70 tiny tips to be the classy and elegant lady

Sep 14, 2020 | BEAUTY IN & OUT | 9 comments

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When it comes to looking classy & elegant, it’s not about pink ruffle dress or Chanel No.5 anymore. Being classy is definitely more than outer beauty, it’s not about brand either, it’s about style and mindset. In this article, here are 70 tips ( Outer beauty & Personality traits ) that level up a plain Jane to classy timeless lady, enjoy!

Classy Ladies
Classy Ladies
A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous – Coco Chanel Click To Tweet
  1. Stop gossiping
Stop gossiping to be classy and elegant

Classy women don’t gossip about other’s life – especially on other people’s bodies and appearances, this is just not elegant at all.

2. Learn some table manner and etiquette

Yes, now is 2020. And yes, table manners and etiquette still matters if you want to be a high class woman.

3. Mind your posture

Posture means a lot, this is the way you display yourself in front of other people. So ladies, don’t hunch your back and always keep your leg closed – this is where confidence comes from in the first place.

4. Spend time with other women

There are no other ways to raise your femininity essence instantly than spending time with other high-quality women. As the saying goes, behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

5. Be decisive

“A girl should be two things: who & what she wants.”

While you think a feminine woman is always soft in the way she behaves, they always know what she wants deep in the heart and go for the goals. When it comes to some important decisions, she can always be decisive and responsible for her own life. This is why some women always live elegantly – they are decisive and no drama in life.

6. Be playful and youthful

The classy women not always sit in the back and stay quiet – they can be playful if they want to. She is always keen on exploring different opportunities about herself and being creative with things. It’s nothing do with the age but heart.

7. Engage people with real eye contact

Eye contact is so important because this reflects our attention, comfort, and sincerity and your eyes speak more than words. A classy woman are certainly wise enough to master this skill.

8. Master the art of moderation

This comes with the self-discipline. A glass of wine is perfectly nice…but 5 glasses? Not really. Classy women know that everything in life is about taking a balance.

9. Practice being present

Being in present moment by not looking back in the past or worrying about the future. This certainly need practise but this is the secret why elegant lady can always send people a sense of serene essence.

10. Don’t wear hot/ripped jeans

How you dressed is how you be addressed. Jeans are okay but hot jeans maybe a little bit too much to present yourself as a classy lady.

11. Wear white jean shorts instead of blue denim’s

Wear white shorts instead of blue denim's to look classy elegant

Denim is considered as the causal fabric and by choosing a classy colour like white, this can definitely help level up your outfit.

12. Iron your clothes always

Don’t wear your dresses that have creases, this shows others you are in a rush and not putting your life together.

13. Stop wearing yoga pants that often

No one can deny yoga pants are very comfy but when it comes to looking elegant and classy, we for sure have many other better choices.

14. Don’t wear the bandage dress if you want to look classy

Don't wear the bandage dress if you want to look classy

Not only they are out of fashion in 2020 but also, they are too figure-shaping and revealing. Always remember, a classy woman won’t put everything on display.

15. Don’t wear the neon and high saturation colours like bright yellow or bright orange.

Just don’t. ( A very sincere advise)

16. Go with natural colors and low saturation colors.

Colours like beige, ivory, grey, white and black is always prefect for mix and match.

17. Play with Pastels colours to highlight your femininity

Wearing mauve top or baby blue sweater can give you a soft and elegant look effortlessly.

18. Add a good quality scarf on a structured bag

No, you don’t need to have a Hermes Birkin so that you can decorate your bag with a silk scarf! If you haven’t tried this little hack, give it a go! Instead of buying designer bags every half year, buying a high-quality silk scarf is definitely more affordable and you can learn different scarf styling from time to time.

On a side note, for bags, you may want to choose synthetic leather structured bags over canvas/cotton bags, cause people usually can’t tell the price range of your bag at a glance. With the silk scarf, they may even think it’s the designer bags that they’ve never come across. Trust me, that works.

Add a good quality scarf on a structured bag to look classy
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19. Wear pointed toe shoes instead of round-toe shoes

Pointy shoes are just amazing because they can give you a nearly effortlessly chic and sleek look. With the sharply defined toe edges, pointed-toe shoes can help you elevate the whole outfit and look so put together. 

20. Apply lotion not only your face but also neck and body

Hands and neck is always the body part that reveals your age and whether you pay attention to your overall skin condition.

21. Don’t respond to a rude and nonsense comment

Sometimes the best response is no response. Click To Tweet

22. Don’t make a promise you don’t intend to keep

You know this is worse than not making any promise in the first place. Being trustworthy is one of the most important asset a person can have and you don’t want to ruin that with spontaneous promise.

23. They don’t validate her value through a man

Despite the fact that a classy woman is always adored by men, but she never validates her own value through a man. A man indeed can be an important part of life but her life is definitely more than that. When you validate your value through other things but not yourself, this is where insecurity grows.

24. Self-care is your priority

You don’t feel guilty to pamper yourself once in a while because you truly understand how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

25. You have your bottom line and you won’t break them under any circumstances

You are mature enough to stay strong in the values you believe. This is not easy, but you know it’s worth it.

26. Always count your blessing and have gratitude in the heart

An elegant woman always appreciate the small little things happen in life. Happiness is all about perspectives.

27. Be polite and kind to EVERYONE

Never look down on anyone unless you’re helping them up.

28. Don’t do self-pity anymore

It’s our choice to think life is happening to me or life is happening for me. Being in the victim mindset all the time is not going to make your life easier but detrimental to your mental health. Stop complaining and your life will be happier.

29. You understand your emotions and flaws

Being classy doesn’t mean being perfect but classy ladies can always honest with themselves and embrace their flaws and emotions.

It’s okay to be not okay sometimes. After all, we are just humans.

30. You let go of toxic people in life

It’s a pain in short term but trust me, there’s no reason for keeping them to hinder your journey anymore. Not all friends meant to walk through the whole life journey together, and it’s okay :’)

31. Don’t do any big decision in the midnight

I know this tip is a bit weird but scientifically shown, people are flooded with intense emotions during night time and if you are sending out message or making decision by that time, you are likely to regret when you wake up in the morning.

32. You love helping people

Not just talking about the monetary donation but also always be helpful and not selfish around people and even strangers. Offering assistance to others is probably the fastest way to boost our mood – the sense of fulfillment is priceless. So yes, being classy is not about being rich and giving money out, it can be in all kinds of forms for sure!

33. Comfort is always the first priority when it comes to picking shoes

Making our feet hurt and walk in weird way all day long is not classy at all – from my personal experience

34. Stop wearing Stiletto heel

Stop wearing Stiletto heel to look classy elegant

It makes people think you are trying too hard and again, you barely can walk in this heel height! This is not elegant when you fall down in the busy street at all.

35. Quality > Quantity

We all know this rule but somehow we always tempted to buy for quantity. When it comes to clothing, instead of buying a bunch of fast fashion clothes, buy clothes with durability and high-quality fabric. Also, always buy classic pieces instead of seasonal versions.

36. Know your body well

Figure out your body shape so you can know which type of clothes fit you the best – hourglass, rectangle, apple, or inverted triangle shape? It’s time for you to figure out!

37. Wear comfortable undergarments

No matter you want to be classy or not, we women, deserves to get a fitted bra and comfy underwear. Ladies, we can’t be lazy on that! Undergarments can change

38. Have a great smile

Always use dental floss after a meal outside – no matter how careful you are, getting some food stuck between the teeth is unavoidable sometimes.

39. Always be punctual

This is one of the most important manner that reflects you are sophisticated enough to respect other people’s time. Nowadays many people saying 15 minutes is not late, well, it is.

40. Wear silk pyjama

Wear silk pyjama look classy elegant

Not only this is good for your skin but you feel feminine and beautiful after wearing this. This is a real game-changer – not so much effort but great result.

41. Always be careful with your daily wordings because your wordings is self-affirmation

Here are the things we should speak less.

  • I WISH
  • “I HATE…”
  • It’s not my fault

42. Don’t speak curse words

Actually, there are a lot of words you can replace. Time to get creative!

43. Don’t show off

It is certainly not classy for you to show off designer bags on the Instagram feed. This won’t make you feel actually happier. Being elegant is about being subtle and lowkey as well.

44. Exhibit confidence

Nothing is more attractive than a girl who always smiles often and knowing that she is enough.

45. Keep learning new things every day

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Elegance is about to be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.

46. Stay away from heavy makeup

Stay away from heavy makeup to look classy

Stay away from too much makeup. Try a light foundation on well-moisturized skin. Too much highlight and too heavy eyelahses can really ruin the look.

47. Have your own interests and hobbies

Cooking, having a business, being a homeworker, yoga… Passion is the fuel to stay youthful.

48. Eat slowly to enjoy the food

You don’t have to rush, savour your meal.

49. Learn the basics of wine pairing

You don’t have to go to the extreme if you are not interested, but knowing some can be already impressive.

50. Wear a turtleneck more in winter

This intensely makes you look more sophisticated and mature!

51. Wear perfume

Having a signature scent can express your femininity and make people remember you more.

52. Choose quality fabrics

Choose quality fabrics to look classy
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There are certainly so many choices besides cotton. Silk, satin, and cashmere are perfect choices, they don’t wrinkle easily and they can effortlessly give you an expensive look! Ladies, try these fabrics in 2022!

By the way, if you are from the US, remember to type “40SNOWUS” if you buy Shein clothes to save $40 here! In my Shein report, I saw many of you forget to type that code before purchase and I was that “Why girl? Why waste the money”?

53. Don’t be jealous of other women

Don't jealous other women to be classy

A real woman doesn’t have to throw dirt on another females name to feel more secure about herself.

54. Think before you make your standpoint

Allow yourselves to have few seconds of pausing time to really express your point in a more articulate way

55. Travel more

Not only this can make you a more interesting woman to chat with, meeting different cultures and traditions can make you be a more humble and compassionate person.

56. Stay away from social media

You definitely have more things to do then aimlessly scrolling other people’s life!

57. Don’t try to convince people

This can be extremely exhausting to change someone’s mind, plus, this is not our job to do so- there’s nothing wrong with people having opposite opinions. After all, we all have different backgrounds and points of view.

58. Less is more.

Classy woman always understand simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Here’s the example of accessories.

Avoid wear too much accessories to look classy
This is trying too hard ladies.
Wear simple accessories to look classy
Sources (1,2,3):This is better.

59. Take care of your space.

Believe it or not, you’re a reflection of your environment. Keep your home warm and inviting by decluttering is definitely a way to make you feel more put together and calm.

60. Don’t wear designers clothes with BIG ICONS

The real classy ladies don’t really prefer that. Again, whether it’s your intention or not, it looks like you are dress to improve others.

61. Be hygienic

Basic yet important rule. Washing you hair when needed and keeping you nails clean! People can tell.

62. They are mysterious

Classy women values privacy and they won’t reveal anything too personal with people when they first meet. Just a side note, leaving some room of imagination is extremely crucial on the first date.

In a world where everyone is overexposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery. Click To Tweet

63. You won’t please others and people’s expectation of you, you live your best life for yourselves.

You know your dreams, your goals, your traits. You know it will be ridiculous to change yourselves by listening to others comment that most of the time, they just said it without a second thought. If there is something you want to change, this is because YOU WANT TO. You always comfortable to be yourself and you are proud of that too.

64. She can always remember the names for people she meet

Remember the names do need some tricks and practice but it’s worth it when the people feel respected and valued. In high society, it’s really rude to forget people’s names.

65.  Always express your emotion in the right timing

Being classy and elegant isn’t about suppressing all the emotions and pretending everything is fine even when it’s not fine. When you feel sad, just tell your friends, have a glass of wine, and cry it out. It’s not a shame to cry no matter what age you are. A classy woman always knows her emotional limits and expresses the emotion out at the right timing.

66. Classy woman is not all over herself

Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it. Click To Tweet

67. A classy woman gives authentic compliments

 She only gives compliments she sincerely means it and she praised people with concrete and specific comments, this set her apart from many others.

68. A classy woman is not dramatic

They just won’t. Time is a true asset to them and playing drama is not their favorite game to play at all. If someone is wasting their time, they observe, digest the fact, and let them go.

69. She is always gracious

She always brings a heartwarming little gift when she arrives at her friend’s party and prepares some food and drinks when someone visits her home. No one request she doing so but she always wants to find ways to express her love to people around her.

70. She is timeless

A woman with a class is timeless. You will never get bored with her because she keeps bettering herself and evolving. She is like a ray of sunshine that effortlessly attracts the men and also captivates the women.

Final thoughts…

When I was young, I thought looking pretty is the ultimate goal and I was blinding follow the rule of beauty for so many years. Not until this year, I realized being classy and elegant is definitely way more fulfilling. Unlike the beauty standard, these personality traits will never go out of fashion simply because they are timeless. Femininity has been the most unfamiliar term for me ever but now I am trying to discover my feminine side, and that’s a beautiful journey.

So yes, these are the 70 tips when it comes to being classy women!

But always remember, these tips just serve as guidance if it’s not compulsory at all! If you are not comfortable wearing perfume, it’s totally fine! After all, everyone’s view should be different. So ladies, take time to enjoy your classy lady to be journey! May I wish all of us eventually turn into a woman with grace, grit, and gratitude? (Virtual Hugg)

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70 ways to be classy and elegant


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