How to be attractive and glow up with tiny changes!

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Have you ever met someone that looks amazing on outlook, so somehow you just won’t be attracted by them? And the funny part is you don’t even how don’t you think they are attractive. Well, it’s totally possible!

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Even though you have a wonderful pretty face and body, it doesn’t mean you can conquer the world. Being pretty is a gift but being attractive is an art! Here are the 11 ways to be more attractive! Besides the outfit tips, I also share some other interesting tips that are scientific proof! Enjoy!

1. Engaged in the conversation

1. Be present in the conversation

A. Put your phone away

It is really important to be engaged in a conversation, yet many people don’t make an effort to do it. This is almost an instant way to really level up your attractiveness and it is so worth doing!

First thing first, put down your phone and put it in your bag. In these modern days, it’s ironic that sometimes we spend more time on that little screen than talking with your friends and family. There’s no reason (unless something really urgent) for you to put your phone on the table. For me, I really find people rude if he/she doesn’t even flip down your phone and just letting those notifications popped out. Even the phone is muted, the little screen can really so disturbing and make the conversation way less engaged.

This is just a basic etiquette to show our respect but sadly not many people truly realize that. Trust me, just by putting the phone away during the conversation, this can make you more attractive and likable!

B. Make REAL Eye contact (That makes a difference!)

make real eye contact to be more attractive and glow up

An interesting fact about eye contact is, we all think we have eye contact with others but in reality, we just don’t.

For most of the time, we are just looking at the face overall or the nose instead of looking into people’s eyes.

Eye contact is so important because this reflects our attention, comfort, and sincerity and your eyes speak more than words! Not gonna lie, as an introvert, I am not really good at making eye contact with others and I do feel uncomfortable in some cases, but I can see huge changes when I try to work on that!

Another important point is, gazing into someone’s eyes is the signal of mutual sex attraction. Oxytocin, as known is released with eye contact. There have been many studies show that eye contact can raises oxytocin levels, as the love hormone, in the brain and that can make you more attractive in other’s eyes!

So ladies, work on your eyes NOW!

C. Listen to understand instead of listen to reply

If you can train yourself to be a good listener, you already set yourself apart from many others because listening is not an easy thing! For most of the cases, we just listen so that we can reply, but are we really digesting the content and give meaningful feedback? In most cases, not necessary!

In that way, the conversation won’t be mutual and it’s less chance for people to think you are attractive.

D. Don’t speak too fast

If you are speaking too fast, it’s time to slow down. This can create a negative impression on people because somehow people will think you are nervous, lack of coincidence, and “sales”. Even this is not your intention, but people may think you are in a rush and want to close this conversation asap by speaking fast. What is more, people can’t really catch your message because your pace is too fast for them to digest the content. This makes the conversation less engaged and again, the conclusion is, you are not so attractive.

2. When people gossip about others, DON’T JOIN

I know how tempting it can be to gossip someone together, but DON’T. Despite the fact that there is no reason to waste time gossiping people, gossiping makes you less attractive. If you know your facial expression and tone when you are gossiping, I swear you will gossip less because it just … definitely not looking good. Gossiping is powerful enough to reflect your jealously and insecurity deep in your heart. People can feel that, so my advice to you is, don’t join.

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Also, despite the attractiveness, avoid gossip about others can save you many “high school girls drama”, which makes your life way easier.

3. When someone’s self mocking, just DON’T JOIN

Ladies, we all know this is a trap and let’s not fall into that trap again and again.

We all know when our girlfriend is self-mocking herself about how she looks like pregnant with her belly, all you should do is give some “HAHA” and then shut your mouth. If you are ignorant enough and said ” Ahaha it looks like a3 months pregnant belly! ” Guess what, this is not funny at all and I believe your girlfriend will not be pleasant when she hears that, too.

The same principle goes with dating too! Sometimes when a guy is self mocking, all you need is laugh together and that’s it. After all, no one feels good when someone hit your pain point right?

If you want to be an attractive women, just avoid this trap.

4. Say “We” instead of “I”

According to a Harvard business study conducted by the American social psychologist, James W. Pennebaker, the research shows that the use of pronouns reveals your personality.

For many of us we may not aware but we always say “I” instead of “We”. While this is not something fatal, but saying “I” too frequently can be a little bit narcissistic and self-centered in some sense. When we say “we” more, the listener will feel a sense of acceptance and this can makes them likes you more because they think you are a considerate sweet person.

Another example is instead of saying “Do you understand? (which can be a little bit demanding to hear sometimes)”, you can say ” Am I expressing it well enough? Anything you want me to clarify for you?”. I swear this improve your impression from 60 to 85!

I hope that’s a new little trick for you , try it!

5. Nod your head

It may sounds ridiculous but nod your head can really make you more attractive!

A 2017 study research carried by Professor Dr Jun-ichiro Kawahara, has stated that just by nodding the head increases attractiveness to others by up to 40%. Head nodders are way more approachable and likeable in people’s eyes and willing to share more.

It’s a whopping 40%! I will definitely nod my head more LOL

6. Don’t promise if you don’t mean it

This one is huge because promise can either make people look up to you or, not really respect you secretly. A promise, no matter how big or how small it is, you should really try your best to keep it. If you say you will be there at 9 am, you have to do it! If you say to your friend that you will bring her a red dress for her prom, you have to deliver the promise! Sometimes it’s the tiny little things you did the long term that makes people think you are attractive because you can always put yourselves together.

Instead of asking you to deliver the promise, a more realistic advise to you is, make fewer promise if you don’t want to exhaust yourselves! After all you don’t want to please everyone in the world.

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7. Be Mysterious

Mysterious is hands down the No.1 key of being attractive, this is the human nature.

When you first met a guy, as much as he is definitely your type, DON’T REVEAL EVERYTHING. It’s not attractive to tell him the horrible story between you and your ex, the drama between you and your girlfriends, your childhood jokes or some really heavy trauma. Of course I understand that you want to share everything to him when you like someone, but now all the mystery is gone. You just brutally take away all the fantasy he now imagines when you said ” When I at home, I wear the hello kitty pajamas every day. ” I mean, that’s not something you should say on the first date.

So you may wonder, what should you say then? If you want to stay mysterious but still engage in a high intellectual conversation, talks about your core values. Rather than talking about the things itself, talk about the big picture / your goals/ core values can really trigger people’s interest in you.

Of course, you don’t need to play mysterious for the whole year! That will be super awkward! But I am sure you know how to fully apply this little trick :)!


8. Wear Red

Wear red to look more attractive

While black, grey and white is really easy to mix and match, try to wear red dress on your first date!

From the Journal of Experimental Psychology Research paper conducted by The American Psychological Association (APA), just by wearing red can makes a girl more attractive and sexually desirable. This magical color has a primitive effect on attraction and this countless psychological research already proved that. In fact, not only just for women, when men wear red, it appeals to be more powerful and attractive to women’s eyes too!

After typing this point, I feel like I should buy a red dress ASAP! lol

9. Wear Bodycon dress

Bodycon dress is attractive in the sense that it is sexy but not revealing! You don’t need to wear a short skirt or show your boobs, but you know what, all eyes are on you. I do think bodycon dress is the type of clothes like follows the ” mysterious” rule I’ve mentioned above!

10. Don’t wear too much makeup

Don't wear too much makeup to look more attractive

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing with makeup too! For me, I don’t think there’s a specific make up look that will look more attractive, but there are definitely some beauty turn off in other eyes!

Beauty Turn off:

  1. Anything too eccentric like shocking pink nails, super red lips and OVERSIZED eyelashes

2. A foundation that is overdo – it seems fake and plastic

3. When face and neck has different colour

Sometimes excessive makeup can make people feel like we are trying so hard, which is not really attractive. In fact, we are already pretty in our ways! With light makeup, this can actually allow people to focus on your natural features!


be confident to look more attractive
Confidence is the only key. I can't think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself – Emma Stone Click To Tweet

I know it sounds cliche but nothing more attractive than a kind, intelligent and confident woman. Despite all the tips and tricks, in the long term, confidence and smile will always be your best makeup. A woman that has her own social circle, hobbies and willingness to bettering and take care of herself every day is already attractive. After all, the way we treat ourselves is by teaching other people the right way to treat us.

The last tip I can share is if you really think you are attractive deep down in your heart and you keep believing it, you will subconsciously change your reaction to the world and truly become the attractive goddess.

This works like magic :’)

Hopefully, I’ve shared some new tips here! If you like this article, I need your kindness to pin this so more girls like you can read this and blossom! After all, I really hope more women can stop their self-doubts towards themselves and feel beautiful again! If you are pinning this, I am giving you a virtual hug now!

11 ways to look more attractive

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