How to be feminine? 10 traits of being a classy elegant lady!

Sep 8, 2020 | SELF GROWTH | 1 comment

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When it comes to the feminine energy, I would really want to start with my favourite quote from Dana Dalgetty.

Femininity is not a form of weakness. Femininity is not for the weak, either. Click To Tweet

Femininity is not about just a girly outlook and outer beauty, but more of a comprehensive traits combined from different areas. Authentic femininity is a combination of class, tenderness and virtue. When a woman possesses these traits, a man will naturally want to be more of a gentleman around her ( and ladies as well ). After all, how you treat yourself is teaching others how they should treat you. Being feminine is exciting and truly enjoyable because you are not just doing this for yourselves, but your family, friends and even the society will benefit from your feminine energy too. I am really glad that you are here and now let’s jump into the traits to be feminine.

1. A feminine woman takes care of her health

A feminine woman takes care of her health

A feminine woman knows the fact that health is the foundation of everything and she always takes care of it. She takes care of her mental health by journaling, meditating, going to nature, and get along with her family and friends. She also eats clean and does exercise to make sure she has a healthy body to nurture in the long term.

2. A feminine woman is always warm and inviting

She can be introvert or extrovert, but she always willing to pay a little bit extra effort to make you feel warm and comfortable around her. When you drop by her home, she always have the snacks and home entertainment ready. She knows some basic hosting and entertaining tips when she throw a party and these are all the little details to execute her feminine energy, it’s all about nurturing a good environment to her surroundings.

3. A feminine woman knows how to take care of herself

A feminine woman knows how to take care of herself

Self care is always in her daily routine.

She knows self-care is important because the most important relationship is the one with yourself. Indeed, she has her family, friends, or even her kids to take care of, but this doesn’t mean she has to put herself in a lower priority. She knows she always has to take care of yourself first so she has the energy to take care of others. Always remember, a woman who knows how to take care of herself is one of the most attractive moment, people just love to be around you.

So yes, a feminine woman won’t be guilty of doing a 30 minutes spa because she knows she deserve it.

Taking care of yourself is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you. Click To Tweet

4. A feminine woman is always compassionate

This is a significant and beautiful trait to identify a feminine woman. When you tell her your setbacks and dark days, instead of receiving the reply like ” You are always so blessed with water and food, all you need to do is think of the bright side and you will be fine”, she will softly say “Tell me more, I don’t completely understand how despaired you are right now but I am always willing to listen”. A feminine always has the incredible capacity to digest other’s emotion with compassion and embrace it. She of course knows that fact everyone is blessed and the problem will eventually go, but at that moment of time, showing compassion is always the best way to soften others’ fragile heart.

5. A feminine woman is never controlling

A feminine woman is never controlling

Controlling is a toxic trait and feminine woman know that controlling is not a sustainable way to nurture a relationship.

She set her man free to earn his respect. She knows checking his phone or trying to isolate you from your friends are just not getting this relationship anywhere. She knows the fact the controlling is the behavior to shows that she more inferior than her partners and that just she less desired in the relationship. Instead, she respects his alone time and trusts his decisions, and keep things peaceful and not dramatic.

A feminine woman is never controlling and that shows a guy a clear message: Hey, you’re indeed a huge part but definitely not the center of my life.

After all, a woman with her own life is deadly attractive to a man!

6. A feminine woman values girl power and womanhood

A feminine woman values girl power and womanhood

She knows the fact that real queens fix each other’s crown and girl power is the most powerful thing as a woman.

She won’t judge other women’s appearance and body because she just can’t think of a reason why she wants to do that. Plus, she knows how disheartening can be when she heard other people’s commenting on her body part, and that’s why she won’t do that to others. After all, every girl is beautiful in their own ways. This is for sure.

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7. A feminine woman takes care of her outer beauty

While she knows we should not be obsessed with outer beauty alone, she knows outer beauty is a part of showing her femininity and she is willing to pay a little bit extra effort to it. She keeps her hair glowy and healthy, she is always happy to put some lipstick and light brown eyeliner on because this makes her look more refreshed and put together.

This is an inherent quality for a woman to nurture her beauty and she sees nothing wrong with that.

8. A feminine woman is always youthful

 A feminine woman is always youthful

A feminine woman is always youthful and you always feel refreshed after having a conversation with her. She is special but you aren’t sure what wordings can best describe her traits. She knows the manner and etiquette yet she also has the spontaneous and youthful side of her. She embraces creativity, she loves to surprise people, she eagers to try the things she hasn’t tried before. She keeps learning and stepping out with her comfort zone.

You will never get bored with a feminine woman because they are always young at heart to try new things and keep bettering themselves.

9. A feminine woman always appreciate little things in life

A feminine woman always appreciate little things in life

A feminine woman always smiles. She knows for a fact that a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear. Plus, she knows the fact that her smile is a reason for many others to smile. Things just get better with an effortless smile and you always want to do more of that.

She always count her blessing too, no matter how small it is. She is the girl that stop by and smelling the flowers, open the window and look at the blue sky, eat slowly to really appreciate the taste of the food (which many people forget about that these days). She always look put together and elegant doesn’t mean she doesn’t have setbacks in life, but because she always focus on the small little things that accumulated every single day.

Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else's fairytale. Click To Tweet

10. A feminine woman always aware of her language

She know how powerful wordings can be so she won’t make a promise she doesn’t intend to keep because she knows that is worse than not making any promise in the first place. Once she made the promise, she will try your best to accomplish it.

She also avoids negative self-talk like “Why I am so unlucky? ” I always not enough” “She is better than me” because she know these are the toxic affirmation repeat in her brain. She always processes before speak and that’s why she always looks so emotionally mature and elegant in every day.

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Final thoughts:

So yes, here are the 10 traits of a feminine woman! This is way more than wearing a lace dress and being submissive indeed. Actually, a feminine woman is gentle in heart yet strong in mind. Being feminine is a lifelong journey because it requires wisdom and valuable experience to nurture feminine energy.

In this modern world, people seem to ditch the words “Feminine” into a black hole. But interestingly enough, the women who are described as unique and special are mostly the women have the traits of feminine energy. So yes, feminine women are timeless no matter how this crazy world changes.

All we need to do is keep our heels, head and standards high because we know we are worth it.

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