7 Valuable Beauty tips to better your skin!

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Filters are great, but great skin is definitely better! If you still need some motivation to really level up your skincare game, let me remind you again. Invest in your skin because it’s going to represent you for a VERY LONG time. While you may think looking for a skincare super hack that can make you glow up overnight, I am sorry to disappoint you by showing you this graphic.

Valuable Beauty tips to better your skin

I do think I have good skin now, definitely not perfect but at least way better than before. When my friends noticed my change they always ask similar questions like “What skincare product you use before sleep?” “Any skincare hacks you can share?”. While products and skincare really help ( I will share in this article too!), what really fundamentally can level up your skin condition for the next 10, 20 years are always the unsexy daily habits and routines that add up!

In this article, I will first share some beauty tips and then some habits that completely level up my skin! Trust me, I tried many different ways on my skin and they are always the cheapest and most useful and sustainable way! So, stay tune!

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1. Don’t wash your face with cleanser too often

Don't wash your face with cleanser too often

Unless you have oily skin type, otherwise, I do think it’s totally fine to wash your face with cleanser only at night. While you may already get used to the use of cleanser in the morning, let’s sink in for a moment, is that really necessary? Actually, our face is always the cleanest when we first woke, washing the face with gentle water is already more than enough for most of the skin types. Jerome Garden, M.D., director of the Physicians Laser and Dermatology Institute in Chicago has also shared ” With too much washing, this can lead to dry, irritated skin and that also makes the skin paradoxically producing too much oil”. Yes, you hear that right, with too much cleansing, this can make your skin oily!

If you think using cleanser just one time per day is unbearable to you, two times a day can be acceptable too, but seriously, unless you are very sweaty or have oily type skin, otherwise two times should be more than enough!

When it comes to face cleansing, less is more!

2. Don’t use hot water to wash your face and body

I know it’s always so tempting to have a hot bath after a hectic and dramatic working day. But actually, hot water can strip skin of essential moisture and oil, which again, leads to dry skin. From my personal experience, I can totally feel that. For a super long period of time, my body skin is always drier than my face and I thought is normal because I take care of my face with more products! Until one time I come across this concept from a youtube video, I try to take a cold shower for 1 month and my skin does look more glow up. I know this tip is working because I didn’t change any other skincare products for the whole period of time. I mean, it’s a free method to make your skin look better, why not?

A little reminder: You don’t have to take a cold shower like me because this is too painful to do ( I quit after 1 month… ), use warm water can achieve the same result already!

3. Eat Skin-healthy foods & superfood

Eat Skin healthy food & superfood

I know, it sounds boring but this food are the real game-changer in the long term. I actually really enjoy consuming this food because I know my future self will appreciate what I did now. We can’t control our gene but at least we can control what we eat and our skin is the brutally honest reflection of our diet.

Mangoes: Not only they are super juicy, but they also contain the antioxidant properties and this helps to protect components of the skin, such as collagen. So yes, mango can make our skin looks fuller and thus younger!

Green tea: Green tea has a wide spectrum of health benefits. There’s a compound found in green tea called polyphenols and that can rejuvenate dying skin cells. Apart from healing, green tea is a wonderful antibacterial agent that can treat skin problems like acne and pimples! For me, my favourite one is this organic green tea. You can’t really complain anything about that quantity. Also, this helps hair re-growth too!

Cocoa powder: Raw cocoa power is amazing, not only this can decreased inflammation, improved heart and brain health, it’s also good for maintaining a good body figure because this helps blood sugar and weight control. Of course, for skin, cocoa powder can also make your skin look more elastic and helps with the wrinkles too. I am using this Vegan friendly cocoa powder and again, can’t complain of this price!

Turmeric powder: If you want glowy skin, try to add some turmeric powder in your oat milk or latte. Again, turmeric powder contains the natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, which can revive your skin and bring out the natural glow. But for me, I am just buying the cheapest one on Amazon but this already can perform what it claims! I really don’t think they’re a huge difference between this and the other expensive one!

If you don’t like the taste of turmeric, you can make a turmeric face mask instead! Go type “Turmeric face mask DIY” and you will be shocked by the before and after pictures. THEY REALLY WORK.

4. Dry brush your face and body

dry brush your face and body

I seriously think this is my sixth time mentioning dry brushing in my blog but I really can’t recommend it enough. I do consider this as a beauty secret because I feel like most of the women are not using this yet. (Maybe because there aren’t many advertising on the dry brush I guess). I first know about dry brushing from youtube (Youtube is my beauty guru lol) and I am really amazed how body dry brushing can greatly reduce the cellulite for thigh for just one month.

At first, I only bought this body dry brush. For me, honestly, I can’t see any significant result on the cellulite after 1 month but I keep dry brushing every day before shower. Roughly about 2.5 months I guess, I can see the cellulite on the back of the thigh is reduced! (I still have cellulite but not that obvious anymore). I am really glad I have insisted and now I also bought the face brush.

Not only dry brushing reduces the cellulite but it makes my legs more toned and soft too. I mean, there’s no reason you don’t try dry brushing out. I really hope dry brushing can get more popular later (just like meditation nowadays) because they are so underrated. If you are trying this already, you already successfully set you apart from many others!

For the starters, I don’t recommend you buy the expensive one, this body dry brush should be more than enough for you to see results. This is also the dry brush I first tried and I am really happy with the after effect. I am now switching to the ionic dry brush but again, I don’t recommend this for the beginner, especially if your skin is sensitive!

5. Gua Sha and Jade roller

Gua Sha and Jade roller

Nowadays more and more people are talking about Gua Sha and Jade roller. As a person that always open to try new and natural beauty things, here’s my honest conclusion: Buy the Gua Sha before buying the jade roller if you want significant result.

Just for my personal experience, Gua Sha can give you more significant changes towards the face than Jade roller. But still, Jade roller can really help you detox your face and reduce puffiness and dark circle. That’s why honestly both products are worth buying! But if I only have to choose one, I will definitely buy the Gua Sha first.

You may think the name “Gua Sha” is special because this is actually the Chinese wordings. “Gua” actually means “scrape”. With this beauty flat jade, you can use this to scrap your face gently to relax the stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage.

The benefits of Gua Sha:

  • Preventing and treating saggy skin
  • Brightening complexion
  • Healing dark circles, rosacea, and scarring

People suggest we should to Gua Sha every day for maximizing the results but sadly I always forget to. I am planning to do Gua Sha more frequently later but I do notice my face is less puffy after doing the Gua Sha in the morning.

The benefits of using Jade roller:

  • By drawing away toxins, this allows a gentle toning and lifting effect
  •  a natural stress reliever
  • improving circulation and lymphatic drainage = look more glowing and less puffy
  • Very nice to put on Instagram ( Sorry if that’s not funny… at least I tried)

* Reminder:

Please don’t Gua Sha in dry skin! That will hurt your skin so much. Always apply oil on your face so that you can put pressure on your skin. For me, I am using this carotene oil and they work really well together!

For jade roller, remember cooling this in the fridge and using it on top of the face mask so it can maximize the effect to reduce dark circle and puffiness. This using method is such a game-changer! ( Learn this from youtube …again)

If you are planning to buy both Gua Sha and Jade roller, don’t make the same mistakes as me. I buy them separately but when I saw other people’s article I just realized there is the 3-in-1 set package on Amazon like this one … which is way cheaper.

6. Face yoga

I wish I had known sooner because THEY REALLY work. I know there are people saying that face yoga doesn’t work after just trying 1 month and give up. My advise to you is don’t listen to other people say, try it out for at least a month before you make any judgement. I mean, if it is easy, is that really worth your effort? I tried many different face yoga and this one one of the easiest one for beginner! I really hope you try it out.

By the way, can you imagine this youtuber is actually 50 years old? I don’t know about you but I am gonna trust her! I will be so thrilled if I can look like this on my 50th birthday!

7. Consume less sugar

Consume less sugar

If you are still following all the tips and tricks but you aren’t getting good skin, high chance that your diet is messed up. Diet is the fundamental thing of our skin and also body figure. Most importantly, this can affect your mood too! If you think you are really sleepy during 3-4 pm, this is because your lunch is too “heavy” for your body to digest and this cost you much energy just by digesting it. Diet really matters a lot and when it comes to artificial sugar, we should definitely avoid it.

According to INSIDER, this is how artificial sugar can affect our skin:

  • Overconsumption of sugar can aggravate skin conditions like acne and eczema
  • Sugar itself is an inflammatory food and that will cause inflammation on your skin

The worst thing of all is consuming excess sugar can directly lead to the aging skin in long term, which is hardly reservable even you pay thousand of money on medical treatment that time.

Just don’t waste money to buy food and drinks like soda, candy, bread (I know it’s tough but at least not white bread please), snacks and energy bars (this is a trap…you can google this yourself). Or at least, reduce the amount of these sugar consumption!

But of course, everything is about taking a balance. Sometimes when I craving for dessert and want to bake, I will always use this Natural Sugar Substitute. I recommended this to all of my friends because this is the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t have the bitter after taste! If you have other choices, please comment down below for me to try out too!


What do you think about these tips? I try not to conclude the general tips like drink more water, get beauty sleep, not because it’s not important but I really want to bring out some new tips and tricks for you guys to try it out. Skincare is more complicated than we thought, it’s not just about to apply expensive skincare products and you will have amazing skin overnight (I wish things can be that easy too…). Most of the time, it’s about the tiny little things we do every day that makes the difference.

As much as it seems a lot of work, but skincare is really one of the things I enjoy most! Every time when I tried out the new tips and tricks that work, it’s a really fulfilling process. In case you still have doubt, self-care and skincare are NOT shallow at all. We are not doing this because we feel like we aren’t enough, instead, we are doing this because we deserve more. Never feel guilty for bettering yourselves xoxo

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