34 ways to become happy or even happier!

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Let’s be honest, being happy all the time is not easy. Whenever people asked me “Why can’t you be happier? It’s no big deal”, my heart just sank. For the longest period of time, I feel so powerless because I simply don’t know how to be happy and this is so terrifying. Everybody seems so positive and is tough enough to overcome any setbacks.

It took me so long to finally realize that you can’t be passively waiting for happiness. Instead, you can make the decision to be happy and start creating the things that make you feel fulfilled. So here’s why you are reading this list right now, this is for sure one of my happiness to share all my tips and help the women who are still struggling with their mental health. I’ve been there and now it’s my turn to contribute. Here are the 100 ways to pull me out from that mental blackhole.

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1. I sleep before 11 pm

I am not doing this for working efficiency but escape overthink at midnight. Many psychological studies show that people tend to overthink in the midnight then the day time.

2. I limit my social media time for only 20 minutes a day

Stop scrolling instagram feed all the time so I won’t always wonder why others life seems more fulfilling than me. We know we shouldn’t compare our real self to others’ filtered self but in most of the time, our brain just can’t help but start comparing. We should all do ourselves a favour, focus ourselves more instead of that little screen :’) I can tell I am more carefree with less meaningless scrolling.

3. I plan some little changes for myself

When I say little changes, I mean really some tiny one. For example, if you used to eat the same breakfast everyday, maybe it’s time to change tomorrow morning. It’s true that our brain will “get bored” with the same routine, some tiny changes can already stimulate the sense of happiness.

4. Have a good cry

Have a good cry because you deserve it. It’s not a crime if we are feeling not okay sometimes and we don’t have to feel guilty because of that.

It’s okay to be not okay.

5. I decorate my home with warm colors instead of cool tones

Studies show colors can directly affect people’s emotions. I know black and white is cool but now orange, red and yellow are definitely my favourite. They just make me feel better.

6. I stop doing the things I don’t actually like

I quit my toxic job.

This is too drastic but what I’m trying to say is do more of what you love. Really, life is too short to not follow our heart :’) If you don’t like your job now, you can starting interview other companies or start a side hustle!

7. I decorate my bedroom with inspiring quotes

I know it’s trivial but sometimes happiness is all about the tiny little things. I bought some cute inspiring quotes from Amazon and decorate my bedroom ( This makes me surrounded my good vibes and makes me a little bit better about myself )

decorate my bedroom with inspiring quotes
Lamare Affirmation Cards is totally my style!

8. I am now adopting a plant-based diet

Surprisingly, I didn’t lose any weight but I definitely feel the changes in my body. I feel more refreshing and countless studies have proved that a vegan diet can reduce stress levels.

9. I gossip people less

Stop being judgemental really helps me a lot and I realized when I gossip, I am actually concentrating more negativity and this is totally not good for my vibes. Be kind and soon you will be happy too, because your heart secretly loves this version of you.

10. I changed my phone and desktop wallpaper into some inspiring quotes

Again, tiny things that helps. It’s like an affirmation that keep repeating to myself and help me recharge :’)

11. I detox my social circle

I stay away from the friends who are selfish and negative all the time because the average of 5 rule is true – You ARE The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With. After all, we can be happy with a bunch of negative friends around.

12. 5/5 Rule!

5/5 rule makes me care less and that certainly makes me happier.

5/5 Rule: You shouldn’t spend more than five minutes worrying about something that won’t matter in five years – this is so true!

13. Purify my environment by burning sage

I hope that’s a creative or new idea for you as I feel like not too many people talk about it yet! I know it sounds like the woo-woo thing but actually, it’s not! From Healthline, it mentioned burning sage can boost your mood and relieve stress. During these uncertain days, this little thing can really make me home a calmer place.

Pure white sage smudge candle
Pure White Sage Smudge Candle for House Energy Cleansing

I included the candle version too in case some of you don’t want to burn the sage yourself. You may don’t ready to try it now but I suggest you click the link and save the products in the wish list first. I mean, who knows? Maybe you will love this later when you want to freshen your home a bit! It’s always good to have some new try in life :’)

14. Listen to motivating podcast

I thought I will get bored but turns out to get totally addicted. (This is why we always have to step out our comfort zone and try something even we are doubtful ) My favorite one is Mindset Mentor from Rob dial! Anyone?

15. Try Dry brushing

I am sorry if any guys are reading this but this tip seems more workable for girls. I try dry brushing for more than 3 months now and now my cellulite at the back of my thigh is now greatly reduced. Despite it’s a relaxing self-care activity to do, it makes me feel good because I am taking care of my body and even some cellulite!

For the starters, I don’t recommend you buy the expensive one, this body dry brush should be more than enough for you to see results. This is also the dry brush I first tried and I am really happy with the after effect. I am now switching to the ionic dry brush but again, I don’t recommend this for the beginner, especially if your skin is sensitive!

16. Stop saying “YES” all the time

I stop saying “yes” to everything and try to express my emotions and ideas more explicitly. I used to feel guilty when I rejected my friend’s invitation because I am afraid to tell them I want some self-care time for myself on a Friday Night. I always think it is rude to say “NO” to people and it’s a long journey for me to change this bad habit. After stop being a “YES” woman, I realized people respect me even more because I have my own thoughts and willing to express them. This tiny change also makes me happier because I am not denying my emotions anymore, this can really make a big difference when it comes to our mental state.

17. Give out more

I donate money to charity and this is the thing I rarely did in the past. Helping people out is definitely a way to makes us happier. Giving also connects ourselves to others and creating stronger communities. Despite the money, you can also donate your time to help others!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Click To Tweet

18. Wake up with a notification free phone

I wish I knew this hack sooner because this definitely improves the quality of my morning! I turned my phone airplane mode so that I can wake up without any notifications. This allows me to practice my self-care routine and do my brain dump (Ladies, this is a game-changer! We deserve a stressless morning to focus ourselves)

19. I stop calling my body bad names

I used to call my arms bat wings but not anymore when I realized wordings are more powerful than I thought. If we keep calling our body bad names, we just don’t feel good about our bodies. This is a tiny change but I can notice I love my body more.

20. Stop the victim mindset

I stop saying “this happens to me” to “this happens for me” because the victim mindset can really destroy our mental state. I know, life can be tough, but when you look back one day you transform you into a stronger and wiser woman.

21. Stop taking things for granted because it’s not

Gratitude is the key of happiness. After all, life is about appreciate every little things.

22. Meditate every day

For starters, I think the youtube guided meditation videos are more than enough! Here are the 5 videos I recommended after trying tons of them.

23. Listen to motivating songs

Songs are a form of powerful affirmation we consume every day and I try to avoid listening to those sad love songs. Here are the 12 girls’ power / motivating pop songs!

23. Get touch with nature

That reminds me how trivial my problem actually is. Nature can make to surrender to my real feelings and makes me humble.

24. Express your feelings accurately

Instead of vaguely saying “I’m not okay”, I use accurate wordings like insecure, disappointed, panic to describe my emotions. This is a new hack I learnt this year and it works wonder to me. I feel so satisfied when I can describe my feelings more precisely and this allows me to let go of my feelings easier.

24. Spend more time in the sunshine

Sunshine greatly linked to our happiness. When we get enough sunshine, our serotonin levels are increased and it means feelings of anxiety are reduced and overall joy is boosted. 

25. Read memes / cute pet videos

I know it’s not a productive thing to do but it can be the fastest way to makes us happy instantly! It’s okay to read them for 15 minutes! Don’t be guilty!

26. Automate things to make our life easier

Seems no one talking about this but I can tell automating things we always do can make me happier overall. Sometimes we feel annoyed and unhappy because we keep doing the boring repetitive tasks all the time and this can really makes we mad. One valid example is creating youtube playlist for workout.

27. Spend money on experience, not things

At the end of the day, you will remember that amazing vacation with your family rather than a Prada bag.

28. Do something spontaneously

Explore ourselves by doing things spontaneously! You don’t always need to be this elegant woman, you can be wild sometimes too! Do something you just normally won’t do. For me, I don’t do glamping before once I tried, I love it! I strongly suggest you make a list that you don’t usually try and smash those things one per month! This is the most practical way to gain happiness.

29. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can actually affect our mood and make me feel sad and grumpy so please take care of our body by drinking enough water! A cute water bottle can definitely cheer me up and I end up choosing this one because it is flat enough for me to put it any bags! This saves me so much money buying plastic water bottle from outside too )

31. Bought some real plants and also fake plants

I bought some real plants and some fake little one in my bedroom (cause it will be too time-consuming to take care of all real plants), I always feel calm and pleasant when I look at them, they just lovely :’) Believe it or not, just by looking at them can make you feel calmer and slightly happier.

Mini plants
I bought this mini cute plant from Amazon, they look so real and vibrant!

32. Give someone else’s compliments

We give people compliments from time to time but what about in daily life? For me, I always secretly appreciate people but I just never told them. This year, I try to give out real compliments though I don’t feel comfortable for the first few times and I realized this training is so good to our brain. I feel like I look into the good traits of a person more, which makes me so happy. And surprisedly, people treat me even better because of the compliments too! So that’s a win-win situation.

33. Declutter our living space

Studies have already proven the link between the stress hormone cortisol and clutter so yes, decluttering our living space can certainly improve our quality of life!

I have no problem decluttering my bedroom and living room but for the fridge, I feel like I have to declutter nearly a few days because it just gets messy too easily! Luckily I found some useful tools for the fridge, I know many of you are using these tools already but in case you never come across, I hope you find this helpful! They can for sure save you a lot of space and time.

 Non-Skid Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable
This Non-Skid Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable makes me satisfied when I open my fridge

The list can go so long so I don’t mention every I purchased, but Here is a great product for all of you who love drinking from cans and wondering how to store it!


What do you think about these 34 ideas? If some of these tips are useful, please really take action and do it in your daily life consistency. After all, this is the reason for me to write these tips for 3 hours out! (I know…I am a slow writer…) At the end of the day, despite all the tips, Happiness is a choice, not a result. nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.

If you think this article is helpful, please do me a little favor to pin it to spread the love. It will be so meaningful when someone in need can come across these tips and make them better!

34 tiny things to be happier


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