10 Etiquette Rules to become a classy and elegant lady

Aug 26, 2020 | SELF GROWTH | 3 comments

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A woman with a class is timeless. When I was in my teenage, I thought being pretty is the highest compliment. And now I am in my mid-20s and I realized, being classy is way more worth pursuing and I am really enjoying the journey of a high-class lady to be. I can notice how my vibes and essence change and how people treat me differently and with more respect. After all, we are all we attract. If we are only focusing on outer beauty, we will eventually attract the people who focus more on our youthful beauty look. If you want to better your life, here are the 10 simple yet useful etiquette rules for a lady that can really make a difference!

Classy Ladies
Classy Ladies

1. Posture

Posture is really huge when it comes to being a classy lady. A good stance and posture is the honest reflection of your state of mind and the way you carry your body does play a huge role to present yourself in front of others. A high-class woman always looks so put together in front of the crowd and nothing is more attractive than a confident woman.

Classy lady knows good posture

First thing first, don’t ever hunch your back because this is detrimental to your overall look. I am not exaggerating but your posture really affects the way people treat you because as a human being, subconsciously we don’t want to get close with people who look insecure and reserved. So ladies, keep your chest up, arms open to show to the world that you are ready to be a ray of sunshine!

While you don’t think you hunch your back so often, but in reality, I bet you hunch forward without aware at all! For me, I have used so much effort in addressing my posture because I’ve been hunching my back slightly forward for almost 20 years. I’ve tried different tools to help me and below are the products that really improved my posture!

I know it looks silly but this is the most comfortable posture corrector I’ve ever used ( I bought 3 in my lifetime). You don’t have to wear it all day long but just 1 to 2 hours at home can make an impact! I had no idea how bad my posture was until I started using this corrector. It adjusts easily and fits comfortably, you just can’t complain about this price.

I know many people got this one in their office or home already but in case you don’t have any seat cushion, consider one! Don’t underestimate this plastic little thing, it can really address your posture and makes you less tiring when you are working or driving. The reason of choosing this specific brand is that this seat cushion is so thin that it did not add any noticeable seat height change to my eye level to my desktop.

Among all the tips, posture is really the one that can instantly level up your vibes and this is so worth investing!

2. Make REAL eye contact

classy lady make real eye contact

Eye contact is so important because this reflects our attention, comfort, and sincerity and your eyes speak more than words! Not gonna lie, as an introvert, I am not really good at making eye contact with others and I do feel uncomfortable in some cases, but I can see huge changes when I try to work on that!

An interesting fact about eye contact is, we all think we have eye contact with others but in reality, we just don’t.

For most of the time, we are just looking at the face overall or the nose instead of looking into people’s eyes.

Another important point is, gazing into someone’s eyes is the signal of mutual sex attraction. Oxytocin, as known is released with eye contact. There have been many studies show that eye contact can raises oxytocin levels, as the love hormone, in the brain and that can make you more attractive in other’s eyes!

So all the classy ladies or classy ladies to be, work on your eyes NOW!

3. Treat people equally

A classy woman knows the importance to treat everyone equally and kindly. Being classy is not about wearing designer clothes and scream “See how classy I look!” but in reality, it is the kind act that shows your class. Hold the door for the next person, say thank you to every favour you’ve received and really mean it, say Good morning to a person who stands next to you in the corridor, offer a seat to elderly, give a homeless person your doggie bag, these are the acts that make you look vibrant.

Another important point is, gossip less. I know how tempting it can be to gossip someone together (especially for girls), but DON’T. Despite the fact that there is no reason to waste time gossiping people, gossiping makes you less attractive. If you know your facial expression and tone when you are gossiping, I swear you will gossip less because it just … definitely not looking good. Gossiping is powerful enough to reflect your jealously and insecurity deep in your heart. People can feel that, so my advice to you is, don’t join.

4. Take care of the details

Classy women know how to appreciate fine details and take care of them. You realized they always seems to pay a little bit extra effort to their outfit, their diet, their entertainment. They enjoy nicer things in this world and truly embrace it.

You can still carry a bag and look amazing, but it would be nicer to add a scarf on. You can still look beautiful without any lotion, but it’s not bad to put somebody oil to look glowy. You still look smart with this suit, but it seems better to add the cufflinks. You look gorgeous even if you don’t style your hair, but it would be great if you have your hair set up for the outings.

This is why classy women always look polished and get together, they find pleasure in details. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t necessarily use expensive products, but they are always willing to do a little bit extra than the normal people. They clearly know the fact that living delicately is an art that no one can copy.

I really find this fascinating but honestly, paying attention to details does need some time to cultivate. After all, we need time and experience to improve our tastes.

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5. They are punctual

Classy ladies are punctual because they know that respect others as well as their time. Arrive on time is subconsciously showing others “You are important to me”.

Punctuality is a sign of professionalism and helps you stand out as a reliable and trustworthy. People will subconsciously respect you and take you way more seriously if you are punctual to a meeting. Plus, a classy elegant lady won’t always rush with her high heels and look sweaty when she arrives. She always plans ahead, walks elegantly, and takes her time to enjoy the journey.

Nowadays, somehow it seems “okay” to be late. There’s the rule that 15 minutes late is not literally late among some people (including me in teenage time). I honestly feel that if you are a punctual lady, you already set apart from many others. This is one of the most important traits a classy lady should present and make herself accountable.

6. They know table manner

Classy lady knows table manner

Yes, now is 2020 and table manner still matters. Classy lady always behave politely in dining and demonstrates the respect of food. I know table manner can be really complicated, we don’t have to know all but here are some basic etiquette.

  • Sit up straight
  • Don’t talk when you are chewing food
  • Don’t eat too fast and take time to appreciate the food
  • Keep your elbow off the table
  • Excuse yourself when leaving the table
  • Always use utensils on the outside first and work your way in with each new course (please remember this point! I have some embarrassing experience during fine dining and please don’t be like me )
  • Appreciate and compliments to the cook when needed

Table manner is essential especially during formal dining and this can makes you feel more comfortable and more confident in front of others, and of course, more high class in overall.

7. Be a genuine listener

If you can train yourself to be a good listener, you already set yourself apart from many others because listening is not an easy thing! For most of the cases, we just listen so that we can reply, but are we really digesting the content and give meaningful feedback? In most cases, not necessary! In that way, the conversation won’t be mutual and it’s less chance for people to feel respected.

Another point is always to let people finish their sentences. It seems like a very basic thing but the fact is we always use our eyes and body gestures to indirectly ask people to stop talking that we aren’t even aware of! When we feel bored or annoyed, we may look at our watches or look at other places, these acts may be so minimal but definitely strong enough to make another person feel like he/ she should stop because you are not really interested. So, always be patient and let people finish their sentences.

Last but not least, I want to share my favorite social hacks with you all! We all experience a situation that someone keeps talking and you don’t know how to disturb them politely (It’s really hard). In fact, all you need to do is drop anything on the ground, then he/ she will stop talking and look at the floor too. Now all you need to do is casually pick the pen and start talking. Trust me, this is so natural that they won’t even notice you are trying to disturb them.

My favourite tricks ever, try it! Well, being classy sometimes need some little tricks!

If you are interested in psychological mind tricks like me, you can check out these 24 mind tricks to make your life easier, it’s really fascinating to know!

8. They are careful with their language

Classy women know how powerful or how hurting their wordings can be because they are simply the affirmation that we keep repeating to ourselves every single day! While most of the people aren’t ware, here are the sentences that successful women who don’t say or at least trying to say less.

  • I WISH
  • “I HATE…”
  • It’s not my fault

I have a detailed explanation for every sentence and stating the reason why we shouldn’t say that often. If you are interested, feel free to check out 10 SENTENCES classy ladies won’t say to themselves!

I know it can be overwhelming because these are the sentence we always use on a daily basis without even realizing it! But let’s be honest, a woman keeps repeating these self-sabotaging phrases is indirectly presenting herself as an insecure, negative, and inferior. If you want people to love you, you have to respect and love yourself first. I really hope this tip is useful because from my personal experience, stop saying these can really make me a happier and more confident woman!

9. Mature in emotion

Mature in emotions

We are all human beings and of course, everyone has emotions and there’s nothing wrong with that. While it is a completely normal, classy lady is always smart to control her emotions in public. When she is mad, she won’t shout and scream in the street or keep blaming others for her own problems. Instead, she allows some me-time for herself to digest her emotions.

But of course, I am not saying that being classy equals to suppressing all the emotions and pretending everything is fine even when it’s not fine. When an elegant woman feels sad, she will find ways to release that emotion like normal people. Having a glass of red wine, tell her friends for a few hours, crying out loud at home … it is completely fine. But getting so drunk and in a coma in the street is definitely not classy and not to mention, it is very dangerous.

A classy woman always knows her emotional limits and expresses the emotion out at the right timing.

10. They are comfortable with themselves

Last but not least, classy women are authentic. She donates the money even nobody knows, she behaves the same in front of strangers and families, she is caring even when she is busy, she vibrates the glamour consistently. She doesn’t look like trying so hard to be classy because she carries the class herself and feels comfortable with it. She knows high standard in life because she knows she deserves.

After all, people can definitely tell if you are trying to be an essence that doesn’t align with your true self. Being authentic and consistent is definitely a key of being classy.


Obviously I am addicted to being classy (still a long journey for me) because whenever I met an elegant high-class woman, I really find them so special and attractive. They have the effortless goodness essence that makes people draw attention to her. These 10 traits are inspired by the women I met in real life so please remember implement these tips – they really works!

If you are interested in other hacks to look classy, feel free to read these 2 articles! ( Related read: 36 traits of a well-educated woman and How to look expensive on a budget? )

No matter how old are you, whether you are in your teenage, the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or more, may I bless you become a classy woman shining with radiance? Ladies, It’s time to level up our game, don’t solely aim outer beauty, aim timeless!

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10 etiquette to become a high class lady


  1. Britt

    Wow I love this, especially number 10!!! Confidence is beautiful !

  2. Kathy Peart

    Loved this article. I’m on the downward side of my 50’s and when I turned 55 I started my journey to regain the class and style I gad left behind in my 30’s after gaining weight and feeling I was bo longer worthy to be considered classy and elegant. I have learned that class and elegance is more about the inside mindset than an outward mentality.

  3. Snoxolo

    I love this article being classy is very important it remind us of who we are well mindset and self confidence


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