11 Cheap Beauty hacks every girl should know! *Life changer*

Sep 1, 2020 | BEAUTY IN & OUT | 2 comments

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Let’s be real, being a girl is not easy at all and there are so many faces, hair, and body maintenance we need to take care of. Thanks to the beauty hacks, it’s way easier for us to look put together and most importantly, save a huge amounts of time and money in trying different products! Admittedly some beauty hacks are silly but for these 11 beauty tips, I tried them all and they work wonders for me! Enjoy!

This post may contain affiliate links, access granted to my disclosure.

1. Lighten dark underarms with Aloe Vera

Lighten dark underarms with Aloe Vera

I get it, dark underarm is many girl’s biggest insecurity and you are not alone! I tried countless ways to lighten my underarms and the favorite hack is using aloe vera, it’s natural and soothing too.

Aloe vera is well known for treat skin pigmentation, according to some studies, certain chemicals (called aloin and alesin) in aloe vera may have skin-lightening properties and if we consistently apply aloe vera on underarms every 1-2 times per week, we can definitely see the result! After all, skincare is all about consistency.

For Aloe Vera, I am using this Organic Aloe Vera . It has the same consistency as aloe vera straight from the plant! It doesn’t leave a residue like other gels rather it absorbs quickly into the skin. I highly recommend it

Actually, Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap works wonder when it comes to deep cleaning the armpits but the sad thing is this soap always out of stock! If you are clinking this link and see “currently unavailable”, don’t be too disappointed cause it’s normal! You may save this to the wish list!

2. Clean off your phone daily for a better skin

Your phone is way dirtier than you think and this may be one of the reason why your face is itchy!

I thought I was clean and tidy enough when it comes to skincare ( I change pillow twice a month, always clean the brushes and beauty blender) but my face is still itchy from time to time! As soon as I realized that the phone can be very dirty, I now clean it every day and my itchiness is GONE!

3. Use a dry brush to reduce cellulite

Use a dry brush to reduce cellulite

I seriously think this is my sixth time mentioning dry brushing in my blog but I really can’t recommend it enough. I do consider this as a beauty secret because I feel like most of the women are not using this yet. (Maybe because there aren’t many advertising on the dry brush I guess). I first knew about dry brushing from youtube (Youtube is my beauty guru lol) and I am really amazed how body dry brushing can greatly reduce the cellulite for thigh for just one month.

At first, I only bought this body dry brush. For me, honestly, I can’t see any significant result on the cellulite after 1 month but I keep dry brushing every day before shower. Roughly about 2.5 months I guess, I can see the cellulite on the back of the thigh is reduced! (I still have cellulite but not that obvious anymore). I am really glad I have insisted and now I also bought the face brush.

Not only dry brushing reduces the cellulite but it makes my legs more toned and soft too. I mean, there’s no reason you don’t try dry brushing out. I really hope dry brushing can get more popular later (just like meditation nowadays) because they are so underrated. If you are trying this already, you already successfully set you apart from many others!

For the starters, I don’t recommend you buy the expensive one, this body dry brush should be more than enough for you to see results. This is also the dry brush I first tried and I am really happy with the after effect. I am now switching to the ionic dry brush but again, I don’t recommend this for the beginner, especially if your skin is sensitive!

4. Use a teabag to brighten the eyes

Use a teabag to brighten the eyes

As a tea lover, I love this hack so much and I can really see the effect! My eyes are less puffy and this can address my dark circle too!

According to Healthline, The caffeine in black and green teas has a positive effect on puffy, swollen eyes, and also helps tighten the skin! All you need to do is to steep two bags of tea into hot water like usual, then squeeze out the liquid from the bags. After the tea bags are warm, you can then apply them to your closed eyes for around 15- 20 minutes.

This hack is amazing and I really love how multifunctional, refreshing and natural this tea bag tips is, please try this out!

5. Lighten inner thighs and buttocks with turmeric

Lighten inner thighs and buttocks with turmeric

When I scroll the instagram feed, I always feel surprised that all the bikini girls seems don’t have a problem when it comes to dark inner thighs and buttocks. But in reality, I know I am certainly not alone in battling this problem. I googled “How to whiten inner thigh” and many beauty hacks pop up.

All the hacks are really useful and the best one is mixing turmeric powder with unsweetened yogurt and apply it to the darkened areas for 10-15 minutes! They won’t disappear overnight but you can see the changes after applying it for 2 weeks or more!

I know, it’s tough to be girl …but at least these beauty hacks helps!

6. Mix face oil with the foundation during winter

Level your foundation game with mixing some light oil!

This is another new trick learn from Youtube in 2020 (Youtube can be educational during quarantine LOL)

Nothing tricky, all you need to do is to mix a few drops of face oil with your foundation. A little reminder is that please don’t add the oil with heavy texture, you don’t want to leave our skin greasy. Leave your coconut oil for self-care time and use some light beauty oil instead. With just a tiny drop of oil, the finishing will be more youthful with a healthy nice glowing without feeling too healthy!

If you are dry skin, mixing few drops of oil can keep your face moisturised too.

But if you are the oily skin type, I’m not sure will this method be too heavy for your skin. But I guess we all need some trials before finding the right proportion of oil for getting this trick right. Glass skin make up is such a hit these days and I think this hack really helps to achieve this look!

7. Do bridge pose for 1 minute every day to keep your face uplift

Do bridge pose for 1 minute every day to keep your face uplift

Time is fair to everyone and it’s unpreventable that one day our face will get saggy when we age. Though we can’t stop the aging process, at least we can age slower. Doing a headstand for just a minute every day is already a wonderful and time-efficient way to combat the law of gravity and help uplift our face! Since I can’t do the headstand, I am doing the bridge pose instead and I always feel great doing this in the morning!

8. Use rice water as face toner

If you have an Acne problem and you have tried numerous attempts to kill it but still in vain, you should try rice water! Rice water is the most natural way when it comes to skin brightening. Rice water is beneficial to our skin because it’s full of minerals and amino acids, including ferulic acid. Ferulic acid is a strong antioxidant that contains anti-inflammatory properties. Besides skin brightening, rice water contains vitamins B1, C, and E and that can shrink pores and soften the skin. Watch the youtube video below and you will be amazed how rice water does wonders to your skin. Of course, not everyone thinks rice water is working but at least you can give it a shot. Remember, apply it for straight 7 days before giving this up because consistency is everything.

For the busy girls that don’t want to DIY your own rice water toner, you can try out this Rice Extract toner from TheFaceShop, all I can say is Korean brand never disappoint me!

Source: What is rice water and what is it good for?

9. Don’t wash your face and body in hot water

I know it’s always so tempting to have a hot bath after a hectic and dramatic working day. But actually, hot water can strip skin of essential moisture and oil, which again, leads to dry skin. From my personal experience, I can totally feel that. For a super long period of time, my body skin is always drier than my face and I thought is normal because I take care of my face with more products! Until one time I come across this concept from a youtube video, I try to take a cold shower for 1 month and my skin does look more glow up. I know this tip is working because I didn’t change any other skincare products for the whole period of time. I mean, it’s a free method to make your skin look better, why not?

A little reminder: You don’t have to take a cold shower like me because this is too painful to do ( I quit after 1 month… ), use warm water can achieve the same result already!

10. Use magnifying mirror

I know this is not really a hack but using magnifying mirror is actually very useful!

I always thought my eyebrows and eyeliners are so on point but as soon as I used this mirror, I feel like my make up look is now even more poised. Also, this is a game-changer when it comes to plucking the light, thin hair. Now it’s way easier for me to pluck the missing hair for my eyebrows and upper lip and my pores appear to be better.

So yes, using magnifying mirror is a beauty hack to me – I feel like too many underestimate this magical mirror!

11. Use roll-on body fixative instead of double-side tape

This is not really a hack but I realised not so many girls using body fixative these days so I thought I gonna share.

If you are struggling with keeping your toppers, high knee socks, or even wigs, you need this little thing! Before knowing this body fixative, I’ve tried using double side tape, Velcro, and even spent $40 on some useless contraption and NOTHING worked as great as this! This clue is also great for low neckline tops/dresses or just any clothing that you need to stay in one place on your body, without the discomfort of tapes and pain when removing!

I seriously think every girl should get one, this seriously makes my life gets better lol. Check this body fixative out!


So here are my 11 beauty hacks that make my life easier! What do you think about these tips? Admittedly for some tips, you can’t expect you will look flawless overnight. But I am sure you will be amazed at the outcome if you do that consistently! I tried all these things out and I can tell you THEY DO WORK! So please really incorporate these little habits and tips into your daily life instead of just reading it and forget about it the next day!

I try not to include the general tips and I hope you girls can discover some new hacks in this article! If you think it’s useful, please do me a little favor to save this pin so more girls can know these tricks! This really means a lot to me when I see you guys pin my content, it’s just heartwarming! ( Virtual Hug! )

beauty hacks every girl should know to look prettier


  1. Joanna

    I loe these ideas! I am also a fan of rice water, sometimes I’ll add a bit of Sake to it for extra exfoliation and ferment treatment. I wish I could do a bridge pose, maybe I’ll put it on my New Year resolution list to learn:)

  2. Ann

    I love nr 1 and 7. I do them several times per day 🙂


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