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It’s always nice to have a birthday month wallpaper! But again, when I typed “Turning 25 wallpaper”, I just can’t find any! So again, I make some cute version myself and hope you guys like it! Life is boring these days, it always nice to have a fresh new wallpaper on your birthday month.

I included from the age of 10 – 40! I hope that includes most of my audience! (Should be). I couldn’t include all wallpaper here obviously, so please feel free to download by clicking the link below!

Elegant, classy style
Girly cute style

Which one you like best? Comment down below!

Before you download this wallpaper, please do me a favor!

Step 1: If you are using iphone to read now, click the thumbs up in the bottom left corner of your phone screen 🙂

Step 2: Pin this so more people can enjoy these free resources like you!

This may cost you 2 seconds but that truly motivates me to keep making these free wallpaper because of your appreciation :’)!

Alright, so now click this link and enjoy the wallpaper!

Stay healthy & Fab as always!


  1. Kathy Walker

    I really need that! Thanks for offering this for free! Just pinned and share with my friends!



  1. Things to do when bored at home during the quarantine *CREATIVE* - VISION DEFINES - […] Birthday wallpaper Series […]

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