instead of bending your neck, all we need to do is lifting up the screen to the eye level. I know it’s hard to change, but trust me, it will be a life-changing tip and you probably will thank me after 20 years. That will save you a lot of medical fees and unnecessary pain every single night!

I recently bought this pink Laptop Holder and I can’t recommend it enough. I always hunched my back when I was using a laptop and not anymore! A surprising fact is this makes my belly look flatter cause my spine is finally in the right position lmao! Invest in the things that your future self will appreciate!

Be prettier hack 4: Mind your body language

Body language speaks A LOT when it comes to your first impression. One single tip is please don’t always touch your hair. It’s funny that we aren’t even aware of the fact that we are always touching our hair because it just happens when we are nervous. Instead, we should always open our chest up and that little sign sends a message to the people around us that we are approachable and confident, which easily boost your attractiveness.

This tip won’t make you look prettier physically but it definitely boost your attractiveness instantly because you are sending a good vibes around.

Be prettier hack 5 : Getting rid of the double chin by doing the face yoga

All I can tell you is face yoga really words if you do it every day. For me, I followed this exercise below and it works for me. I don’t know if you can COMPLETELY get rid of the double chin but at least you can make it firmer than ever before! Again, this is the exercise that targets the muscles. If you want to maximize the result and look prettier by tackling the double chin, you should definitely do some cardio too!


Be prettier hack 6: Always apply hand cream

Always apply hand cream to look prettier

Always remember to apply your hand cream simply because it’s usually too late to apply if you find your hands dry and itchy. The skin on your hands is actually one of the first places of your body that shows aging and we should really take good care of them. It’s also a little me-time moment and it just gives me a sense of peace when I apply hand cream.

Source: 5 Reasons Hand Cream is the Most Important Product in Your Purse

I know many of the girls using expensive hand cream but I just can’t see the benefit from me (just my personal experience) so at the moment the middle-priced hand cream is my all-time fav! I’m a boring person so when I find something great, I’ll just keep sticking with it. So I’m just gonna recommend one hand cream to you guys.

This is my fav of all time because of few reasons:

  1. It’s cold cream – that makes me feel better when I’m using it ( I couldn’t explain but I guess it’s a sense of comfort and fulfillment)
  2. It’s Paraben-free – I try hard to stay away from artificial ingredients this year cause they are harmful to both humans and environments, especially to the girls with sensitive skin types
  3. It’s incredibly fast-absorbing – Avene’s studies showed that it lasts through five hand washings,” which is quite mindblowing to know. This is the energy we need from a hand cream right now so this hand cream is really a no brainer for me.

Be prettier hack 7: Always Change your pillowcase for acne-free face

You have no idea how dirty is your pillowcase so please please please constantly change it! Your pillowcase has a build-up of oils, dirt, and sweat from a daily basis and it worsens your acne problem. Also, some may not know, instead of using the cotton fabric, we should use the lighter fabric like silk or bamboo as it reduces the traction of your hair. That can reduce the annoying split ends! When I first know that I was totally shocked, I don’t really know the material of the pillowcase matters to our skin and hair that much.

I’ve started using a silk pillow from this February. Within 3 months, I’ve changed 2 pillowcases already (Certainly not proud), so please please please study more before you buy the pillow! For my first purchase, I just randomly chose a silk pillow and didn’t look into details cause I thought every silk pillow can bring the same effect, but actually not! I bought this silk pillow at first simply it’s the cheapest find in Amazon. To be honest, it’s certainly not bad to use and it’s okay actually. But I was expecting a more obvious change in my hair or skin, so I did a research about the silk pillows again. And that’s what I found:

There’s a difference between Leafbay silk pillowcase and Ordinary silk pillowcase.

Leafbat silk pillowcase

This made me buy another pillow and finally, this works!

This pillowcase is the absolute best if you have any kind of hair shedding or hair loss. It’s a totally new concept to me that the right pillow can help reducing hair damage from sleeping. To be honest, I am kind of doubtful about this saying before, but after I tried this one, it just got me. Its silky surface really helps protect against dry hair because it doesn’t absorb the natural oils in your hair the way cotton does.

I saw many articles recommending self-care gift guides to girlfriends but not many mentioned silk pillow! I mean, what a pity that the silk pillow is so undervalued! It’s one of my best discoveries in 2020.

To be honest, if you already have perfect hair, DON’T BUY SILK PILLOW. Yes, you hear me right because I just don’t think the silk pillow will be of immense help in your case. Some people shared to me that they use cotton pillows whole life and have NEVER had split ends. (Amazing…). But if you are the girls who bothered by the hair shedding like me, silk pillows are better for certain hair types, it’s no harm to try this pillow!

Source: 6 gross reasons to change your pillowcase more often from INSIDER

Be prettier hack 8: Pick dark/light brown eyeliner for a softer look

I am such a boring person and I always pick black eyeliner for my everyday makeup, it’s just a no brainer for me. Until recently, one of my girlfriends shared her beauty tips and she said brown eyeliner can contribute to a much softer look. I tried and it works! Black eyeliner is kind of aggressive sometimes and dark brown eyeliner is kind of softer and I realized it goes well with white/ light colors outfits. I’m not so sure is this hack useful or not because many of you girls may have already known, but since it’s a new discovery to me, so I wanted to share with you anyways!

I tried countless of dark brown eyeliner and at the end I always stick back with Maybeline Forest Brown Eyeliner because I can draw a very precise eyeliner without any smudge! Save it in wish list so you won’t wasting money trying out the eyeliners ( I can’t imagine how much money I’ve wasted just to find a “normal” nice eyeliners…)

Be prettier hack 9: Always completely dry your hair before bed

As one of the many long hair girls, I know how tiring it is to fully dry our hair before bed. The struggle is real. BUT… if you want healthy hair that glows, you just can’t be lazy. Wet hair is way more fragile than dry hair and it’s not good for your threads. Plus, you will wake up with a kinda frizzy hair look and trust me, it’s not the way you want to start your good morning.

If you are interested in hair care or wondering how to grow thicker and faster, check this 8 tips and see if you blow dry your hair right!

Source: 5 Bedtime Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Hair

Be prettier hack 10: Try Rice water for face toner

If you have Acne problem and you have tried numerous attempts to kill it but still in vain, you should try rice water! Rice water is the most natural way when it comes to skin brightening. Rice water is beneficial to our skin because it’s full of minerals and amino acids, including ferulic acid. Ferulic acid is a strong antioxidant that contains anti-inflammatory properties. Besides skin brightening, rice water contains vitamins B1, C, and E and that can shrink pores and soften the skin. Watch the youtube video below and you will be amazed how rice water does wonders to your skin. Of course, not everyone thinks rice water is working but at least you can give it a shot. Remember, apply it for straight 7 days before giving this up because consistency is everything.

For the busy girls that don’t want to DIY your own rice water toner, you can try out this Rice Extract toner from TheFaceShop, all I can say is Korean brand never disappoint me!

Source: What is rice water and what is it good for?

Other bonus tips that work wonders for me these 3 months: (23 Aug 2020)

I really appreciate you girls keep pinning this post and for a return here are the 3 new tips that I’ve tried!

1. Try dry brushing

do dry brushing to look prettier

I seriously think this is my sixth time mentioning dry brushing in my blog but I really can’t recommend it enough. I do consider this as a beauty secret because I feel like most of the women are not using this yet. (Maybe because there aren’t many advertising on the dry brush I guess). I first knew about dry brushing from youtube (Youtube is my beauty guru lol) and I am really amazed how body dry brushing can greatly reduce the cellulite for thigh for just one month.

At first, I only bought this body dry brush. For me, honestly, I can’t see any significant result on the cellulite after 1 month but I keep dry brushing every day before shower. Roughly about 2.5 months I guess, I can see the cellulite on the back of the thigh is reduced! (I still have cellulite but not that obvious anymore). I am really glad I have insisted and now I also bought the face brush.

Not only dry brushing reduces the cellulite but it makes my legs more toned and soft too. I mean, there’s no reason you don’t try dry brushing out. I really hope dry brushing can get more popular later (just like meditation nowadays) because they are so underrated. If you are trying this already, you already successfully set you apart from many others!

For the starters, I don’t recommend you buy the expensive one, this body dry brush should be more than enough for you to see results. This is also the dry brush I first tried and I am really happy with the after effect. I am now switching to the ionic dry brush but again, I don’t recommend this for the beginner, especially if your skin is sensitive!

2. Gua Sha & Jade roller

Use Gua Sha and jade roller to look prettier and attractive

Nowadays more and more people are talking about Gua Sha and Jade roller. As a person that always open to try new and natural beauty things, here’s my honest conclusion: Buy the Gua Sha before buying the jade roller if you want significant result.

Just for my personal experience, Gua Sha can give you more significant changes towards the face than Jade roller. But still, Jade roller can really help you detox your face and reduce puffiness and dark circle. That’s why honestly both products are worth buying! But if I only have to choose one, I will definitely buy the Gua Sha first.

You may think the name “Gua Sha” is special because this is actually the Chinese wordings. “Gua” actually means “scrape”. With this beauty flat jade, you can use this to scrap your face gently to relax the stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage.

The benefits of Gua Sha:

  • Preventing and treating saggy skin
  • Brightening complexion
  • Healing dark circles, rosacea, and scarring

People suggest we should to Gua Sha every day for maximizing the results but sadly I always forget to. I am planning to do Gua Sha more frequently later but I do notice my face is less puffy after doing the Gua Sha in the morning.

The benefits of using Jade roller:

  • By drawing away toxins, this allows a gentle toning and lifting effect
  •  a natural stress reliever
  • improving circulation and lymphatic drainage = look more glowing and less puffy
  • Very nice to put on Instagram ( Sorry if that’s not funny… at least I tried)

* Reminder:

Please don’t Gua Sha in dry skin! That will hurt your skin so much. Always apply oil on your face so that you can put pressure on your skin. For me, I am using this carotene oil and they work really well together!

For jade roller, remember cooling this in the fridge and using it on top of the face mask so it can maximize the effect to reduce dark circle and puffiness. This using method is such a game-changer! ( Learn this from youtube …again)

If you are planning to buy both Gua Sha and Jade roller, don’t make the same mistakes as me. I buy them separately but when I saw other people’s article I just realized there is the 3-in-1 set package on Amazon like this one … which is way cheaper.

3. Don’t use hot water to clean your face and body!

I know it’s always so tempting to have a hot bath after a hectic and dramatic working day. But actually, hot water can strip skin of essential moisture and oil, which again, leads to dry skin. From my personal experience, I can totally feel that. For a super long period of time, my body skin is always drier than my face and I thought is normal because I take care of my face with more products! Until one time I come across this concept from a youtube video, I try to take a cold shower for 1 month and my skin does look more glow up. I know this tip is working because I didn’t change any other skincare products for the whole period of time. I mean, it’s a free method to make your skin look better, why not?

Little reminder: You don’t have to take cold shower like me because this is too painful to do ( I quit after 1 month… ), use warm water can achieve the same result already!


So here are the 10 on how to be prettier in 2020! What do you think about these tips? Admittedly these tips can’t make you become drop-dead gorgeous overnight but you will see the little magical changes in 1 or 2 months’ time. It’s not easy but I can tell you it worth it. I did some research about this topic and I tried hard to exclude the general beauty tips, I hope you guys will get some practical tips for this post! If you think of other girlfriends that may find this article useful, feel free to save the pins below! Always remember, sometimes it’s the process matters. How to be prettier is totally possible in one month but despite the result, I do believe the girl that always working hard to bettering themselves is the most attractive. We are all perfect imperfections :’)!

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If you enjoy this article, you probably will love 20 more unique tips to be prettier naturally – they are all different from the ones in this article! The research time is crazy…

UPDATE – May 2020 :

I can’t believe this article got 7.1k shares within 10 days! I mean, girl power is a real thing. Thanks for every single one of you -being so kind and generous to share this pin for letting more girls know these tips. If you haven’t, please do if you think this article helps! You share makes a difference!

ANOTHER UPDATE- July 29, 2020 :

Sorry for disappearing for 2 months, many things happen these days, especially during these uncertain time :'( But anyway!! I finally put myself together and this is the new article that just created!

NEW READ: If you are short girls like me, check out this How to be taller outfit tips! I am sure you never heard of Tip 6!

How to look more attractive and prettier


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