The classy elegant outfit that is affordable! (under $20!) My SHEIn Best pick!

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When it comes to classy and elegant outfits, people always thought they are expensive and mature. While for some of the brand it can be true, I always find some really high-quality cute piece in Shein! When I enter my mid-20s, I just somehow slightly move from crop top, short jeans to a more classy and feminine style, and I totally in love with this. I feel confident and I love the way I present myself with my new outfit style. So here are some of my new finds in September! Enjoy!

Classy Ladies
Classy Ladies
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This post may contain affiliate links, access granted to my disclosure.

1. Lettuce Trim Sleeve Top

Lettuce Trim Sleeve Top
Lettuce Trim Sleeve Top (Click here to check)

Compared to the traditional turtle neck, the lettuce trim give a sense of soft femininity. The best part of this top is the sleeve is transparent with cute little white dot, this definitely helps draw people’s attention and it is sexy is a very elegant way! Big love!

2. Neck Ruffle Trim Bow Front Top

If you are a bit insecure about the arms like me, you should definitely try this cute top! The ruffle is board enough to cover a little bit of your shoulder and help shift the focus to the ribbon!

3. Double Breasted Front Tweet Shorts

Double button always has level up your whole outfit by adding a sense of low-key royalty and I always feel so put together and chic when I wear double button shorts! As a girl with a big belly, this A shape high waist short can perfectly hide it! To all pear-shaped girls, try more A-line dress and shorts! You won’t regret it.

4. One-shoulder Button Front Dress

When it comes to looking expensive on a budget, just buy some asymmetrical dress or top and you are good to go! People always have the perception that asymmetrical clothes mostly from designer brands or some unique handmade brand. However, this is not the case anymore, you can wear this kind of clothing on a budget these days. This dress is definitely my “NOT THE NORMAL” Power suit when I want to be a girl boss!

5. Neck Lettuce Bodycon Dress

Sometimes, being sexy with class is not about revealing but to show the curves, this bodycon dress is my favorite and I love its simplicity: It looks like I am not trying hard to show my curves. Again, I love these lettuce elegant hem, it’s so ladylike!

6. Waffle Knit Knot Side Wrap Dress

This dress is cute especially with boots. This dress is perfect for having a big meal because I know this design can hide my food body so well.(Trust me on this, I have years of experience to know which dress can hide my tummy lol ) Plus, camel colour is always effortlessly elegant because it is a low saturation color! This is not something extravagant so this will be my lazy Sunday dress in Autumn and Spring!

7. Blouson Wrap Split Hem Dress

Last but not least, I have to include this dress because it just scream classy and fashionable! If you don’t have a dress like this, it’s time to embrace a new style!

There are 3311 customer reviews and 4.9 average ratings! I always thought only a tall girl can carry this dress but it’s so amazing to see that the customer wear this gorgeously with different body shape and height! I am so sure you will love it once you read the review, this dress really hugs different sizes of girls!


So here are my top 7 picks from Shein! But of course, I still have so many dresses to share but sadly these pictures make my website slow. (What a pity!) So please feel free to click the dress above and view the related products also!

By the way, if you are from the US, remember to type “40SNOWUS” if you buy Shein clothes to save $40 here! In my Shein report, I saw many of you forget to type that code before purchase and I was that “Why girl? Why waste the money”?

SHEin is my favorite website to go to because their dresses are so affordable and they are available for a free refund! As the saying goes, life isn’t perfect but our outfit can be. So ladies, happy shopping!

*Please comment below if you have some new classy recommendations from Shein, I would love to have a look!

Also, I will keep updating the new picks so please feel free to save this pin! This little act can let more ladies out there realize there’s an option to buy classy outfits on a budget! HUGGS

SHEIN outfit picks to look classy on a budget


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